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Qobuz works, but some menus where there are settings, there is no back button on the #3 so you have to exit and re-open the app. But works :D
 As mentioned before, you seem fairly active in this thread, please could you change the name of this thread to get more people visiting and seeing how great this DAP is. The name should be as per @Hawaiibadboy 's suggestion: OPUS#3 Hi-Res Audio player w/wifi and streaming
Bit late to the party, photos:                      
I will be posting pics shortly too, just taken them but evening with the other half means they will be uploaded later 
I'm testing my Amiron Home with the DT1990 Analytical pads, they are deeper and more comfortable for me. The sound becomes a little thinner, but I will post back after more listening.
  My trusty iPod classic, I have had it for many years now, and it got a home refurbish a little while back with a new battery and faceplate, cosmetically it is in used condition, with a minor amount of dust visible in the screen. Functionality wise it is perfect, just done a diagnostic test and see from the pictures there are no faults with the harddrive at all.    I can include a dock with remote too.   Trades: Beyerdynamic DT990 600ohm, that's about all I'm...
My commuter and only bike, a £340 Verenti Technique Claris  It's a great bike for the price, with a carbon front fork etc... Don't worry the bell has been taken off, and tyres are not longer the terrible ultrasport II 28c, now running Vittoria Rubino Pro 25c   This is when it was new, it now has a new front wheel after a collision with a white van... (I didn't get hurt, but the wheel was not in a good state).     Running the front wheel of this wheelset, which is a...
 I agree, they all have superb SQ without EQ. I am very impressed by their DAP's and love my #2.
 Only #2 unfortunately, will see if where I start work tomorrow has one I can borrow though.
 I suppose I could crack out the nikon to do some unboxing photos
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