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My Elise is being prepped, will be shipping in 1-2 weeks time,
 Unfortunately the Opus #1 does not support playlists just yet, it may come with a future firmware update
 RRP is €599 like DT1770
 I only found them around May last year, and reviewed the Espressivo September last year (lots of listening before reviewing) http://www.soundperfectionreviews.com/2015/09/review-feliks-audio-espressivo-hand.html I need to post the review in the section on here actually.
 Regarding length of demo, you want more than half a song, but you also don't want to annoy people. So it really depends on how busy said stand is as to how long you want to listen. But a good 2-3 songs at least to get familiar with said headphones is the minimum I would recommend. The most important thing to remember is to have fun, everyone is friendly and helpful so do be afraid to strike up conversation if someone has gear you are interested in etc...
 Optical bandwidth does not support DSD resolution so it will downsample.
 Depends on what you mean professional, but I have been reviewing for about 4 years now and worked with quite a few companies. Feliks audio being one. I do it in my spare time, which I do not have a lot of
I have to pay if I want to keep it, like with the Espressivo (which I did buy as it was awesome) No other tubes to try it with, as no point investing in tubes I can't use. Might have to sell the Espressivo to fund the Elise
 Shame you weren’t at CanJam London last year, my Espressivo was there. It’s a fantasic amp for the price, limited tube rolling compared to Elise, but I do not think it can be beaten for the price. It has a smooth and powerful sound, with tube warmth but not over done to the point it sounds muddy or veiled. Details still shine through, I use Voskhod tubes with it which will only set you back around £15-20 a set and improve it overall (slightly more warmth than stock tubes)
Quad post...
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