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Mine plays 24/192kHz over optical fine (Matrix Quattro II DAC), but I still have the issue of it hanging after 3 songs. So I shall downsample and see if it works at 24/96kHz.
I started my journey with a Nikon D3200, kit lens,   Went to a Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 lens which was awesome for a budget setup.   Got a taste for Gig photography, went up to a Nikon D600 with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 and a Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8.   What a great piece of kit, I loved it, easy to use but quite bulky, the image quality in low light was incredible.   Then my ex-girlfriend came back in to my life, and time for hobbies got less, I already have RC cars and...
 Not yet, but maybe in the future with Firmware updates. As USB DAC functionality is also going to be implemented in the future. But it has dual DAC and this AK70 only has 1. The Opus #1 is great value for money and once the firmware is updated/optimised further it'll be incredible. It's a great player as is.
Updated to the new firmware, haven't had much time to test but mine still hangs after 3 songs of 24/192khz FLAC, but I only have 1 album that is in that bit rate, so not sure what's at fault. Might have to downsample it and see if it works, then i'll know if it's the album or the sample rate.
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Found my perfect pad setup for the T50rp Mk3,   Some velours that came with my Superlux HD662 Evo, don't seem available separately though :(   they are soft so compress nicely,   http://www.thomann.de/gb/superlux_hd_662_bk_evo.htm?ref=prod_rel_300852_0   It was a little bright with just the velours, so I put one of the Beyerdynamic foam pieces under the pads and for me they are perfect, great lows that are full, detailed mids and extended...
Indeed basically the same spec as the Audio-Opus Opus #1, but the Opus #1 has 32gb + 2 x microSD, it also has 2.5mm balanced, and 3.5mm SE with optical.   Both priced the same, both have the same output power, could be an interesting comparison. AK may have metal, but the extra microSD slot has got to count for something
 The T1 2nd generation does indeed use synthetic leather, but it has a protein coating. Their reasoning is that from a QC perspective the finish is consistent and also it is not susceptible to degradation as much as leather from oils on the skin etc...So it is not "cheaper" per se, as it is very nice quality material, and also very soft and comfortable. They are actually better built with the detachable cable and improved slider mechanism.
 Just playback wise not SQ wise. Unfortunately you cannot roll back firmware.
 Still love mine, except the latest firmware is worse than the one before... Just waiting for an update. Mine seems to freeze after 4 tracks when playing 24/192 over optical, very annoying.
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