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Ah ok thats cool :) looking forward to it.   It was because a few people use Optical and it makes it very versatile.   I just got a DDS DAC-01 which has every input under the sun with a tube output and solid state amp output, but it is the size of the Mini series you guys will bring out.
I have not heard the RE-400 so cannot comment, but I think the conclusion you came to from reading reviews is pretty much spot on.
Another addition i would like to see is Optical in, as it's small and just adds a little more versatility, say with a TV setup to a receiver it would be awesome.
Excellent amp, good luck with the sale :)
If you use rockbox you can use nearly all formats. Love mine with rockbox, easily usable. better than X3
Keep the classic and get the C5 or C5D (future if you get a new phone the DAC will come in useful)   I still prefer my iPod Classic over my Fiio X3, i always use the line out of the X3, whereas the headphone out of the Classic still sounds great to me.
Ok I wont go technical.   Only things I would change are put a 6.3mm socket as it's easier to use a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter than the other way round.   Also RCA output on the back.   I think that simple is best, so have the USB in and RCA out on the back along with the upsample toggle.   On the front have the headphone out, the volume pot and maybe the filter toggle.   I think Coax and optical is not needed and is over complicated, keep it simple for PC use as...
I must agree with luisdent, with all the headphones i've tested over a long time, i have never found the C5/C5D to be unnatural in bass, mids or highs. The highs are not over pronounced or bright, the bass is not unnatural, it is all just very linear and neutral. It doesn't alter the signature as such, just tightens and refines. Never taking away any body of the core sound signature.    It may sound this way if you have come from a relatively warm source, or from a...
Basically the bass doesn't overpower but when called for can hit hard and deep. They would suite house fine unless you like over the top bass. The bass never veils the rest of the sound either.
Again, nearly everyone who has tried the HP100 loves them :) enjoy
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