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 Yep - that's exatly how I organise mineA-CD-FG-IJ-Letc Saves a lot of scrolling.
I must have been getting confused with the X3ii and X1.  With both, a long press on the upper left button brings full meta data on screen for a couple of seconds.  This should be able to be achieved with the X5 as well (via a fw update).
 OK - I should have checked first.  I think they've either changed it, or I'm getting to used to the X3ii. I'm honestly stumped on how to do this now. Joe - how do we display meta-data?
He wants to see the meta data   Press and hold top left button whilst in the now playing screen.  I posted it above ^^
 Press and hold the top left button while screen is on and you're in now playing screen.
I have both - so I'm testing them now with my T1's (600 ohm).   First - the EU A200p is volume limited - and at normal max amplification it is just enough to get the T1 reasonably loud.  It'll run out of gas on classical or well recorded music with good dynamic range.   The US A200p has an over-ride (push and hold the play button for a few seconds), and it basically gives you extra gain to play with.  This then gets the T1 very loud - but I still find for normal...
Update - cards from the X5 wouldn't read either.  If I plug them in, and plug the USB cable in, I can read everything via my PC.  Just can't get the LP5 to recognise the card so I can browse it.  Really not too sure what is up.   Alex / Vince - what cards are you using?  And are you formatted to exFAT or FAT32?   On another note - plugged my HD600s in tonight to the LP5.  OMG.  Wow - best I've ever heard them sound out of a portable.  This is something else.  More later.
 I never notice it now because every file on my X5 is all redbook.  Even if I end up buying DSD or high-res (for a particular master), I always transcode to 16/44.1.  I can't tell the difference anyway, and it helps with space and stops the sample rate change clicks.  It also allows me to use EQ on any file. Edited - thanks Relic
To be honest John - I'm assuming that most people who would be buying the LP5 would be aiming for high-res/DSD.   I'm in a slightly different camp.  I know (from my own tests) that I can't hear the difference between high-res, redbook, and even aac256 - as long as they are all from the same master and transcoded properly.  So I tend to have all redbook (16/44.1) on my X5 (I have enough space, so why not), but for single slot DAPs, I've been using aac256.  The good thing...
 64Gb - works fine in the X3ii - formated to FAT32.  I can see it when I plug the LP5 into USB.  PC shows the albums.  LP5 won't play standard aac256.  No biggie - just probably doesn't support it.
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