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 If you mean our debate 12 days ago - it was about APEX vs ADEL and I don't think that needs to be dredged up again.  I don't think you and I have discussed the UEBJ recently - so if you can point to a specific post it might help.  Unfortunately I can't comment on the UEBJ as I don't have one.  My comments on the changes to frequency with use of impedance adaptors (in relation to the U6 and U10) are well documented. And 64Audio have been great in advising how they tuned...
Doh - Martin I should have guessed that. You have different circuitry for phono vs standard - right?
In my experience their service has always been exemplary. Really good Company to deal with if any issues arise
Thanks. I'll clarify that with him - I thought he was continuing with the Savi.
I guess you guys all missed this bit - which struck me as hilariously funny. along with  So 18 years at 90-100 dB, and claiming you guys are deaf. I'm still giggling at it. Anyway - hope you didn't mind that I didn't step in.  Realistically, some of the posts were getting the tiniest bit antagonistic at time.  Just remember that you don't need to get personal with some of these guys.  Just point them to the actual science, and then if they are obviously trying to troll the...
No - IMO the actual tuning is pretty close, and the SQ is definitely good with APEX.  What you miss is the full effect of the health benefits, at least thats true for me anyway.  With APEX I can still get longer term listening fatigue, and my tinnitus tends to flare from longer use. With ADEL, I can listen pretty much all day with no tinnitus flare, or listening fatigue. 
I just had to remove a number of further posts. As the thread has effectively outlived its usefulness - it is now permanently locked.
 Crikey - they go out of their way to give easy access to Viper because people asked for it - and now someone wants full access to a paid app (which has nothing to do with FiiO) for free?  Give them a break!  If you use the app and want the extra features, pay for it.
[Mod Comment]   Discussion of politics is off limits people - it doesn't matter which thread it is in.  No more OK?
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