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Ok - filters.   Lets start with the disclaimers.  This is the measurements of this pair.  I make no assertions that this is how every pair will measure.  I will say though that both drivers match pretty closely and that the filters seem to be paired pretty well also.  This indicates to me that I have a pair which has no errors (if it did then its more likely that one channel or the other would be different).   The graphs below are generated using the Vibro Veritas...
No measurable difference so far - nothing audibly noticeable either.  Getting used to the sound definitely - but no physical changes.  Mind you didn't expect any.   And for those wondering - I measured them when I got them, and then again a week later.  No change in frequency response.
Yep - it's in progress
Have been following the general comments on the filter combos.  FTR - I'm using mainly Black/Grey.  I finished measuring everything last night.  When I get time to post the frequency response plots, some of them are going to blow your minds.  I'm betting some of them will not be what you were expecting :)
 Keep your LZA4s.  Get a DAP or Smart Device which you can use either Neutron or Viper, and use their DSP algorithms to alter the sense of stage.  The FiiO X5iii coming out now has Viper integrated and the ability to alter staging is impressive. In my experience. you are not going to get speaker like sound from a sealed IEM.
 I know I'm being pedantic, and you probably didn't mean it like this, but as a permanent tinnitus sufferer, I abhor it when flippant remarks like this are stated. One of the most common causes of tinnitus is listening too loud.  You damage your hearing, and the brain basically replaces the frequency you can't hear by a high pitched ringing.  I would give anything to simply be able to listen to silence again.  Its something I can't do now - the ringing is always there....
 Tough call my friend.  Easiest way to do it - sit down and write a list of pros and cons for each.  Once you have all the info - the decision usually manifests itself.  Ultimately it has to be yours though.
Guessing you couldn't volume match - except if it was by ear?  Most people when doing a comparison don't think of volume matching properly.  They end up having the externally amped signal slightly louder.  And thats where the perceived improvements often are.   Get it to within 0.1 dB for your comparison, do it blind, and many people would be surprised I think.
Volume match carefully George (and not by ear).  get someone else to switch when doing comparisons.  There are a variety of reasons to use an amp.  Some of the claims around the improvements with use of one will disappear when testing properly (IMO anyway).
 Its a good question - and there are a variety of answers. Lets start with your questions: The amp inside the X5iii is pretty good, and no its not noisy.  It has very good distortion figures from the headphone out (at least a magnitude better than any headphone will have), and in terms of power can drive most consumer grade IEMs and headphones easily.   The why use one can come down to a variety of reasons including: To drive harder to power headphones - ie headphones...
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