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Use a tube amp and happy listening (xDuoo TA-02 with Mullard 5654 tubes is a perfect match)
Recently got a new Ocean as my old one broke and no longer need it because I have too many tube amps. This is a great budget tube amp, and great for a tube noob, very easy to swap out tubes.   This unit has very little use, and I put a Mullard 12AU7 tube in it as it is a big upgrade over the stock chinese tube.   Also I put some glue over the LED so it isn't quite as bright (blinding when stock)   Some minor scratches can be found on the front panel, but nothing...
It would still work I think :)
It would work fine with the HD580.   Step up, the C5D is basically very flat and neutral, you have the bass boost if you want a little extra ooomph down low for movies and gaming, other than that it does what it says very well and is a great piece of kit.
I was tempted to do a dual mini XLR on my 8.35D, who knows maybe I will in the future. As they have the perfect flat piece of plastic on both sides of the cups, for mounting mini XLR's
Gear Used: iFi Audio iDAC > xDuoo TA-02 (mullard tubes) > German Maestro GMP 400 (amongst others)   This review is based on the amp with 2 Mullard 5654 tubes, as one of the stock Chinese tubes failed after only a few minutes use. This does alter the sound, and I will say for the better as the stock tubes sounded thin and lacked body in the lows.     Specs: Working voltage: DC12V Output Power: 780mW (32 Ω load) Frequency response: 10Hz ~ 100KHz (± 0.5dB) Gain:...
Voted 25% desktop, 75% portable
Comply Tx 500 seem to work best, as they have the added wax filter which helps tame the treble spike. You lose a tiny bit of detail but the overall improvement is worth it.
Having +6 on the iTube brings out a little more smoothness/warmth from the tube
That is the only downside of the Comply tips, the life span is not very long
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