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Interesting about the placement of that ring on the rear of the driver, could it have that much of an affect?
Audio Opus #1 would be a DAP to look in to, great detailed and flat sounding player.
Reviving this thread from the grave,   Anyone still in to RC?   I currently have a heavily upgrade Axial RR10 Bomber as my main basher, and 2 x Tamiya TT-01's that are currently being built up in to rally cars :)   I raced Short Course are my local off-road truck last year which was great fun, I ran a HPI Blitz.
I hope to be at Indulgence,   Which mini-meet is this in the south-east you talk about?
 I would like to attend but am not sure if I will be yet. Yeah a little quiet in this group, what is everyone doing?
Thought I would join this group :)   Down south in Worthing.
Downsizing my photography rig, up for sale is my 50mm standard prime lens, bought new from Jessops towards the end of last year it has only been used a handful of times.   It will come in it's original box and has a Hoya ProHD UV filter attached.   Price is a firm £100, postage is £6 via DPD, bank transfer preferred as the price does not include paypal...
Downsizing my camera rig so this is going up for sale, bought 2nd hand about 2 months ago in excellent condition, only been used twice by me, and well looked after. Only a tiny amount of dust can be seen which doesn't affect image quality in the slightest.   Everyone will know that this is the best standard zoom lens you can get for the Nikon cameras. It comes with a Hoya ProHD UV filter and lens hood, it doesn't come with the original box as I never had it.   Price is...
Up for sale as I am downsizing my photo rig is my D600, I bought it 2nd hand at the end of last year in excellent condition. I have not used it a lot since I bought it and it is still in excellent condition with no signs of wear. It has been looked after and only has 9867 shutter releases. It comes in its original box, with a spare battery and a remote for remote shutter release. Anyone who knows about this camera knows how great it is, I am very sad to see it go. Price is...
 Pleather, I prefer the comfort and sound signature, gave them a little more layering and body.
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