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iFi iCan?
My S5 will be with my shortly. Got a big list of reviews to do though.
Invest in the JDS Labs C5. Fiio are fine for cheap mass produced products. But JDS Labs are a big jump in quality vs the Fiio.
Yes. Depending on the Amp. I would pick a cheap cMoy and put a LME49720 NA in it, pairs very well.
I seem to be the only person with a good experience of the H100 II. I personally really liked them. But as you say mine have the round cable. Listening to the Dunu DN-2000 atm. My Altone200 should be with me today or tomorrow.   my H-100 II review   My Review
T-Peos H-100 II Review:   Firstly I would like to thank T-Peos for sending me this sample for review, I will write as honest a review possible. These received over 50hrs of burn-in before reviewing, no big differences were noted.   Gear Used: iPod Classic 7G > H100 II (Comply T400 tips) Asus M50VM > iFi iPurifier > iFi iDAC > H100 II (Comply T400 tips)     Specs: Driver: 1DD + 1BA Impedance: 32Ohm @1kHz Sensitivity: 102dB @1kHz Frequency response: 20hz -...
Well I still have them, and I dont use them often but they are well built, the flat cable feels strong and I can see them lasting a long time with minimal care.
Good luck getting your toys back ;)
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