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Make yourself one - not that hard ......  
Mine was very similar to the original X5 review units.  Smooth, but with not a lot of positive feedback (clicks), and one wheel movement (faint click) definitely didn't represent one menu movement.
I'd love to hear the PS1000 - and actually the GS1000 was always originally on my radar (I'll get one eventually). Have to admit that long term I will probably sell the T1 and eventually go HD800. Sonically they both tick all my boxes. The HD800 just has the slightly better overall comfort.
Just one persons subjective view - but this might help
X5 2nd generation (X5ii) review posted -
Just in London for a single day on the 15th July - depart the 16th for Europe
My review (Head-Fi) now posted -
@RHA Team   Quick question - as I probably need to front up - I did after all say if you fixed the tuning I'd have to buy a pair .  I'm in the US in two weeks (NY and LA), and will be in London later in July for a day.   Where is the best place for me to find a pair - airports would be good if they are on sale there (duty free).
Cheers for that.  Can understand where you're coming from re family - it has to come first.   If you feel like it, PM me with how you got on when you're finished (doesn't matter if it's a year from now).  I'd appreciate any ideas on how to improve the methodology.  I know the test is probably too simple - but it was an eye opener for me.  Best part about it is that I now feel perfectly happy taking my entire library (about 450C CDs) on a single micro SDXC card when I'm...
Thumbs up from me RHA.  To me the mark of a really good company -    Customer service when things go wrong Customer engagement (in forums like these) Listening to customer feedback, and openness to implement change - your reaction to the very mixed reviews on the T10, and willingness to implement a change in the T20 (retaining the best of the T10 and opting to change the base signature) is to be applauded. I was one of it's biggest critics (the T10), and looking at...
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