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REAL Piston 2.0   Purchased from ibuygou.com   Working great and in excellent shape. Ships with original rubber holder.   $16 shipped via PayPal.
PADACS Aksent In-Ear   These are used but in good condition. Aksent by PADACS. These are good headphones for a basshead. They were reviewed by Joker and at the time excellent headphones for a large (huge) bass quantity.   $16 shipped via PayPal.
Original Audio Technica ATH-M50 replacement Pads.   These are original replacements and never used. I no longer have headphones for these, so they are up for sale.   $19 shipped to CONUS. PayPal.
Brand New.   iFuzen HP-1 Portable Amp/Battery for iPhone 4 (4S).   Fits like a case around iPhone.   Search head-fi threads for information/reviews.   Makes a good portable amp if you have a iPhone 4 laying around.       PayPal. $20 shipped.
Go-Dap GD-03 iPhone Amp/Battery Combo   This is a brand new, never opened GD-03.   iPhone 3G amp with 40 Pin connector. It can be modified with dremel to fit a iPhone 4 (4S) better and also fits first 3 (maybe 4) generations of iTouch with no modification.   Makes a nice portable or desktop amp.   Search threads on head-fi for more information about it.   I am asking $20 which includes USPS shipping to continental US.   PayPal.
Go-Dap GD-03   This is brand new and in original packaging. This is an Iphone 3G (40 Pin) amp/battery setup.   It can be used with Iphone 4(S) with dremel modification, Iphone 3G and the first 3/4 generations of iTouch with out any modifications.   You can search the forum and find a few threads that talk about the amp.   I am selling it for $20 shipped.   Please pay via PayPal.
Same box I received, but headphones i got appeared to be LPS with black stitching on headband (original lp has blueish stitching).
LPS with VMODA XL pads with original pads off.
KZ LPS with VMODA XL pads
New Posts  All Forums: