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 There were some K612 Pro made in Austria - I used to have onehttp://www.head-fi.org/t/685483/akg-k702-the-classic-vs-k612-pro-the-upstart-review-and-comparison
[Mod Comment]   I've just had to prune a dozen posts. If it happens again, I'll lock a couple of people out of the thread.  No more.
[Mod Comment]   Gentlemen - this very short thread has already had a couple of posts flagged by members. I've looked at the posts, and apart from a couple of people quite fervently disagreeing with each other, I've seen no actual violations of ToS or posting guidelines. What I have seen is some very strong opinions with perhaps no attempt to "walk a mile in the other person's shoes".  To the protagonists (and you know who you are) - if you cannot see any merit in the...
And guys - this is the Trinity thread - so let's not wander too far off topic
I only heard the prototype - so wouldn't really comment until I get the chance to hear the final. Sadly CA has still not chosen to correct the edges on the inside of the shell (comfort issues). Evidently I'm not the only one who has noticed. A few others have pointed it out now (on both Nova and Andromeda)
The Orion is not a dark IEM - whereas the Lyra is warmer so I don't think it would be fair to categorise them all under one "banner". As I don't have the Jupiter or Orion with me I can't A/B against the Delta so I can't really answer your other question. Prefer not to reply on memory (tends to be fallible)
 Looking forward to it Scott.  He gets to take my 64Audio U6 for a spin for 7-10 days, so hopefully both of us get a chance to listen to something we might not have otherwise.
Ok - for those who asked.  All matched at 1 kHz   Remember the Veritas measures light above 4-5 kHz - so what you're seeing is raw uncompensated data, and the area above 4-5 kHz will actually be higher than shown on the graphs   Jupiter is blue, Orion is yellow, Lyra is green   For the record: I intensely disliked the Jupiter - very dissonant mid-range for me - especially the big drop from mids to upper mids (I usually like flat or a rise in this area) Loved...
[Mod Comment]   Guys - just got a couple of flags for people simply plugging SonicElectronix.  If you aren't posting information about a specific deal - don't post here - OK.
[Mod Comment]   I've just edited one post, and deleted 13 others.   The rules are simple: No personal attacks If you see something going on you don't agree with, and it contravenes the rules, don't respond - simply click the red flag button.  We will respond.  And that would mean I then have just one post to edit, and don't worry about having to chase a dozen others!   No more Ok guys.
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