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I think so, cosmetic changes and also they probably changed the quality of some of the components. Also the price is lower than the original and it now has a built in DAC as standard.
Check 2nd post for the review 
 Again this is from the product manager after I asked if the change had been made recently: "the new mechanism was updated when T 1 (2nd generation) was released."
I have just got a pair of these in the post, a bit behind on reviews at the moment, but will update shortly :)
 Beyerdynamic part code 916080 EDT T1G2
http://www.highendheadphones.co.uk/ 1 The Stable Yard, Millow Hall Farm, DuntonBedfordshire, SG18 8RH
 A little clarification for everyone, as the above is a little misleading to say the least, All T1 2nd Generation have an updated slider, see below the response from the product manager in charge of the T1 2nd Generation: "the DT 1770 PRO was the first headphone with improved slider, and the T 1 (2nd generation) is provided with the same improved mechanism, so that the latch is more defined. This is not the external design/shape, but the internal construction. However, it...
 Never too young to own your own music, I am only 22 and have a small CD collection, and am starting to build up my vinyl collection too. Best places to buy CD's are charity shops, I enjoy having physical music. Also I have Hifi Separates, all Marantz which is stuff from when I was born but still works well and can be picked up for good prices on Ebay.
Review has been typed up, just photos to be done then I will publish it here.
 Or if you are down South there is http://www.HifiHeadphones.co.uk They also have a great selection of headphones and a demo room, the staff are super friendly. What in particular are you wanting to try at CanJam?
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