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Both are NOT availbe in the UK Shipping+Duty+Customs Tax+VAT= EXPENSIVE    
I have spent hour’s everyday reading on this forum with no avail. Information withought order fails to register and therefore is not help at all in making decisions. I am new to audio stuff and have just brought a hd600. I have a budget of £150 but would prefer something cheaper. Could you guys please help me out by LISTING in order of preference AVAILABLE amps that would be great for these headphones? I will be using it with my pc and an Asus DG soundcard which has a...
  Nonsense these sen can adequately driven by an iPod with really  loud volume (which is not necessary considering brilliant isolation). Any headphone would sound better with an amp.  
That’s a relief. Would sen give me warranty for the item if I tell them I get it verified by sen distributor that they are not counterfeit?  I ask because the cable on 589 looks very flimsy just like 595 which kept on dying because play rough with my headphones ;)
I agree but thiere are other factors. You might like speakers but the distraction of guilt, you might wake the sleeping baby or others might here what your watching might affect how you enjoy something. Headphones offer you a univerce of your own so u prettey much rule
The sen HD25 MKII are simply stunning, incredible sound quality and durability (not really its plastic but compared to other headphones) and VERY easy to drive. A few seconds of intense stretching and wearing for a few days should make them very conferrable. Add 650 cable and you got a great headphone (FIIIO E5 will distort sound)
For the price they are ALL cons. cheap materials made in some factory by someone who does not get paid much. Purposefully making headphones with defects or inferior specs when better and improved headphone would cost the same. It allows them to keep on releasing headphones and making money. It’s called capitalism.    I hear tom say “hey look this xxx has a thinner cable made of xxxxx which allows xxx to pass through and son on….. Tom is a idiot justifying the cost...
i just brought headphones of the bay from someone who was selling is as an unwanted gift for £100----cheaper then 595   I contacted senh..... and they told me its a high probability they are fake.. bay user says they are boxed and unused and has pics up on bay. Is it even possible for thiere to be 598 fakes, they have a unique appearance and have just literally come  out. Perhaps the looks make it a easy target for fakers   here are the...
New Posts  All Forums: