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 It's the way the kernel is built.  Linux builds into theirs as well (reminder to self - test X3 2nd gen on Linux box tonight). BTW - agree with you on the Touch - marvelous DAP.  If I could get a 256Gb version at reasonable cost, I'd be a definite starter.
 OK - so why in their comparison do they list total possible storage as 4Tb. but for Fiio as 256 Gb.  They use dual SDXC.  Fiio uses dual micro SDXC.  Both have same theoretical limits.  Why not actually tell it like it is.  Why lie about the competition.  They should be stating (as potential storage) 4Tb for both. Take that, the original false statement about the DAC, then the little "marketing speak" bits when describing the X5 compared to theirs.  it's blatantly clear...
 When they quote the competition's specs and features, and lie about them to make their own release "look better" on paper - that to me is unethical. Maybe you and I have a different interpretation of what ethics are.
My issue is not so much with the comparison matrix - if they were actually publishing all the correct figures.  It's the underhanded way they've presented some of them to make their Flex look better than the X5.   If they are so confident the Flex is better than the X5 - then why not be entirely truthful?   I see they finally fixed the DAC claim - but still several others are falsely misrepresented (including storage "potential").  Continuing to do this is both...
Hope not (the Hifiman sale).  I guess we'll find out over coming months.
 No problem  Can I also infer from the above that you haven't performed a properly volume matched abx test - using tools like foobar's abx comparator, and taking a high-res master, and resampling same file to redbook and comparing? You don't need to answer - I'm just curious if you've ever actually done one?
It sounds pretty darn good actually.  Yes there is a DAC function - works on MAC OOTB, but having a few issues with Win machines - so we're waiting for new drivers.  Headphone out quality definitely doesn't suck - I really like it, and yes there is a separate port which combines line-out and digital out - switchable.
Yep - the other plus for me is that the Shure cable is a bit less microphonic
Billy's moved on too - he's over at A2A in Australia now (Melbourne)
Thanks mate.  I really enjoy writing them.  It's not until I combine objectivity and subjectivity that I really get a true 'handle' on what I'm hearing.  It's been amazing how many times I've been surprised (especially over the last few years), that what I thought was the case is often not in reality - when I remove a lot of the external things that bias my "normal listening".   Volume matching, getting my (very understanding) wife to help me with blind tests, and making...
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