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 You should grab a listen to the DT 1990 when you can, they sound great out of Elise, I say they are halfway between T1 and T1 2nd Generation, slightly less refined maybe but a very flat and neutral sound, with excellent detail retrieval and no famous Beyer peak (DT 880's anyone) I'll let you know how the T1 2nd Generation pair with it.
 I cannot compare to those headphones unfortunately as I have not heard them, but the soundstage isn't as airy as the T90 due to better more solid bass response, but the accuracy of the imaging depth and height wise is excellent, there is a perfect amount of air between everything. They have an engaging sound, so not like you are halfway back in a concert hall, more front row, but what I appreciate is on recordings with good ambience (The Appleseed Cast - Two...
Not sure whether to use it with T1 2nd gen or DT 1990 Pro yet, might have to demo on the day and see what pairing I prefer.Selling Espressivo in the event that I buy Elise, need some monies
My Elise will be running some Beyerdynamics at CanJam London (Beyerdynamic stand), @HOWIE13 come say hi
Ok, I didn't get a lot of head time last night with the DT 1990, but tested them with Feliks Audio Elise and also straight out the Matrix Quattro II and the Matrix HPA-2C.   They need an amp, they are a completely different headphone when used with a proper amp, than out of a phone, also they are incredibly revealing of poor sources, MP3 and poorly mastered music is not particularly enjoyable out of these.   These amps all have different signatures, but not matter what...
Anyone try the Hifiman HE-500 with Elise?
Edit.. fixed
 Sneaked in a listen of 1 song, out of my measly OnePlus Two, and it sounds incredible. Not as much bass slam as the DT 1770, more linear but also not harsh, just very detailed. The bass is very controlled and extends with ease, and without excessive bloat, the mids may be a tiny bit recessed, but I will listen out of my headphone amps later.
Interest Check and potential sale   Purchased mid last year, has a few hours on it but probably not more than 150-200, comes with stock tubes and also some Voskhod driver tubes,   Excellent condition, well looked after and overall a beautiful tube amp.   I can send you the invoice upon sale,   Shipping UK only, price includes postage but not paypal fees.
The eagle has landed, I shall post first brief impressions this evening, at work with only my phone on me currently.   They look better in person than in the photos, the fine mesh in the open holes is very nice, and they feel very sturdy with a mainly metal construction.   The pads are interesting, both Velour but different material on the back and different amount of holes.
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