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Girlfriends dog rocking the GMP 8.35D
You can always pm me
Yep then you can use the DAC with your computer and just amp with your iPod.
Why the stand alone + C5? And not the C5D alone?
That is a neutrik jack. And some cheap RCA's.
I build my own cables, and have done some nice 3.5mm - RCA which are very flexible. Using Toxic Cables pure silver cable it is flexible and sounds great!   Make your own cables, not difficult and very flexible if you leave it bare:     Obviously copper is cheaper and still sounds great. But even the silver (2ft) is only about £50 in materials (without snazzy y-split like above) Toxic cables do have some cheaper silver cable now too, so only about £35 in materials.
At least it's still less than sending to the USA.   It is normal to have to pay shipping return to manufacturer, but at least they will fix it at no cost.
It can drive 600ohm headphones. I make all my own cables with toxic cables silver cable.
I use the C5 with my 160gb classic and a silver LOD. C5 is more neutral, pairs with full size and IEM's, no imbalance at low volumes and better customer support. E12 can output more power into the same load vs C5.
I will be going for dual entry instead of single sided. The headband is easy to get off actually. Drivers just press out. Lots of foam inside for damping.
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