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[Mod Comment] I've received multiple flags about posts from this thread.  I'm now watching it.  There is a lot of off-topic accusations and counters, and to be quite frank there is fault on both sides.  Statements like this deserve the response they get. I've left all the posts intact for now - but if I have to come back and cut them - I'll close the thread for a couple of days, and I'll also eject the troublemakers.  ALL the trouble makers. So - lets all be respectful of...
The HD600 also seem to like more voltage supply (as opposed to current) - and that's where high gain on the X5ii (different gain mechanics) is able to assist with increasing working voltage from 5V to 7V.
I've already suggested to Bob to drop the upper-mids back by about 6-8 dB.  But I disagree with you on the lower treble variance.  I just EQ'd the upper mid-range back, and its more cohesive and still butter smooth whilst retaining detail. Each to their own though.   And I just showed one example of a high end IEM (or at least I think an $800 IEM is high end anyway), and I could show examples of many more with peaks and valleys in the lower treble.  None of the IEMs have...
I promised I'd try and get a matching set of undamped filters, and right earpiece with silver combined with left and gold actually came out a lot closer than many other manufacturers.   Using same scale as last couple of graphs cos I haven't reverted to normal yet.     Very clean and clear - if you're sensitive to brightness you could find this a bit too much.  Vocals are quite forward if you like things a little brighter (esp female vocals).   Probably a little...
 Comparative graph here (as an illustration)  Bass is similar, DN2000J is a little fuller in lower mid-range (esp male vocals).  It is a lot brighter in the lower treble - and comparatively quite tizzy when quick swapping one to the other.  Hunter is a bit leaner with this setting (in fact I probably prefer the gold set-up better) - vocals are more present and cleaner, upper end is smoother (less peaky).
 Bob didn't say he doesn't trust graphs - he just doesn't use them to illustrate the sonics.  It's probably because many people interpret them badly.  As long as the calibration is reasonable, there is no reason not to trust them. Given some of the very wrong descriptions people have made when comparing two IEMs - I'd much rather use the graphs as a tool to improve accuracy.  Less people are mislead that way.
 Personally I think the graph is pretty good - but remember the whole measuring set-up is under $200.  It's calibrated to mimic an IEC711 and its pretty consistent. I guess different strokes for different folks.  Personally I thought the XBA series sounded good - but overly smooth (boring even).  And by playing around with smoothing and scale, I can make a graph look very different.  Here is the same one:  Pretty different eh.  I simply used the a little closer to the...
 Ocharaku Flat-4 Aka II is 18 ohm and 104dB SPL/mW - so unless something is wrong with your X5ii, saying an X5ii can't drive them properly on low gain or high gain is just wrong.  It can easily drive them. I think what you mean is that you prefer the sound with the E12A.  There is nothing wrong with that - but it is preference, not inability to drive them.
Well the HD600 is a slightly different proposition and the X5ii does supply more voltage on high gain - so it's not just a difference in pure gain, but the way FiiO have gone about implementing it. I should have quoted blazinblazin in my replies.  None of his headphones could possibly benefit from high gain.
 Looking forward to actually measuring them when I get the Andromeda here. Ken - is there different impedance between the Tinsel and new Litz cable?
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