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Got some Comply Ts-100 for the UM Pro30 and I must say they do improve, not warmer like most foam tips, they actually have more sparkle and also tighter lows, I think this is because of the wider tip opening in the canal. They do sound very good with the Comply tips, and also comfort is excellent too.
Just got some Comply Ts 200 and tried them on these, definitely an improvement, more sparkle in the highs and space overall, the lows are a little tighter too. I think it is to do with the wider tip opening. Comfort is great also, as Comply tips are well known for that.
Had a go with the IV yesterday, I personally really enjoyed them, they are less airy and not as crisp as the VI but still sound great and are a very engaging and fun to listen to pair of headphones.
And make sure the iTube is on +6dB buffer.
Comply anyone?
Thanks for letting us know about your experience. The CX-300/400 are very bassy and not to my liking at all. The beyers are more refined and controlled.
Nice review. Interesting how you found the HP200 to be warmer than the HP100. Just goes to show how people hear things differently. Also the cups are metal not just polished plastic.
I really enjoy the H-300 so far apart from the peak. Going to get a bunch of Comply tips tomorrow, see if they help at all
I will be at some point
Didn't try comply. Probably the same effect but Comply don't last as long. The Westone Star tips would probable work very well with them
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