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 Are you organising a replacement - or simply returning them? If its a straight return, and you really like them - I'd still let Bob know.  he may be able to do a deal based on the Head-Fi discount ....
 Yep - lockscreen 3.  Bottom 2 buttons work to go forward one track or back one track.
Thanks for that.  The sleeving has actually been pulled right out of the socket. Question - when you've been removing them from your ears. have you been pulling on the cable to get them out? Anyway - suggest you  talk to Bob about it. As you'll probably be aware, I've had mine far longer than most here, used them pretty much daily since I got them - and so far the cables are pretty much still pristine (not quite as tightly curled - but no issues).   Definitely see what...
Actually did try your mod.  Not for me.  Prefer the Titan stock.
Love both these artists - and so hard to pick between them.  So much talent in the comp !   I've gotta go with Nikki on this one though.  Regardless of what happens, I'm going to be buying albums from several of these performers 
Good question - I'll leave Bob to answer that one.  I would like photos of the fault though.  I've had my Deltas far longer than anyone else - and I've had zero issues with the cable .....
Oh - I have no problem with that.  I just like to put a bit of balance into what is essentially a DUNU Titan thread 
 Oh - I've had these for some time now.  And with all my testing, I test with multiple tips. I'd be distinctly surprised if you had anywhere the number of different tip styles in your testing as I have  And for my tastes  - the DN1000 are good, but hardly "blow the Titan out of the water".  Very few earphones do actually - especially when you look at cost/performance ratio.
 Are we talking the same Trinity Delta?  As far as I know - the only pair I've seen on Amazon has been a used pair.  They have only just (almost) finished shipping the Kickstarter orders - so I really doubt you could have purchased a genuine Trinity Delta 3 weeks ago form Amazon. Also - the genuine one's cord is designed in such a way that it would be unlikely to fail like that - especially at the strain relief.  Can you post pictures?  
Both great earphones.  Depends on preference. Personally I'd take the Titan over the DN-1000 (and I like the DN-1000).  Thankfully don't have to choose.  And the 2KJ trumps all for me 
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