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I'm probably going to remove the foam on the HD685. It looks great for modding as well.
Superlux contacted me recently, and have sent me a pair of HD685 to review.   Sound is not bad so far, will give impressions soon.   But clamp is tight and arms do not extend very far, not good for bigger heads. Also give me a headache after a short while.
Also had some SE535, SE215 and Parrot Zik's too.
On the bus rocking some T-Peos H-100 II
I highly recommend the GMP 400 as the best all rounder. And it is more comfortable than the senns due to being lighter. If you can afford them, go for them.
Thanks Skylab, I shall have a look for one of those Shure cartridges. I have always heard great things about the Shure cartridges. I'll probably get the iPhono too so I can connect it to headphone amps and happy listening. Just building a vinyl collection. Any classic LP's people would recommend?
I have a pair, I think they are waiting to be picked up from hifiheadphones. Hopefully go there next Friday and see
I recently got a very good condition Dual 435-1 turntable Not the best I know, but it only cost me £75. As cartridges go I am thinking of getting an Audio Technica AT95. What do you guys think? Also is it worth upgrading the mat? Original is felt. I lubed the turntable up and replaced the belt first.
Working as cabin crew you see a plethora of headphones.   A lot of Bose, Beats, but also quite a few SoundMAGIC E10's, had a guy with TF10's, IE8's and UE 6 Customs! HD-25's are also fairly common.   Rare sighting of some Dunu DN-1000's, was very impressed, I usually engage in Audio related conversations with said people.
I'm not bothered by football. But my god is the gain implemented well! Really hope to review one of these beauties
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