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Just thought I'd let everyone know that we picked up our Trinity items while in London. 2 pairs of Hyperions for the kids, my Deltas, and a special set of Hyperions for my better half (she loves them Bob!) Like I said earlier - IMO you guys are in for a treat. Listening to the Deltas and they are spectacular. Love the final package too (some great tip choices). The black cases look really cool. I'll update my reviews when I get home in a week and a bit. Very happy...
Unlike other KS - Bob has kept people up to date right throughout. They are shipping right now and expect everything finished in two weeks. Where the heck did you get Aug, Sep, or Oct from?
I can - I've slept a few times with them still inserted. YMMV of course - everyone is different.
Which product(s) you would like to review (you may rank the products if more than one): Aurvana In-Ear3 Plus, Roar 2 Head-Fi username: Location (City/Country): Brooko, Invercargill, New Zealand Do you own any similar products? If yes, which: For In Ear monitors, check my profile (http://www.head-fi.org/u/170914/brooko). For speakers, my kids have some Apple portables + I have full sized monitors Link(s) to a previous review(s): Full list of all reviews and comparisons...
What you described was a faulty cable connection rather than driver flex. The A83 has quite good porting, so driver flex shouldn't be an issue.
Everything I've heard is in my profile. But the comparison was 2000/2000J and Titan. I have all 3.
I don't have the E12A but I have tried both X5 and X5ii with a number of different AMPs in tandem with IEMs like the A83, DN2000J and Trinity Delta. IMO, using an amp is just adding that particular amps signature or flavour. Both x5 and X5ii can drive almost any IEM without needing another amp.
hi Lachlan - currently in LA and only browser I have is my iPad which won't do rich text editing. BB code on this is a mess - so I'll change it as soon as I can get on a browser with decent editing options.
On value - yes. But I'd disagree that the 2000 doesn't justify its price. Personally I'd call both the 2000 and 2000J well worth it - with better definition and base quality than the Titan. I just think the Titan is one of those IEMs which punches far above its price point.
I actually have both as well and I find the Alpen 2 sounds pretty good. If you're not getting sound from line out X3ii to line in E11K, then check input mode on the E11K - it should be set to AUX.
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