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The hum seems to have disappeared, I shall see if it returns
Hi I would just like to add my 2 cents,   Mojo:   TECHNICAL SPECS: Output Power @ 1kHz 600 ohms 35mW 8 ohms 720mW Output Impedance: 0.075 ohms Dynamic Range: 125dB THD @ 3v - 0.00017%   Now 35mW at 600 Ohm (T1) is not a lot...   As others suggested you really need a dedicated desktop amp to got with high end headphones like that, tube or solid state providing it outputs enough power.   I have listened to both versions of the T1 and they work very well...
 Yeah they have all been tested and come with numbers of where to install them, I'll have a quick play around this evening after work, but there is definite hum on one side, and changing the front tubes changes the channel of the hum. Don't have another amp to test it on unfortunately, but I'm leaving the amp playing all day today and will report back.
So got my Elise all set up, it's more tubey sounding than the Espressivo. But I have hum in one channel, first it was the left channel so I changed the rear tubes and still there, changed the front tubes around and it swapped to the right side, Do you think I have a dud tube or may it settle whilst burning in?
My Elise is at home waiting for me...
Between the Element and HPA-2C both are excellent, the HPA-2C has the slightly warmer smoother sound, the Element is very neutral and looks amazing, along with being very small and powerful.   Both excellent choices.
Haven't tested the other's but I prefer it over the JDS Labs O2 + ODAC, it also looks better. The Matrix is very good value for money
Add the Matrix Audio HPA-2C to the list, slightly smooth sound, very powerful and has a DAC and RCA outputs.
 I personally don't use balanced, don't have the equipment, and there are misconceptions about balanced. My point being they could have used 4 pin instead of 3 pin just for those who want to use them balanced, wouldn't have changed the design or anything.
 Same as the DT 1770, it means you cannot run them balanced as it is only 3 pin, I think they should have used 4 pin personally. But a lot of people mod headphones for dual entry for balanced either way, but it would have been easier to have 4 pin in the first place. I suppose you could just swap the 3 pin out for a 4 pin as they would be the same size.
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