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Hey guys,   Ive bough the A500s some time ago after research on these forums, I am pretty satisfied with them but while ago "somehow" I manage to broke cable near jack, still dont know how, but its like sometimes its working, sometimes not. What would be best solution for this? Can I do it myself? Wont it affect quality? Because thats the reason I bought them in first place. Thanks a lot for answer.
One question, what about DT150 + E7 alone, what you think?
  Hey guys, I am glad I found this site and great community. I wont start a new thread because I know questions like this are here on daily basis but I need your help. I am novice in field of better audio but I want to make good first step as I wont upgrade for some time. I cant decide which phones/setup to buy as my first. I was thinking about something like M50, DT770(80,250,600), DT150 (or something in price range of these +-). I would use combo E7/E9 if...
well guys, I went through lot of threads here last days and decided to get me a decent, first phones ever, I choosed M50 for a starter, will arrive this week and I hope guys they will be good as everyone here says, will get back when I get them
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