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 And it uses 7n OCC copper, so you can't really go wrong with it.
Just to let you know the PM-3 pair very nicely with the Opus #1 DAP from The Bit, as the DAP has a very neutral and airy sound, works wonders with the PM-3. I liked the PM-3 out of the iPod Classic 7G, even better with the iPod + HA-2 but as much as that sound excellent I don't like carrying a stack on my everyday commute.   Now I have the Opus #1 DAP, I don't need an extra amp/DAC :) happy days
Also if you compare specs of this vs AK240, they are pretty much exactly the same, I know specs aren't everything, but interesting as the AK240 is about 3-4 times the price.
Is there a way to make the Opus #1 bookmark the track you were listening to when you turn it off, as it seems every time you turn it off, when you turn it on again it starts playing all tracks and not the track you were listening to.   Thanks :)
EQ doesn't work on mine either, but I don't tend to use EQ so not an issue for me.   So far I'm liking this player a lot, only used it briefly but the soundstage is definitely wider than my old iPod Classic, and the sound is flatter and more detailed. The UI is very good and easy to use.
Mine has landed, waiting to get home to test it, but doing some gig photography straight after work so will only get a listen tomorrow I think. Looks very nice though,
Firstly I would like to thank iFi Audio for lending me this sample to review, I try to write honest reviews. This unit has had over 50hrs of burn-in, no differences were noted.   Gear used: Dell XPS15 > Matrix Quattro II > iFi iCan SE > German Maestro GMP 400 / Fostex TH-500Rp     Tech Specs: Specifications:   Gain: 0dB, 12dB and 24dB user-selectable Signal to Noise...
Mine just shipped
Firstly I would like to thank Matrix for sending me this review sample, it was arranged through their distributor. I always try to write honest reviews, these are my subjective findings. This DAC has been burnt in, to be honest with solid state devices I do not tend to hear big variations after burn-in, this was no different.   Gear Used: Dell XPS 15 > USB > Matrix Quattro II > (German Maestro GMP400 / Fischer Audio FA-003ti Wood Cup) Marantz CD-52 SE > Coaxial >...
For a nice DAC check out the iFi Audio iDAC2, great DAC with a very natural sound and it won't affect the end sound very much if any. Check out some reviews and see if you think it would be suitable. They know how to design stuff.
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