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Since I haven't received any answer whether IPad4 + Fiio e10 would work or not, I have decided to try for myself.    I'm thinking of using http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lightning-USB-Micro-SD-SDHC-Camera-Connection-Kit-Kartenleser-Adapter-fur-iPad-4-/271217715373?pt=DE_Computer_Speicherkartenadapter&hash=item3f25d5e8ad this magical device. However since E10 requires ~100mA I need a USB POWERED HUB, and this is the part that I don't understand. Which hubs are confirmed...
Has anyone tried Fiio E10 with IPad 4 ?
Thanks for recommendations everyone.   Looks like I'll be starting with "The Audio Expert", based on the table of contents it really looks like what I'm looking for.
Hi. I've been interested in the Hi-Fi world for some time now, but it seems there is still a lot I don't understand. I'd like to get your recommendations on a book(s) for a beginner that covers subjects like basic sound theory, frequently used terms, digital audio, analog audio, basic science behind recording.
Looks great, PM sent.
Hi, I have been using Foobar2000 for a while, and time ago it crashed (corrupted configuration file) for the 2nd time in 6 months. The problem is I also lost few hundred song ratings. Since then I decided not to use fb2k anymore, but sadly there are no other options that fit my needs. So I am stuck with foobar, but how do I keep my song ratings safe? 
Well if you're considering HD598 you might as well consider  HD558. It's basically the cheap version of 598. They don't look so good, but with foam removal mod they sound almost exactly like 598.
So just received my new AM-90's. Yesterday actually, gave them about ~10 hours of burning in.   I'm a bit worried about specification. They are supposed to be using armature driver but the driver type on the package is marked as dynamic.  PICTURE And what about the odd frequency response 100 - 12'000Hz, what happened to the "usual" 20Hz - 20kHz?   Anyway they look great and feel well made however they sound a bit weird. I'm no bass-head considering I am...
Hi. I need to recable one pair of headphones and shorten cable on another. Most discussions are about expensive hi-end cables but I need to do this as cheap as possible.   For this I need: cheap audio cable ~2m for 10-20$ (ideally with TRS male to TRS female; or I could solder the plugs mysef). which one? a few good 3.5mm TRS jacks  that nice looking cable sleeving (don't know if this is the right word), which I saw on DIY cable thread. I found...
Hello, I've been going back and forth and I still can't find the best cans for myself. Requirements: - very comfortable - open design - 150$ - 250$ (at Europe prices). cheaper is better  - mostly for rock and vocal music   Will be driving them through Fiio E10. I have been looking at hd558/hd598 but I'm afraid of the lack of the bass (not a basshead though).   Also I'm willing to buy second hand if the phones meet the requirements and can be shipped to...
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