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Ultimate Ears ue6000   Lightly used. Purchased in November '13. I do no have any receipt.   They work great. Both with and with out built in amplification. I hear no humming (as some sets have had).   They look excellent. Come with original smart cable and carry bag.   Real nice set.     $60 includes shipping.
NEW IN BOX   Padacs Aksent   These have huge bass. There are a few threads describing these as TFTA clones. I can't tell you, because I have never heard the TFTA.   But these are def basshead earphones. A little bleed into mids with that much bass, but still pretty clean in the mids and top end.     $25 shipped to Continental US. 
For sale is a lightly used Klipsch S4i (Apple Controls) purchased on 9/25 from Radio Shack. Comes with receipt, metal tin and stock ear tips. Working perfect and really only have about 12 hours of use and has been sitting since purchase.   $20 shipped. PayPal.
Brand New. Purchased from Newegg during sale at $129. I never opened the item and will ship with order receipt from   Silver. $140 includes shipping to Continental United States. PayPal.
Consider this new. Purchased this, opened it up and used it one time. It sounds awesome off my iphone but I am going with a different setup. It is in like new condition, never even took stock stickers off or unwrapped AC cord. This is a well review portable speaker system that can run off battery or AC. Everything is included which is the original box, manual, carry case and power adapter.   I'm looking for $45 shipped. Thanks.
Plenty of offers. I am going to message those in order of who responded first. So consider the sale PENDING. Thanks.
Consider these new. They were purchased at Radio Shack, only to find out one of the headbands was busted at the screws. So I sent them back to VMODA for repair. These are either new or refurbished, however you want to view them. Perfect shape with box, case and cords. I am just trying to get back what I spend at RadioShack, Shipping for replacement and PayPal fees. I will send these with receipt but since they have already been repaired, I do not know VMODAs warranty...
  I can't comment on mic. But they do not clamp. I don't have a huge head, but def not the kind of clamping force I experienced with something like the Audio-Technica ES7. Very comfortable besides the heat created by the pads on your ears.
Just got my set in from Tanga. Nice set of headphones, good bass, mids and treble. haven't put enough time in for any serious reviewing. I am wonder if anyone else has tried to change the pads on these? I have ATH-M50 pads and they should fit except when I took the original ones off I noticed its really really difficult to put any other type of pad under the "lip" that hold the original pads on. Why in the hell did they do that? Not sure what to do...     ...edit   I...
Brand New ASG-2.2   I had original ASG-2 Stealth but had paint issues, they replaced my unit with a brand new ASG-2 with updated paint.   Warranty is dated 6/11/13 as you can see in the photo.   Comes with cable, original ear tips, bass port, bass port screw driver and otterbox case.     PayPal and shipping is included.
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