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 A little clarification for everyone, as the above is a little misleading to say the least, All T1 2nd Generation have an updated slider, see below the response from the product manager in charge of the T1 2nd Generation: "the DT 1770 PRO was the first headphone with improved slider, and the T 1 (2nd generation) is provided with the same improved mechanism, so that the latch is more defined. This is not the external design/shape, but the internal construction. However, it...
 Never too young to own your own music, I am only 22 and have a small CD collection, and am starting to build up my vinyl collection too. Best places to buy CD's are charity shops, I enjoy having physical music. Also I have Hifi Separates, all Marantz which is stuff from when I was born but still works well and can be picked up for good prices on Ebay.
Review has been typed up, just photos to be done then I will publish it here.
 Or if you are down South there is http://www.HifiHeadphones.co.uk They also have a great selection of headphones and a demo room, the staff are super friendly. What in particular are you wanting to try at CanJam?
Feliks Audio Espressivo :)   The DT1770 were shown off at Canjam London last year using my Espressivo and they make a great pairing.
It is clean and detailed but not analytical. I am hoping to write the review up tomorrow. As a DAC/Amp combo it works really well, and unless you need the extra 1% detail of a higher end DAC I would be very happy with the DAC in this amp. Perfect for an all in one solution.   More to come soon :)
This looks awesome, and looks well worth the price.   Waiting to hear it myself, I would have to recable some headphones for balanced usage.   equivalent 100w @ 4ohms! be more than enough for all headphones out there, a little OTT for a headphone amp, but always good to have headroom.
I'll be there :)   a badge please?   Looking forward to it!
 I questioned this many times, and got no reply. The items they advertise are clearly not held in UK stock, but that would be why the price is so low. They must be playing the system with exchange rates etc... as they would not be making any money otherwise.
I have not got the HD600/650 but I use it with Fostex TH-500rp and it drives them with ease. It also drives the Beyer T1 with ease, all of this on the lowest gain.   So it has plenty of power, and the sound is clean, crisp yet smooth and not peaky.
New Posts  All Forums: