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 Check your seal Check the plug and make sure it is fully clicked into your DAP And no - if it's a faulty driver "burn in" won't help. 
 Yep - they've got that "WOW" factor right out of the box - haven't they 
 Depends very much on volume IME.  If you are listening loud, it'll be more noticeable.  But I get more leak from my HD600 at my quieter listening volumes than the DT880 at the same volume.
 They didn't change the final retail units following the review samples being sent out.  Why - because the beta testing with H20 Fidelity resulted in a sound sig that (IMO) didn't need further changing.  Again - my review here : This has been the best IEM I've reviewed this year (SQ, form factor, value).  So good (to my tastes) that I voluntarily paid for the unit. Now I can understand a few people getting...
 Thanks Billson - I still feel like a junior though when I read some of the previous reviews of the long-time Head-Fiers.  Learning slowly as I go along though :) 
I'll throw my hat in the ring - as I enjoy looking at new offerings.   My full list of Head-Fi reviews :   My profile - including gear I have/had :   Most recent comparisons/reviews to be featured on the front page at...
 Actually it isn't that complicated (MP3Tag).  It just takes time to learn, and get used to it.  It's also very configurable, and you can virtually do an entire library once it's all set-up properly.  It's just a matter of getting the defaults set-up for your needs. What I've done is set the default tagging to a very basic FLAC style - one which only has the following tags:ArtistAlbum ArtistAlbumGenreYearTrack # Once the defaults are set-up, I first delete all tags, then...
 MP3Tag - it's brilliant.
 Definitely this ^^ Have had no issues with stuttering with tracks from HDTracks - but first thing I always do is strip the tags, and retag myself (clean) - without any of the unnecessary 'fluff' (like encoder tag, comment tag etc)
  AKG K701, K702, Q701 (and K612) all definitely require amping.
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