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This is my current listening rig (end game for now):   Feliks Audio Elise (stock tubes) > HE-500   I need to make a new cable for the HE-500, the stock one is so noisey. Also one of the locking ring tabs was broken on my pair (2nd hand) not a huge issue and I have glued it for now, Hifiman want $25 for one locking ring!!!  
Also interested, please could you let us know specs etc...
 As like last year, where I donated the DN-2000j, I can donate for the 2 days: Lear NS-U1Advanced AcousticWerkes Nebula TwoAdvanced AcousticWerkes Q Is that ok with you?
I just joined the club, lusted after the HE-6 since I first heard it about 3 years ago, but they don't come up for sale often and still cost a lot, so I settled for the HE-6's little brother. Will be using the Feliks Audio Elise to drive them, also have a Matrix Audio HPA-2C which will possibly drive them too. Shall see
Hopefully mine will be on my name badge, but if not it's fairly easy to tell who I am, ostewart = Oscar Stewart
 AKT5p have a fixed cable, don't know sonic differences though,
 The AKT5p are based on the original T5p, so they are different than the T5p 2nd Generation.
Nebula Two (dual driver hybrid design) has been released too, mine at sat at home with my AAW Q, in the backlog for review. Should really give them a listen.
I thought we will have our names on our lanyards?   Can't remember though,   My Feliks Audio Elise will be there powering some Beyers, unfortunately not open to testing with other headphones though (but you can test it with DT 1990 Pro, DT 1770 Pro, T1 2nd Gen and T5p 2nd Gen)
 They used to use leather and have changed to high quality protein coated synthetic leather, reason being it is more consistent quality wise, longer lasting and also it does not suffer from drying out or becoming sticky due to hair grease and sweat etc... They use very nice quality pleather though, you won't be disappointed.
New Posts  All Forums: