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pm sent.
Price for 1 or 2?
They are a Stereophile Class C component:   It's one year old but seldom used. 9.5/10 condition. I only enjoy them in weekend for 2-3 hours one week. No-smoking, no pets, no children. All original accessories and boxing are included.   The original price is $399 while I'm only asking for $290 which includes shipping and you may want to take care of the Paypal fee.   Bay area local pick up is...
Any color works for me.   Local trade in bay area is welcomed.
Still up for sale or trade.
Late-2013(latest) model CPU: 3.2 GHz i5 16G RAM Graphics: GT755M 1G HardDrive: 3T Fusion drive Bought at apple store as refurbished on Feb/2014. New one's price is around $2349 excludes tax in apple store Didn't use too much because of busy work. A little scratch on the bottom of mouse, except which everything else is like brand new. ONLY asking for $1750 $1700. Not includes shipping and pp...
Momentums from Sennheiser. Used it for half a year. Selling it since I found dt231 is enough for me.   Comes with remote and regular cable, 3.5 to 6.5 adaptor, hard carrying case, and original box.   I'll deal with the shipping and insurance. You need to take care of the Paypal fee.   Thanks!   Sold!
RE600 bought in China and has been used for 3 months. $250 X10 bought on Amazon and has been used for (n years | 1 < n < 1.5). $70   Both have all the accessories and are in excellent status. No scratch or any problem. Both are the top-3 at their price. However, I don't have the time to enjoy them and DT231 is enough for me.   I'll eat the shipping fee and also insurance while you need to take care of the Paypal fee.   San Diego local deal is very welcomed. Contact...
Previous thread:   Now drop price T1 -- $760 I'll eat the shipping fee while you need to take care of the Paypal fee or send as gift. Sold   Now only interested in HD25.   I can do local trade in San Diego.   Thank you!   ps: how to close the previous thread?
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