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 The AKT5p are based on the original T5p, so they are different than the T5p 2nd Generation.
Nebula Two (dual driver hybrid design) has been released too, mine at sat at home with my AAW Q, in the backlog for review. Should really give them a listen.
I thought we will have our names on our lanyards?   Can't remember though,   My Feliks Audio Elise will be there powering some Beyers, unfortunately not open to testing with other headphones though (but you can test it with DT 1990 Pro, DT 1770 Pro, T1 2nd Gen and T5p 2nd Gen)
 They used to use leather and have changed to high quality protein coated synthetic leather, reason being it is more consistent quality wise, longer lasting and also it does not suffer from drying out or becoming sticky due to hair grease and sweat etc... They use very nice quality pleather though, you won't be disappointed.
 You should grab a listen to the DT 1990 when you can, they sound great out of Elise, I say they are halfway between T1 and T1 2nd Generation, slightly less refined maybe but a very flat and neutral sound, with excellent detail retrieval and no famous Beyer peak (DT 880's anyone) I'll let you know how the T1 2nd Generation pair with it.
 I cannot compare to those headphones unfortunately as I have not heard them, but the soundstage isn't as airy as the T90 due to better more solid bass response, but the accuracy of the imaging depth and height wise is excellent, there is a perfect amount of air between everything. They have an engaging sound, so not like you are halfway back in a concert hall, more front row, but what I appreciate is on recordings with good ambience (The Appleseed Cast - Two...
Not sure whether to use it with T1 2nd gen or DT 1990 Pro yet, might have to demo on the day and see what pairing I prefer.Selling Espressivo in the event that I buy Elise, need some monies
My Elise will be running some Beyerdynamics at CanJam London (Beyerdynamic stand), @HOWIE13 come say hi
Ok, I didn't get a lot of head time last night with the DT 1990, but tested them with Feliks Audio Elise and also straight out the Matrix Quattro II and the Matrix HPA-2C.   They need an amp, they are a completely different headphone when used with a proper amp, than out of a phone, also they are incredibly revealing of poor sources, MP3 and poorly mastered music is not particularly enjoyable out of these.   These amps all have different signatures, but not matter what...
Anyone try the Hifiman HE-500 with Elise?
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