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Well sort of, not as organic as Final Audio Design, but still a natural listening experience.
It is now. Will write the A81 review soon enough. Not got time for the next few weeks as I'll be training to be cabin crew.
It probably could drive them out of the RCA on the back. If they are small low powered desktop speakers.
I'm going to try my Ocean as a pre-amp for my speaker setup at some point in the future, should be interesting. Also have the iFi iTube which I will try as a pre-amp too
When I was 12 i first touched a girl you know where... I was always after girls when I was 10 and up (even under 10 I was kissing and all sorts) but yeah nowadays they seem to be having sex at 12 and younger even, which I personally don't think it's good unless they are fully emotionally and physically ready for it.   I also think teen pregnancy is awful, I want kids when in my late 20's providing I have a stable job and can care for the child. Otherwise it's benefits...
Thanks, may try if i get the courage one day.
Was it easy to replace?
LME 49720 is one of my favourite op-amps, bet it sounds great in the C5D, but i'll probably leave mine stock.
HP200 dont have the largest soundstage tbh, the HP100 probably equals it, if not the HP200 is only slightly ahead.   HP100 is slightly warm and lush   HP200 is brighter and more detailed, more revealing of bad recordings. HP200 is fairly neutral, HP100 is on the warmer side.
For a closed can the HP100 has excellent soundstage, very 3D, even more so than some open cans. It has a spacious sound.
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