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 I wonder if you'll bump in to anyone famous this year, another picture of a celebrity sporting HE-1000's will be up shortly I bet
 Only did a quick test listening to them out of my phone (amps really bring out the best in them) The pads do change the sound quite a bit, I prefer the balanced vs analytical pads, as they do sound more balanced. The analytical ones accentuate the upper mids, and highs while taming the lows and they sound quite cold with the analytical pads on. Again this was their aim, so they do what they are supposed to, but my preferred sound is the balanced. With the balanced pads...
Hi all,   Username: ostewart   I have quite a backlog but could make some time to review this and compare to the Opus #1   I have 1more triple drivers, Lear NS-U1, Inearz P350, Fostex T50rp, AAW Nebula 2 and more,   Past reviews: just look on www.soundperfectionreviews.com it's easier.   Come say hi to me at CanJam too
 They change with amplification and sound a lot better when amped. I'll let the guys at CanJam compare the soundstage, it's not as wide as the T1, or the Hifiman HE-500, but it has very good imaging, they are not closed sounding by a long shot though.
 I'm really not that good, Haven't done any in a while, https://www.flickr.com/photos/135742064@N05/albums I also run www.soundperfectionreviews.com which is the main reason I got a good camera, for review photos.
 I normally use a Panasonic Lumix G7 (downgraded from a full frame Nikon D600 / 24-70 f2.8) but this photo was a quick snap with my Oneplus Two phone, all about the lighting and focus point :)
Is it the DT 770 headband pad that works on the HE-500, or would the HD650 headband pad be better?   Thanks,
My current station, which is end game for a while, apart from tube rolling in the future.   Elise > HE-500, natural tone, exceptional soundstage and detail, and I mainly listen to rock/metalcore and they never miss a beat. All I need to do is change the awful stock cable on the HE-500.  
New Posts  All Forums: