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 Look at the Feliks Audio Elise, or if on a tight budget the Espressivo (what I have)
 I actually understand where you are coming from, We all enter the Hifi search to enjoy music more, yet so many get caught up in the equipment and having the best out there. I find I enjoy my music a lot more now with good equipment, but it does get to a point, called diminishing returns. I find mid-fi gear to give the most overall enjoyment to be honest, or at least a musical high-end system as some systems really make you analyse the music rather than enjoy it. T1 2nd...
 I would pick the DT1770 for those genres. They still have a wide soundstage. The T5p 2nd Gen is more versatile as you can use them at home with almost the same sound quality as T1 2nd Gen, I listen to a lot of rock, and prefer the T5p 2nd gen for that due to the crisp treble and fast bass response, but for Pop and EDM the extra lows on the DT1770 would help. The T5p 2nd Gen don't isolate quite as well due to less clamp, and also a slightly larger bass vent hole on the cup.
 You have the perfect system, T1 2nd Gen for home is fantastic, and DT1770 for portable is an excellent choice. The DT1770 does isolate more than the T5p 2nd Gen, I never did write a full review of the DT1770, only the T5p 2nd Gen. T5p 2nd Gen is a very versatile headphone as you get nearly the same sound quality of T1 2nd gen but in a portable package that work well on the go and at home. But you cannot go wrong with any of the above headphones, they all have their...
Sound differences between the DT1770 Pro and T5p 2nd Generation are quite big,   The DT1770 is more fun sounding with more bass quantity and also impact,   The T5p 2nd Gen are more neutral and balanced, yet still retain excellent articulation and body.   The T5p 2nd generation are airier sounding, also more detailed and refined, yet the DT1770 Pro still sounds open for a closed headphone.   Both are excellent headphones, it is a matter of taste.
 I didn't mean to sound mean, I was just trying to help you understand a little about how amp power works etc... So you can learn like we all did and make better informed choices in the future. I hope you enjoyed the read about specifications and have a little more understanding, as I said, we all had to start somewhere. Accept my apology if I came across harsh. Enjoy the hobby :)
 Please can you stop saying power in Ohms... No amp measure's power in Ohm's as such. There are different outputs at different impedances, like 400mW @ 32Ohms etc.... The Impedance rating on an amp means little usually, so it says it can power headphone from 32-300 Ohms doesn't mean it won't power 600 Ohm headphones. Output impedance is important when looking at low impedance headphones like the T5p as it influences the damping factor. You need to look at the power output...
The HPA-2C will be on show at Canlanta:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/799320/canlanta-2016
My Axila RR10 Bomber Build: http://www.msuk-forum.co.uk/forums/topic/213097-ostewarts-axial-rr10-bomber-build/  
Just ordered a ProJect Debut Carbon :)   Replacing my Dual CS 505-3 (shure M97xe cart)   Cannot wait, also got a free Project record cleaner due to an offer when buying the turntable.
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