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You can't damage the LD. the E17K doesn't output enough power to damage it. And tube introduce harmonic distortion by design. It's even order harmonics, so it can be pleasant to listen to - but ultimately it is still noisier than simply using the headphone out from the FiiO
 I'm running a fairly old stable kernel - 3.19.0-32-generic
 Sure thing - PM the link to download.  I use Mint KDE - so usual alsa/pulseaudio combo.  I tend to default everything to 16/48 (works better for measurement software I use), and for actual listening I use JRiver's Media Center 21for Linux (paid copy).  Works brilliantly - and I liked the ease of use better than most native solutions. Many moons ago I used to run a bare bones Debian build, with kernel and a lot of the programmes self-compiled.  Nowadays I don't have the...
[Mod comment]   Gents - can we please stop the personal attacks.  You'll note I've edited quite a few posts to get this back to what the site considers to be in-line with the rules.   If there is any more (akg fanboy / atarione) - you'll both be evicted from the thread.
Sold to tonglongjeff
Beyer T1 - very good condition   Wanting around 650 NZD.  Buyer pays freight and PayPal fees.  Comes with original packaging including aluminium case.
 Funny thing is that although I have better gear to test with nowadays - the differences again are more feature based rather than sound based.  The only real difference I get after volume matching is in perception of sound stage - and this might be related to imaging/background.  X5ii gives the impression of very slightly more spaciousness / blacker background / better imaging.  Other than that (to me anyway), they are tonally extremely similar. What makes it more...
Try turning off the new wheel touch control. Problem is when scrolling, if it is turned on, when it hits those pressure points, you get instability
I have both. Just did a volume matched side-by-side comparison. Can't say I noticed any difference in bass specifically. I would take comments about noticeable differences with a grain of salt. George - did you side-by-side compare? How did you volume match? Same files?
It will definitely work. If your source is good (low noise floor), then there should be no issue with double amping. Let's face it, the LD will introduce more distortion / noise-floor than the double amplification would.
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