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Same box I received, but headphones i got appeared to be LPS with black stitching on headband (original lp has blueish stitching).
LPS with VMODA XL pads with original pads off.
KZ LPS with VMODA XL pads
How are pads? Would the vmoda XL pads fit? I am assuming they are same design specs as Vmoda LP. Mine should be here with in a week. Im excited.
Thanks. Build quality is good? Ive had vmoda m-80 which was good but sold because of fit issues (over ear fit better than on ear usually). I may just bite and give them a try. Bhazard, if you are interested in selling your LP, pm me.
Ive been stalking this thread for a bit and got the EDSE and i am very impressed. I am curious about the LP/LP2. Can some one chime in on sound quality? There is a foldable vs non-foldable? For $50 are there better options? Thanks
Ultimate Ears ue6000   Lightly used. Purchased in November '13. I do no have any receipt.   They work great. Both with and with out built in amplification. I hear no humming (as some sets have had).   They look excellent. Come with original smart cable and carry bag.   Real nice set.     $60 includes shipping.
NEW IN BOX   Padacs Aksent   These have huge bass. There are a few threads describing these as TFTA clones. I can't tell you, because I have never heard the TFTA.   But these are def basshead earphones. A little bleed into mids with that much bass, but still pretty clean in the mids and top end.     $25 shipped to Continental US. 
For sale is a lightly used Klipsch S4i (Apple Controls) purchased on 9/25 from Radio Shack. Comes with receipt, metal tin and stock ear tips. Working perfect and really only have about 12 hours of use and has been sitting since purchase.   $20 shipped. PayPal.
Brand New. Purchased from Newegg during sale at $129. I never opened the item and will ship with order receipt from   Silver. $140 includes shipping to Continental United States. PayPal.
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