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The iPod Classic has a great DAC in it already, so the line-out is of sufficient quality for all on the go, and most at home listening. You will not gain much by using the DAC of the C5D.
Sorry if I was a bit harsh, I am glad you have discovered for yourself that they do not lie about their products, and that you enjoy their products. Enjoy and Happy Listening :)
Thanks iFi for chiming in. Now let's wait for the tech genius to post his info
"The "very high end" (YMMV) PS Audio Direct Stream DAC uses the same XMOS chip, and actually converts to *extreme* rate PCM in the chain."   No trying to stir up any more. But @michilumin you do work for: and also have good contact and friendship with PS Audio and Mytek, and you also distribute Mytek (maybe you should be labled a member of the trade here on Head-Fi?) This is also your twitter, where you are clearly slating...
I'm not sure about the PS4   Yes the battery life is slightly better than C5D, but if you use the line in put of the C5D the battery life should be similar, it is only lower when you use the DAC as well as the amp
Well not a huge difference with C5D. Maybe a slight bit more clarity from X3. But I prefer the headphone out of the iPod, its not as powerful but is flatter than X3's headphone out.
Both those can take advantage of the DAC so it would be good to get the C5D. For iPod classic you only need C5
Great way of putting it :)
 Great answer ClieOS, after having good contact with iFi for a while, it is true what you say. And they write all their own code for the XMOS chip and driver, so in there they can squeeze out more than the tech sheet states. They don't have the DAC in it's default configuration so they do decode natively.
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