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You can use the same film you use for the membrane. Just crumple it very tight so it wil be a small ballthat is  very compressed. Than you carefully have to unwrap it. After that you can use it as dustcover. Strechtch it lightly (so it will not flutter when pushed by the air of the driver) and glue it on top of the driver (or wherever you want it to be glued to). 
Looks like no coating. I think that is ideal. Where I live (Düsseldorf) it is pretty dusty. I think that is the reason why I have to do this in a dustfree box.
Yes that supports defenitly what I also found out. The coating must be very thin so it is really hard to see. Than one gets the needed surface resistance. I just had problems when I tried to apply the coating with a sponge as somehow allways some prticles (of the sponge or what was in the sponge) ended up being baked into the coating making that ugly tone indicating a dustproblem. Rubbing that off with a very soft brush often destroyed the coating and led to up to 10dB...
Hi Wachara,   you are right. I just measured a 507 driver on both sides but could only get a result under 2 gigaohm on one side. I had to measure less than one cm of coating to get a reading of 1.8 gigaohm. So the resistance of the 507 driver is pretty high. I heard a few times Stax uses coating with about 200-500 megaohm. On my measured driver this is not true. I would say resistance is about 2.5 gigaohm per cm. The coating is so thinn that it is not really possible...
I thought I share that discovery so people can be shure that coating one side does work well without any differences to coating both sides.
I thought so. At least on the older models. But the coating on the newer Lambdas is really thin so it is hard to see. Maby I will try to measure the coating resistance on a Lambda driver from a LNB and see if it is coated on both sides. Maybe Stax is after all only coating one side. I can see no real advantage to coat both sides. It can only cause more trouble than coating one side. And after experiencing there is no difference at all in volume and frequencyresponse I...
Coating one side or two does not make any difference in sound. I first could not belive it but I tried it on one headphone. I coated one driver on both sides and the other only on one side. There is absolutly no difference between the two sides! I think the advantage of coating only one side is that it is faster and you can expect less trouble with dust. If you coat both sides I don't know if there is any advantage. But Stax does coat both sides. So at least they must...
Selling a Stax SR-207 headphone       The headphone is in good condition and works 100%.     Paypal payment and insured shipping (DE 6€, EU 16€) or personal pickup possible.
Selling my Stax SR-009       The headphone is in mint condition and perfectly working! Included is the HPS-1 stand, CPC-1 dustprotection, manual, woodcase and original box.       Paypal payment and insured shipping or personal pickup is possible!
Selling my Stax SR-009     The headphone is in excellent condition. No signs of wear and technically perfect! One of the best headphones in the world imo! Including an original Stax stand and original CPC-1 dust protection. Original manual, box and woodcase included!     Paypal payment and shipping or personal collection possible! Insured shipping within EU is 55€. DE 11€.
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