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I have recently got a pair of these, after having reviewed them last year.   I really like them, they have incredible bass slam and punch, without missing out details. But they do sound quite warm and lush, not having the airiest of presentation.   I go between my Feliks Audio Espressivo Tube amp and my new Matrix Audio HPA-2C, the Matrix tighten the sound up, and everything is a little better separated, but the Feliks audio makes them sound very coherent and are more...
SoundMAGIC E50 would suit your needs better then the E80 :)
Listening to the Beyerdynamic T1 (original version) there is still a hint of sibilance and the well known treble peak, but they do sound very good out of this amp. Again I'm using it on low gain and the volume knob is only at 10/11 o'clock. The sound is dynamic, full and detailed. Very good synergy here, I can imagine it would sound excellent with the T1 2nd generation also. Also the amp doen't generate a lot of heat, it stays cool even after a couple of hours of...
Optical out of my Opus #1 > Matrix Quattro II > HPA-2C > TH-500rp   This amp is powerful, low gain and the volume knob is at around 10-11 o'clock.   I'm used to listening to these on my Feliks Audio valve amp, the Matrix has more immediate power and authority whereas the valve amp is more laid back. This isn't a dry or thin sounding amp however, with very good dynamics and body.   I find the headphone out on the Matrix Quattro II to be quite fatiguing, the HPA-2C...
Updated M-Stage: http://www.head-fi.org/t/801601/new-matrix-audio-hpa-2c-classic-amp-dac   Received mine today, but not had a chance to listen to it as I'm at work. Hopefully have some impressions this evening, test it with the Fostex TH500rp, Beyer T1 and others.
My HPA-2C has arrived, impressions will come shortly followed by a full review.   It is bigger and heavier than I expected, very good finish and build quality.
 So true, the dude abides 
T5p 2nd Generation do metal and rock very well, the separation, layering and soundstage are superb. Haven't heard any headphone do the metalcore I listen to better.
I have the Quattro II DAC, and it is a solid piece of kit, so let's see how this stacks up.   I like the versatility of the Quattro II, but it is quite pricey, not bad for the price and if you are going to use it to it's full potential then it is worth it, but if you only need a simple DAC with USB in and RCA out the iFi iDAC2 is much better value.   I'll have this amp tomorrow,
I have all three models to do a comparison review soon :) (T50/T40/20rp I mean, not the TR series)
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