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It is planned to be just a revised HP100. That's all I know for now. It looks good though.
Strange, I have had great experience with them.   Maybe it is because Micca is not an authorised seller?
SoundMAGIC P21s Review   Firstly I would like to thank Tony at SoundMAGIC for sorting me out with this sample for review, I will write as honest a review possible, these also received over 50hrs of burn-in before review, no changes were noted.   Gear Used: iPod Classic 7G > P21s     Transducers : Dynamics,40mm,Neodymium Style: Supra-Aural Frequency range :20Hz~22KHz DC resistance : 32±4.8Ohms Sensitivity : 103±3dB at 1KHz/mW Cable length : 1.2m Connector :...
HP150 eh? Sounds good to me if its an improvement. I don't know how they might improve on the original though. I'll try and get a pair to review guys!
Upgraded with Sylvania Black plates (square getter) and LME49990 op-amp.   More sparkle up top, not as lush as mullard but a little more detailed.   Also got a tube damper.
Just opened my S5. At first they sounded thin. But are now beginning to sound a little fuller. More balanced. The highs could have a little more detail as they are a little splashy. But they are really growing on me. Couldn't get a good fit with the stock single flange. Using some Beyerdynamic bi flange tips.
They do have a resistor inline adaptor for sensitive IEM's. Shoot them a message and they will be able to help.
+1 for the SoundMAGIC HP100
Yes its true power isn't everything. And the iCan has gain settings too. It can power the Audeze products very nicely. I have JDS C5D and O2, also got a lot of iFi gear
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