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 Thanks.  Really enjoyed reading that article.
 Was the test sighted, blind, ?  What software did you use?  How many iterations?  How did you volume match? Genuinely interested in your methodology - of the actual test itself. For the record - I have performed similar - using ABX software (so completely blind) - multiple iterations (usually 15-20 attempts at a time).  Tracks are volume matched to 0.1 dB. Test results show I can't tell the difference - however my ears are reasonably aged (47), and I know my hearing is a...
Hey - go with whatever makes you happy. I just figured if you took all the time to rip the CDs - then you might actually also want to take the time to test yourself properly. The software is free. All it takes is time. But the choice is yours. It is enlightening though
 Let me guess ..... Testing was sighted Testing was not volume matched (using an SPL meter) - or using software like replay gain Perhaps different masters were used? What were your files originally (format / bit-rate)?  What encoder did you use? Here - if you want to objectively retest - try this : Rip your favourite track as flac.  Transocde to aac256.  Blind abx.  Shall...
Mshenay   Curious.  When you were comparing - how did you level match the two devices?  Was it done with an spl meter - or merely "by ear"?
 Thanks - and I appreciate your honesty. Can I suggest then - that you can't really say this with any authority ....... ...... simply because realistically you have no idea how it actually sounds.  I might also suggest that whilst graphs can be helpful in interpreting what we hear, they shouldn't be used to tell us what we hear before we've actually heard it.  All that does is add bias before we audition anything.  Another headphone that was widely maligned on release was...
 Sorry in advance - and not meaning to antagonise or anything (genuine question) ...... relates to me earlier question which you didn't answer ....... Based on what you wrote above - have you actually heard the HD700, and how much time did you spend with it - and under what conditions?
 Perfectly fine with that.  Interested to know though - how long did you actually spend with the HD700 forming that opinion - or did you simply read Purrin's graphs and make a decision based on those ........ ?
 Beg to differ.  Owned the K701, K702 and Q701.  Currently own the HD700.  I'd take the HD700 any day over the AKGs (and I did genuinely enjoy the AKGs while I had them). Get the HD700 at the right price and (to me) it's a value proposition. We get that you don't like the HD700 takato.  You've made your point.  How about leaving it at that and let the rest of us enjoy it 
Thanks Joe I have some of these at home - so will give them a try.
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