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Long story short, I had a free review sample, that I modded with dual mini-XLR that got stolen at CanJam London 2015,   I really liked them and decided to buy another pair, I got them at a discounted price from German Maestro, modified them again with dual mini-XLR's and Brainwavz HM5 earpads.   So here they are up for sale due to lack of usage, as I use IEM's nearly all the time.   These headphones are indestructible, and have a very revealing and balanced sound....
Anyone else having issues with the new firmware. I have had it output no sound, once i finish an album i go to play another and it shows its playing but no sound output. I either have to turn it off and on again, which takes ages, or reload my whole library which is also slow...
 Haven't tested the EQ over optical but I have tested 24bit/96kHz and it outputs at that sample rate fine.
Hi There, They use the same driver, but the sound is quite different than all the Txx models so it is not easy to say they sound like any of them. The TH500rp have a smooth, refined and spacious sound. All the Txx series are more monitor like, rather than refined high end sound.
Comparison: It's not very in depth but gives you an overview of the different sound signatures   Gear Used: Audio Opus #1 / Dell XPS 15 > Matrix Quattro II > Matrix HPA-2C       Tech Specs: (T20RPmk3) Driver:    Regular Phase (or Orthodynamic) Impedance:    50 ohm Sensitivity:    92dB (at 1kHz, 1mW) Frequency Response:    15Hz – 35kHz Maximum Input Power:    3000mW Weight:    315g Cable:    Detachable 1/4” Stereo Phone (3m) and Stereo Mini...
On sale for £399:   http://homeavdirect.co.uk/beyerdynamic-dt-1770-pro-closed-back-studio-reference-headphones   Still keep eyeing up a pair for portable usage, they are awesome headphones...
Marantz PM-44 MKII SE, love mine :)
 Congratulations on winning one of these, they are great for the price and plenty powerful for most headphones :)
Lets revive this thread from the dead, got an email saying this is now on Indiegogo as Miu had a reshuffle in their office which delayed this project:   https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/duplex-world-s-first-portable-vacuum-tube-hifi#/
I haven't opened mine up to check the op-amp, but i will at some point. I've always been a fan of the LME47920 or LME49990 due to their very flat and detailed sound. I'll crack the HPA-2C open and take a look soon.
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