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 Great answer ClieOS, after having good contact with iFi for a while, it is true what you say. And they write all their own code for the XMOS chip and driver, so in there they can squeeze out more than the tech sheet states. They don't have the DAC in it's default configuration so they do decode natively.
mine should be here soon :)
Well silver cables do add a sense of air to the stock slightly thick sound. It won't change them massively but it will make a slight difference.
I only have the UM Pro30 and what i can say is that comfort is excellent, I love the cable.   The sound is warm and a little dark, with the right amp/DAP combo they do have great detail and also air. I did have a brief listen with a silver cable, and it does give them a little more top end which is the only thing i think they lack. The vocals are perfect, up front an intimate, the lows are very natural and extended, the whole sound has a natural lush tone to it.
All gears have silicone grease. Made sure none on belt otherwise it slips. But we will see. It seems ok sometimes.
Cleaned up my Marantz CD-52 SE and installed the new CDM4 gear. Working a treat, sometimes the draw sticks a little, but i guess it will be fine over time, hasn't been used in a long time, also could be the belt is a little loose.   Either way I love it, and the Coax out is a bonus.   Will post pics at some point
People have tested the iPhono vs £5k phono stages and it was well received. Also played at Munich high end festival with £20k turntable and £50k speakers... So it is an excellent piece of kit at an exceptional price. Look in to it as a phono stage. I always say iFi bring out excellent products at excellent prices.
Just got my iFi iPhono, nice little pre amp with excellent noise floor and also loads of options in terms of EQ for different records.
Yeah I still use it. I also use the X3 + DDS HA-01 sometimes. Not really used the X5. C5D is excellent. If you are only using it with the X3 you only need the C5.
Love it. Better than the headphone out of the X3. Less warmth and more detail.
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