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It's just ~20k request and the same time...
Bought it here: half year ago.   "Comes with like new Sophia Princess as well as stock rectifier, 2 pairs of 6fd7 and 1 pair of 6ew7. Will also include power cord."   It pairs well with LCD-3, HD800, TH900, D1000.   Asking for $780 and I can split shipping within conus. Buyer takes care of Paypal fee or send by gift.   Interested in trading with LCD-2, HD25, MM400, HD650   CA Bay Area local for SOLD.
2nd owner, like-new appearance and status. Protect wood cup with plastic wrap all the time. The wrap of plug hasn't be removed yet (check photo).   Comes with all the accessory including cable/paper/stand/package.   Asking for $ shipped. Buyer takes care of Paypal fee or send by gift.   CA Bay Area local pickup welcomed.   Interested in HD650/HD25 or remind me any portable headphone costs less than $250.
LCD-3F ($1225) Bought here: Used less than 10 hours. Too heavy for me.   Interested in HD25 or other similar portable headphones.
In   HD800 Chord Hugo Fiio X3ii WA6SE (probably)
For dacmini? No
Yes, including everything comes with package.   Honestly it looks like brand new to me.
LCD-3 ($1300) Bought 2 weeks ago here:   MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs (SOLD) Bought a week ago here:   Centrance DACmini CX (SOLD) Bought from Massdrop with 1 Ohm output mod. Used for less than 100 hours.   Price includes shipping in conus. Buyer needs to take care of Paypal fee or send by...
Hey,   Is the pm-3 still available? Are you able to do local deal in somewhere near south bay?   Thanks, Zun
It's L3 not Lisa, please correct me if I'm wrong.
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