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Hello,   I've had mine a couple of weeks now...  Shipped quickly 7 days from HK to Canada and arrived in good shape.  The only issues are the power connection is flimsy and it will loose power if moved.  I will find a way to make the connector couple better.  And, the volume knob is a bit askew.  It's been burning in around the clock for a couple of weeks and I gave it a listen last night as was quite surprised.  Channel balance is off at low volume settings, but...
Walmart has the QNN cans for 19.99.  So, you think they're worth the money and worthy of a re-cable?  I've never re-cabled.  What would I use and where to source it?
Thanks.  Great review... Beautiful to look at, curious to have a listen..
Thanks!  I feel better.  Burn in has begone...   
New to the forum...  I've had the same HD540's for as long as I can remember, and they were just coming apart. So, after some research I decided on the HFI-780's.   Due to time constraints, I purchased through Amazon from what I thought was a reputable supplier.   I thought Ultrasone were made in Germany, but both the box and the cans are labeled "Made in Taiwan"'?  Have I been scammed?  Any help would be appreciated.
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