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 Thanks Peter - yes it is one of the things that does have me wondering (how they both sound on better gear).  Once the kids have flown the nest (still around 7-8 years away yet), hopefully I'll get the chance to find out :)
 Thanks for the explanation. In that case - I'd actually suggest saving your money for the time being.  The HD580/600 and DT880 were former flagships for a reason.  I can't think of too many headphones that are going to give a worthwhile lift in SQ - unless you're moving toward a T1 / HE560 etc level.  At around the USD700 level for used though, they may be tempting in the longer term ..... 
 Thanks.  Actually would really like to try 3 more headphones in Beyer's range - the T5, T70 and T90.  Hopefully at some stage I'll get a chance.
 Thanks.  The T1 is 11128, the HD800 is 257xx  
Thanks Yudi - looking forward to your thoughts in due course :)
Thanks guys.   @Byrnie - agree that the HD700 is very comfortable (haven't tried the TH900).  But from memory of the HD700 - I'd still give it to the HD800.  I guess everyone's physical anatomy comes into play with this though , and likely the condition of the headphones themselves.  Rizki's HD800 fits me perfectly, and the pads are showing a few signs of age.  The HD700s when I had them were quite new, and with pads a little "fuller" and cups a little smaller, for my...
I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't enjoy every minute of it    I just wish my location allowed better access to some of the gear I'd like to audition and compare. Sadly - I'm pretty remote, so sometimes it is difficult.
Thanks.  The HD650 are fantastic cans.  HD800 would probably be your next step - unless you like a much brighter presentation (the T1 is very vivid).  I've heard a lot of people graduate from an HD650 to an LCD2 though - so maybe if you like a darker signature that would be worth looking at.   I need to find a way to audition one of the Audeze cans at some stage.  Hopefully next year's NZ Meet.
Nope - can't be used as a DAC for an iDevice.
   As promised -
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