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Just a few shots whilst walking to my cousins house        
Better at lower volumes because of channel imbalance, the gain of the Hippo cricri+ is higher, thus you have to go louder to get sound from both channels.   E17 is good in its own right, but i have found nearly all Fiio products to be a little on the warm/lush side of sound.
I will post pics of the inside when i receive it
Stock are best for isolation, the foam pad on the stock pads cannot be removed without damaging the pads.
Op-amps, interchangeable though.
Actually just found out the Rock is an old end of line product.   New solid state coming next week guys.   Will be getting one to review.
I gave these a listen again the other day too (gave them to my girlfriend, even though she doesn't appreciate the quality hehe) and am still impressed with the sound. Clearer than I remember with great body to the sound, yet subtle details still audible.
I love that video. I have mistreated mine a little, and also had a colleague turn a hammer on them. Still fine.   One of my extender arms became sloppy, because the plastic thread had gone where the screw holds it tight. Put a bigger screw in and all is good again haha :) They are some tough headphones
RCA sleeves will be too big for the hifiman connectors.   Look for gromets or whatever at a hobby/electronics store.
I hope to get one for review at some point soon.
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