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Just got my iFi iPhono, nice little pre amp with excellent noise floor and also loads of options in terms of EQ for different records.
Yeah I still use it. I also use the X3 + DDS HA-01 sometimes. Not really used the X5. C5D is excellent. If you are only using it with the X3 you only need the C5.
Love it. Better than the headphone out of the X3. Less warmth and more detail.
I'm almost sure the A83 will replace my Westone UM Pro 30 as my day to day IEM.
Had a quick listen to one side of the A83, let's just say I cannot wait to get mine. Crisp, controlled, detailed. Maybe the MIDs are a tiny bit behind but nothing serious. I'll say I preferred them to the H-300 from my first listen. Still haven't really listened to the DN-2000 but it sounds a little too warm and lush for my taste.
Ive already taken the felt from in front of drivers out. Slightly more controlled bass and less recessed mid. Now to put some damping in the cups
Yeah they will be sending me a set. Hifiheadphones introduced me to them, and Michael Lin is a really nice guy.
Small on ear with good sound, SoundMAGIC P21
T-Peos H100 II don't have too bad MIDs, and sound best with comply tips
Please do a brief comparison when you can vs H-300 and DN-2000. Just received DN-2000, not blown away yet like I was with the H-300.
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