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I'll be posting here at some point when mine arrive great thread. I hope these get some exposure here on Head-fi especially as hybrids are the thing to have at the moment and these offer over the ear styling vs T-Peos and Dunu.
I'll be reviewing the Rider 1.0 at some point hopefully. Let's see what's its like compared to the likes of Dunu and T-Peos
Ah ok My bad. Means you can only use it as a DAC+Amp and not as just an amp with a normal aux cable.
I'll be getting yet another hybrid to review soon as well, the Rhapsodio Rider 1.0
X3 sounds more powerful because it is louder. Try volume matching as best you can and it will be very close. That is from a 7G iPod classic
Yes It makes the aux input to an input/output as well. Nothing changes performance wise
Well the line out of the X3 and iPod classic sound very similar and I cannot note any huge difference's. Headphone out is a different story. Cables I use pure silver, I make my own and that way don't spend mega bucks for a well built cable. SQ wise very small difference if any, slightly more sparkle over copper. You will want to use a LOD with an iPod and normal line out cable from X3, otherwise you'll be double amping the headphone out of the iPod. C5D to O2 you will be...
The iPod Classic has a great DAC in it already, so the line-out is of sufficient quality for all on the go, and most at home listening. You will not gain much by using the DAC of the C5D.
Sorry if I was a bit harsh, I am glad you have discovered for yourself that they do not lie about their products, and that you enjoy their products. Enjoy and Happy Listening :)
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