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I would be highly interested in the beta test of the HE1000! I own some highend Stax headphones and are curious to see how the Hifiman compares to them!
I am looking for a Smyth Realizer! Please PM me if you got one for sale!
Selling a superrare Stax SR-4070 closed headphone   The condition of the headphone is nearly as new!!! No visible scrachtes and new earpads. Technically it is also 100% working. I will have them measured in the next week as proof of the working condition. Original flightcase has some signs of use. Original manual is also available.   Paypalpayment and fully insured shipping within the EU is possible. Priceoffers are welcome!
Selling a pair of matched SR-Sigma norma bias drivers in good condition. They worked perfectly three months ago when I had them replaced to  convert a NB Sigma to Pro bias. They have been used very little. Pics can be uploaded after 28th of December when I'm back home.
Price drop!
I'm looking for drivers from 303 or 404 or complete headphone in any condition (as long as the drivers are working)! Please pm me with an offer!
I have for sale the following spare parts in used condition:     One arc for HD600 with little signs of wear                                   40€    (new 120€) Two grills from HD 580 good condition                                          20€     Ask me for pictures if needed. Paypal and worldwide shipping at buyers expense is possible!
Selling my Klein + Hummel Highend Monitorspeakers     The speakers are in good cosmetic condition and are in 100% working order! They are the white version. Price of a new KH120a with digital input is  950€ per speaker (so 1900€ both). The O110 where more expensive than the KH120a and are regarded as the better sounding of the two speakers by many auiophiles. Realistic offers are wellcome!     Paypal and shipping within the EU is possible!!
Selling a pair of Geithain MO-2 active highend monitorspeakers     They are two months old and come with another 22 months of guarantee from the dealer. Technical condition is flawless and they are working 100%. There are some minor scratches on top of the speakers as can be seen in the pics, wich is the reason for the low price. This pair of speakers is being sold for 3800€ new.   Technical specs can be seen...
For Sale is a pair of new old stock SR-Sigma/Pro earpads in original platic bag     The Sigma earpads are very rare! This is one of the very last pairs worldwide! Paypal and insured shipping possible. Make an offer if you are interested!
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