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I have to pay if I want to keep it, like with the Espressivo (which I did buy as it was awesome) No other tubes to try it with, as no point investing in tubes I can't use. Might have to sell the Espressivo to fund the Elise
 Shame you weren’t at CanJam London last year, my Espressivo was there. It’s a fantasic amp for the price, limited tube rolling compared to Elise, but I do not think it can be beaten for the price. It has a smooth and powerful sound, with tube warmth but not over done to the point it sounds muddy or veiled. Details still shine through, I use Voskhod tubes with it which will only set you back around £15-20 a set and improve it overall (slightly more warmth than stock tubes)
Quad post...
Looking forward to hearing the Elise, I have the Espressivo and Feliks Audio are sending me the Elise to review :)
 Works really well with the T50rp, the internal DAC is great and this works as a great all in one compared to the brighter sounding ODAC+O2 combo.
Right on time for the IFA trade show in Berlin we complete our professional headphone portfolio with an open-back flagship model: The DT 1990 PRO. As high end reference headphones the DT 1990 PROs take their place alongside the closed DT 1770 PRO in the beyerdynamic professional line. The DT 1990 PRO reference headphones combine these decades of expertise in headphone technology with the latest Tesla driver technology in an open-back design. Together with an ingenious...
 Indeed, feel free to create one
 No it cannot, it has no Wi-Fi, it is a pure music player all about ease of use and high quality sound. Looking forward to the Opus #2 :)
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