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Thank you must just be me, and I only have 1 balanced cable so I cannot test if it is the jack that's the problem. Either way the 3.5 SE output is amazing on it anyway.Edit: don't have this issue with Opus #1...
Could someone test the balanced output for wiggle and channel cutting out? Thanks
Just got one in for review, knocked up some XLR interconnects to hook it up to my Matrix Quattro II DAC so I can test it balanced with my Hifiman HE-500's. So far I really like it, a lot. It has so much power. Also the size is perfect, it sits atop the Quattro II perfectly.
Time is wrong on mine even after connecting to WiFi...
Listening to mine now, so far so good and playlist support for those who want it. Battery life is the only issue so far, it doesn't go into deep sleep like the Opus #1 which means it drains quicker whilst in sleep mode.   And when you first turn it on it doesn't remember the last track playing and has to rebuild the library which takes a few minutes, all these can be fixed with firmware I hope,   sound is excellent as you would expect, however I am using it with the...
Just a quick cable I put together for my HE-500's with the ability to run them from my Marantz PM5005 speaker amp      
Knocked up a cable with some Van Damme minature Starquad cable I have a lot of, also some adapters,   I can now run them from my Marantz PM5005 integrated amp too      
Review is finally up:   http://www.head-fi.org/products/feliks-audio-elise/reviews/16814
Reserved for review, mine has shipped. MSRP $1599
Mine has shipped, should be with me next week
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