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No (thank goodness!) The X5 is actually reasonably neutral in signature.
 Thanks. X1 can do externally created playlists + also internally created ones.  The external ones don't appear in the playlist section (for now) though.  you have to navigate to them in folder mode. Before I answer your other question on set-up, what headphones/IEMs are you driving?
 Depends on the signature you want.  I have both. Both are V shaped.  DN-1000 has a little more balance through the mid-range, and tends to render male vocals better.  I don't find them quite as grainless in the top end, and the bass (whilst good) is not as well defined as the Altone200 for my tastes. Altone200 has better upper end clarity, is very smooth, and gives female vocals a slightly euphoric colouration.  It's definitely got an upper-mid emphasis, but it's lower...
 Debatable for his uses.  He's a student, and asked about DX50 or X3 - so obviously cost is a factor. Couple of people have already said that X1 punches well above it's weight.  It's also relatively neutral where the X3 is quite warm, and it depends whether he actually needs a DAC function. Assuming he's looking for DAP only, and very good SQ on a budget - then I'd suggest the X1 is the way to go ....
Borrowed a pair of HD650s for a little while. Next comparison will be the two "twins" - 600 vs 650
I haven't heard the E12 - but hopefully one of the guys on our two tours will have it, and can compare for you.  I know it is a lot more powerful than the E11K though. 
I think you guys are going to like these units :)
 Definitely not James.  I know there are trade-offs, and I think the decisions you made were the right ones.  I take it you read my review - I love the X1 :)
He's supposed to still be on the tour.  As long as you guys can get hold of him, and he abides by the rules - then for sure, see if he's still keen.  Otherwise .... next on the list ......
Guess it depends on your needs.  Sony has more features and 64Gb built in.  But it's $299   X1 with 64Gb card going to be around $140-150 (1/2 the price) - straight player.   Really they are chalk and cheese.  You'll just have to decide whether the Sony add-ons are another $150 value ......   Would love it if the X1 had that much battery life though (30 hours)
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