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Hi   Bought T5P a year ago. And I like them but the thing is - cable sucks! And I'm not talking about SQ. It just breaks after 2 months of usage. And after sending headphones back 2 times already and seeing the cable break again I decided to not bother anymore and stick to my HD25s and Allan & Heath's for portable use.   Now after 3 months of not using them I realised I'm migh recalbe them but the problem is -  Since I've never done this on an expensive pair of...
Hi   So I bought Beyerdynamic T5P after wearing HD25 for a year because i wanted something with bigger soundstage. That and I guess I wanted to clear my cash account a bit :)   As much as I love the looks and the sound of them I had worries about their cable choice as it looked pretty thin compared to other headphones I have (HD25 for example) Anyway, 30 or so days later the cable started to misfunction and eventually left speaker was gone. I'm pretty sure the...
Actually I recently had a similar problem. Wanted to buy headphones for my friend and realized that I don't really know many good headphones below $300.
Who is Michael Bubble?
:D noted.    
Panasonic HTF600, Superlux HD668B/HD681 and Portapro are open back. Not sure if that is the way to go for office environment (by office I mean a bunch of people working in one room :) )   Quote: Originally Posted by crinacle  Panasonic HTF600, Superlux HD668B/HD681, maybe a Portapro, Koss KSC75  
I know. Open back phones are not an option.    
was thinking about them too.   Personally I like the design of JVC RX700 better but they are just so freakin huge :)  
I think he mostly listens to acoustic and rock.   
Ah, it's been a while :) Maybe someone can help me out with this: I'm concidering buying one of my colleagues at work a new pair of headphones for birthday but I realised that I'm not ready to spend for them as much as I would usually spend for headphones :) And I don't really know any good deals under $100. The guy has never used descent headphones before so I think just the basic entry level heaphones should do.  Here are some criteria they should meet: Price ~...
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