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Luke - have you heard the HD600?  I'd just like someone who knows the HD600 and has the A83 to reconfirm that I'm not going nuts.  I knwo the HD600 has more sub bass, and the Fidue has a little more sub-bass, and is probably a little brighter overall - but I'm still surprised how close they sound.
I can see eventually I'll have to buy the Havi's to see what the fuss is about.   Put it this way - I love sound signatures of the Altone200 and Dunu1000 - but for my personal tastes, the A83 trumps both, and for me is worth the price of both combined.  A lot of people may not feel the same - but the A83 almost perfectly hits my ideal signature.
Here - you might want to read this thread.  Peter (MacedonianHero) knows his stuff - and it's probably more what you're looking for (as in true portability):   He's really helpful as well.
Problem is that when people compare amped vs unamped, they very rarely volume match properly.  "By ear" is not good enough .  If you listen slightly louder when amped - it will sound better.  That's the way we're wired.
Review up (finally) -   Sorry it's taken so long.
Review almost finished (about 75%).  Should have been finished tonight - but was onto the "sound" section, and trying to critically listen to Porcupine Tree's "Trains" from "In Absentia".  A little while later I was on the last track of the album - review forgotten.  So I thought stuff it - and just queued up some more tracks.  I'll get it finished and posted sometime tomorrow.   But that is what the A83 can do to me consistently - it gets me lost in the music.  My new...
 Been using Comply T400s for the last week or so.  They give me a good fit and sound - but it's still quite a shallow fit, so I'm interested to see if going from M to L might help.  Sony Hybrid tips work well too.  I'm still playing around a bit with them - but I'm amazed so far how often I intend doing some critical comparisons with the A83 and other IEMs - then end up with a couple of hours gone, and nothing done.  One of the more expensive IEMs I've purchased in the...
Told ya 
Just use an external audio program like Foobar 2000 to create the playlist (easier to drag and drop). Then use an external editor to replace the drive letters if required. Much easier than having multiple copies of tracks.
 Sigh - OK how about I do the work for you then ........... Try this post : Difference is now that with latest FW the playlists actually play in correct order .....
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