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Mic won't work (other amps I've owned are similar) - but I can check re sound once I get the prototype back. 
No plans for mic input and too far down the track to change now. The unit is fully encased - so tubes are visible but enclosed in the housing
I want to wait until I get the new prototype (with the volume pot) - but according to the measurements - definitely yes.  It's supposed to also have a gain switch - so that should help as well. I tried his original low impedance prototype with my A83 and it was very good as far as noise (hiss) was concerned.  Dead quiet.
Use this site - You can download the tone as a wav file. As far as volume matching goes - this is what I do (copied and pasted from a PM to someone else) 
Hi all - just need guidance on how to measure the maximum output power (and resultant distortion) of an amp under various loads.   Fiio posts measurements like these   270 mW (32 Ω/THD+N<1%) 450 mW (16 Ω/THD+N<1%)   Can anyone explain what equipment is needed, and how (step by step) to go about it + any calculations needed?  Ideally I'd like to measure both output power and distortion.   Thanks in advance.
Hi guys   I want to give this a plug (kudos to @hakushondaimao for getting me involved with this)   This thread - This KS project -   Approx US135.00 (+ freight) gets you one of these     Here's what I do know so far.   Battery life is min 10 hours -...
Another update:   Martin reran the output impedance test again - this time with soldered connectors.  He used multiple combinations of frequency and volume - and the average across all the tests run was 0.265 ohms at the headphone out.  High was 0.369 ohms.  Low was 0.160 ohms.   He also ran a frequency response test - using a signal generator and measuring the peak to peak output voltage over many different frequencies. The output was dead flat from 60 Hz to 17 kHz...
Wish I'd known - they actually contacted me asking if I wanted to be part of the limited World Tester Tour for the HE-1000 (I was quite flattered actually because virtually everyone else had to apply - for me it was just an email out of the blue).  Financially I couldn't afford it (the deposit) so I had no choice but to turn it down.  There was probably an opportunity to pick one up at a better rate too. Just wrong timing for me sadly.   Hopefully next time (with their...
 This I reviewed the XL earlier this year - On amplification: As with all my A/B comparisons - I volume match with an SPL meter before comparing amped vs unamped - to make sure I'm not being influenced by one being louder than the other. 
I'm keen!  Lets discuss Aug maybe - when numbers more concrete?
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