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 I'll bring them, should have the 2 new AAW universal models by then too.
Will there be an IEM table?   As I may be able to lend some for the 2 days
 They are a lot better than the PX-100 II which are a muffled mess. You cannot go wrong with the P21s.
Looking forward to hearing this amp, hopefully getting one on loan at some point for review.
SoundMAGIC P21s
I am very happy with my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon for the price, worth a look for the money
This thread should be the general AAW thread,   Nebula Two has been announced and a pair is making it’s way to me for review, along with a pair of their new Q IEM, both are universal monitors, the Nebula Two is a dual driver hybrid design, Q uses a micro driver and it designed to be tiny and almost invisible when inserted.   Cannot wait to hear them,
I have not heard the so I would not like to comment on their sound,
Out of those the Westone would be what I would recommend, however custom in-ear monitors are getting cheaper by the minute and would provide the best isolation whilst drumming, some lower end models by Alclair or Inearz would be my recommendation.   I think the Westone UM pro30 or Pro20 are great for your usage, Shure SE425 might be too neutral for your drumming, Audiofly AF120 would be worth looking at too.
My Elise is being prepped, will be shipping in 1-2 weeks time,
New Posts  All Forums: