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Small on ear with good sound, SoundMAGIC P21
T-Peos H100 II don't have too bad MIDs, and sound best with comply tips
Please do a brief comparison when you can vs H-300 and DN-2000. Just received DN-2000, not blown away yet like I was with the H-300.
Really?! Turns out I'll only be getting my pair in a few weeks As hifiheadphones only had a pre production pair, and fidue are sending me the full set soon.
Yeah the UM3X/UM Pro 30 (same but cosmetically different) have great midrange and lows. The highs are lacking a little.
Review: DDS DAC-01   I would like to thank DDS for sending me this sample for review, I will write as honest a review possible. This DAC/Amp received well over 100 hours of burn-in, no real difference were noted. Most of this review was done with a Mullard 12AU7 Tube (upgrade) and towards the end I put in a LME49720NA op-amp too.   Gear Used: iPod Classic 7G > Line out  > DAC-01 Asus M50vm > USB > DAC-01 Marantz CD-52 SE >...
Have you checked out the Dunu DN-1000. Sounds like you would enjoy them.
For sale is a great condition xDuoo TA-02 valve headphone amp.   No stock tubes, only upgraded Mullard 5654 tubes.   Power cable has english plug on it.   RCA input, 6.3mm headphone output.   Powerful and very sweet sounding amp, also very pretty and small, great for a small desktop rig.   Postage is free in the UK, would prefer a UK sale.   Will ship worldwide for £15   Thanks for looking
I'll post impressions as soon as I get them
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