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 It may be a bug, but not everyone has it.  I've had the X5 longer than most - and my unit still connects first time, every time. It may well be an issue with your particular unit.  In that case it might be best to contact FiiO directly, or contact the dealer you got the unit from. My other advice as a Moderator would be to also tone down the aggression a little.  I understand how this might be aggravating you.  This particular forum is not the place to show that...
 Considering there are pretty much only 3 people who've heard the Master (and of those 3, only Bob knows what the final tuning will be), and very few people have heard the 4001 (AFAIK people will have only heard the prototypes), it's pretty much an impossible question to answer at the moment. The 2002 sounds pretty good.  Not that fussed on the fit though.
Thanks Chris.  It is an awkward design isn't it?  Swapping the earpieces helped with the comfort definitely.
And you are right - this is off topic and "messy". I don't wish to take it any further off topic. The discussion is the M3 player.
That's entirely your choice. Mine is that if I can't tell the difference anyway - why not get more music on a more affordable card
It's outputting more than enough power to drive them well. Any more power isn't going to make them sound different - just louder
Try an ABX of aac256 against any lossless codec . You'll soon see why.
I just tried calling my wife - when I was writing the review of the M3 for Headfonia.  Which reminds me, I really should do the same for Head-Fi at some stage ......
http://www.head-fi.org/products/venture-electronics-asura-2-0/reviews/15840   Asura review is up.  Couple of measurements of the new Monk Plus in there too.
 First - you were the one who said Sennheiser rate them higher.  Now you're saying it's implied.  Could it be that its just your opinion that they are rated higher, and the rest is conjecture on your part? Just clarifying a point here. And since when is cost any measure of fidelity? (although its a nice reply to my dig at the HD600 drivers being more expensive - I can't have it both ways ) The measurements on I-F point to very small differences in distortion.  Try...
New Posts  All Forums: