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Comparison: It's not very in depth but gives you an overview of the different sound signatures   Gear Used: Audio Opus #1 / Dell XPS 15 > Matrix Quattro II > Matrix HPA-2C       Tech Specs: (T20RPmk3) Driver:    Regular Phase (or Orthodynamic) Impedance:    50 ohm Sensitivity:    92dB (at 1kHz, 1mW) Frequency Response:    15Hz – 35kHz Maximum Input Power:    3000mW Weight:    315g Cable:    Detachable 1/4” Stereo Phone (3m) and Stereo Mini...
On sale for £399:   http://homeavdirect.co.uk/beyerdynamic-dt-1770-pro-closed-back-studio-reference-headphones   Still keep eyeing up a pair for portable usage, they are awesome headphones...
Marantz PM-44 MKII SE, love mine :)
 Congratulations on winning one of these, they are great for the price and plenty powerful for most headphones :)
Lets revive this thread from the dead, got an email saying this is now on Indiegogo as Miu had a reshuffle in their office which delayed this project:   https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/duplex-world-s-first-portable-vacuum-tube-hifi#/
I haven't opened mine up to check the op-amp, but i will at some point. I've always been a fan of the LME47920 or LME49990 due to their very flat and detailed sound. I'll crack the HPA-2C open and take a look soon.
I think so, cosmetic changes and also they probably changed the quality of some of the components. Also the price is lower than the original and it now has a built in DAC as standard.
Check 2nd post for the review 
 Again this is from the product manager after I asked if the change had been made recently: "the new mechanism was updated when T 1 (2nd generation) was released."
I have just got a pair of these in the post, a bit behind on reviews at the moment, but will update shortly :)
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