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Just a quick cable I put together for my HE-500's with the ability to run them from my Marantz PM5005 speaker amp      
Knocked up a cable with some Van Damme minature Starquad cable I have a lot of, also some adapters,   I can now run them from my Marantz PM5005 integrated amp too      
Review is finally up:
Reserved for review, mine has shipped. MSRP $1599
Mine has shipped, should be with me next week
The Opus #1 pairs really nicely with the PM3's, happy listening
I'll be getting #2 so will do a comparison vs #1 in my full review.
 If it was the young person (22 year old) with the beard at the stand who did that, please apologise for me (as it was me
Hi guys,   Wanting to know what tubes can be used with an adapter for the Feliks Audio Espressivo, they are the power tubes and the pre-amp ones are 6N1P (E88CC compatible etc...)   I know 6SN7 can be used as pre-amp tubes with adapters but not sure what power tubes can be used,   I have heard the C3G can be used in place of the 6N6p with an adapter but not sure which others might work,   What specs from the manufacturer would I need to let you guys help...
  Another picture of my HE-500, enjoying The Used on vinyl through the Feliks Audio Elise
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