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I don't think this is sold in retail shops, you buy direct as they are hand built. I got mine a while back at a sale price, it may not have the tube rolling capabilities of the Elise, or the power, but it drives most dynamic headphones fine.
Feliks Audio Espressivo, excellent value for money OTL tube amp.Also regarding your comments about them creaking when you move your head, this does happen slightly as they are brand new and you can feel the plastics are fairly tight. This will go away with a small amount of use, as the pair I borrowed did not suffer from this.
I'll just leave this here... Not even burnt in yet, still sound amazing.
That sir is a DAP called the Lotoo Paw Gold, fantastic player, not that pocket friendly though.Also bought my pair of Amirons today
Opus #2 + Forza Hybrid cable + Inearz P350  
My InEarz P350's may not be high end, but this is a killer combo, smooth and enjoyable as a daily rig.  
 I think you misunderstood, What device are you using to plug in to the Watson, a DAC, iPod, Music player? As with a true line level output device, you will never need to use volume past 2 o'clock, even with HE-500 9 o'clock is loud enough. If you are using the headphone output of a phone, or standard iPod then yes you may need more volume. I hope this provides a little more clarity, the RCA and line-in are the same, they are linked internally on this amp.
Beyer sell an aftermarket balanced cable for use with balanced amps, as in a balanced amp the L and R signal are separate throughout the amp, with separate ground cables too. I won't get in to the technical parts, but it's supposed to increase stereo separation by lowering crosstalk and tackle other problems too. I'm not a huge believer in them though.Also you always state you are a newbie, your review of the Amirons on Amazon is less than helpful if I may be...
I'm not saying they should stick to the MSRP, but it's good to have as a base to go off, then they can put x amount off MSRP which helps sell. Nowadays no one can compete with Amazon which is a shame.
Currency exchange rates play a big role in pricing too, as the distributor will have to purchase the goods at a certain price and that depends on the currency exchange rate, which €-£ is bad at the moment. And taxes as stated above.   Also I would like to say, what is the point in having a MSRP if the distributor just sells to the retailer and then they are free to do what they like, that would destroy business relationships with other dealers etc...   It's a bigger...
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