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I am selling my beloved Sony DAS-R1 reference DA converter     The Sony DAS-R1 is the reference DA coverter of Sony at that time. The clou about this unit was that it could clock the cd-player it was sold with. AS these players are mostly dead nowadays and computer transport is most common I had an engineer do a mod for me. The clock is now also distributed to the wordclock bnc output on the back of the unit.   The cinch plug next to it is the digital spdif in for...
Selling my Stax SR-202 headphone and SRM-310 amp     The system is technically 100% working. So visible signs of wear as can be seen on the pics.     Paypal payment is possible. Shipping is 6€ in DE and 16€ in the EU. Rest please ask.
I am also planning to build my own electrostatic headphone. I want to make a huge Jecklin Float type headphone. My plan is to go with 100x120mm active area. The drivers will be made of PCB in 1 or 0.5 mm thickness. I want to make a 3d printed housing and be able to move the drivers into proper position (distance and angle to the ears) as every head is different.   I have allready started to repair Stax drivers from an SR-5, SR-Omega and a 507 Lambda (the glued drivers...
Selling a Malvalve Headamp 3 amplifier       The amplifier is just back from manufacturer service where the valves have been renewed for 300€ including service and checkup! So the amp is technically as new! It plays excellent with my Stax SR-Omega!   The cosmetic condition is good with very slight signs of use on the top side of the amplifier. The new price of the amplifier is about 5000€. Very heavy and massive built with 10KG.       Here are technical...
Selling a Stax SR-Signature headphone     The headphone ist working perfectly and the cosmetic condition  is really good! Extra NIB brown ear pads can be bought for another 50€.     Paypal and insured shipping is possible!
Selling my Stax SRM-T1 amplifier     The amp is working perfectly and is in good cosmetic condition! One of the best Stax amps imo. Changed to 240V with internal bridge. This is a multi voltage amp that can be used anywhere by changing the internal bridge.     Paypal payment possible. Shpping in DE 6€, EU 16€. Others please ask for shipping.
Selling my Black Lion Audio MicroClock MK2       The MicroClock is an excellent high quality masterclock generator for audio purpose. It can generate ultra low jitter clock signals from 44.1 to 192 kHz. It has three 75 ohm BNC connectors to distribute the clock.   The unit is working properly and has no visible signs of wear! Still little over one year guarantee at Thomann store.   I used it with my RME Fireface 400. It made the sound clearly better. The...
Selling a Stax Labda normal bias headphone       The headphone is technically flawless and cosmetic condition is good for the age! No problems, no imbalance, no crackling noise just wounderful music! Selling only the headphone without stand!       Paypal payment und insured shipping is possible! DE 6€, EU 16€ RoW please ask for shipping cost.
Selling my Sennheiser HD-580 with HD-600 grills     The headphone is working flawless. Cosmetic condition is good with little signs of wear as can be seen on the pictures (mainly on the arc)! Included is the original 3.5 to 6.3mm adapter. Headpad and ear pads have been changed recently and are still as new.     Insured shipping and Paypal payment possible!
Selling a Stax SR-007 MK2 flightcase       The case is in very good condition with no visible signs of wear!
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