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[Mod Comment]   Please - no more debates, no more arguments.  Use the block feature if you want to avoid reading a certain member's posts.  I've just culled another 20 or so posts. Next time I have to do this, I might just leave the thread locked for good ......   No-one wants that.
  Here is their exact reply - how is it sarcastic?   What you've failed to understand is that the thread you were posting in was their general thread for announcement of a Beta programme.  The other thread is specifically for fw 3.03 (http://www.head-fi.org/t/822983/official-x7-beta-firmware-android-5-1-download-and-discussion-thread-fw3-0-3-beta) If they bang every discussion of the beta version into one thread then you'll have people with old versions and with new...
 Balanced it will put 70 mW into 300 ohms at 11 Vp-p, so into 600 ohm T1 it's going to be dependent on what you're listening to and how loud you listen.  Single ended which is considerably less power - and about 80/120 gets to my normal listening level (usually about 65-75 dB), so I'd be surprised if it won't get loud enough.  I agree with you that it can get peaky at higher volume - but that's simply because it is a fairly linear amp module (which I personally quite...
MegaMini review posted - http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-megamini/reviews/17159   I won't place the full review here due to it's size 
Both reviews now posted:   SuperMini - http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-supermini-high-res-portable-player/reviews/17092 MegaMini - http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-megamini/reviews/17159
HifiMan MegaMini review posted - http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-megamini/reviews/17159
 As has been said before - FiiO released it as a beta so people could test it.  Thats the whole idea.  I'm afraid I don't really get the complaints.  If you don't want to be part of the testing programme - go back to their stable release.
[Mod Comment]   I just had so spend almost half an hour of my own time cleaning this up.   There is no place on the forum for personal attacks - ever. If you feel a post or poster is breaching the rules - flag the post, do not respond.  otherwise we are then cleaning up your posts as well as theirs. If someone asks a question and has not put the research in - you do not have to answer. Let someone else - especially if all you will do is become abusive yourself. If...
[Mod Comment]   Just a reminder of the rules.   Debate the point  - not the person.  As soon as it gets personal, you've gone too far Please stop the off-topic. Discussion of the performance of walkmans, or trolling IS off-topic If you think someone is breaking the rules - report it - don't respond (it leaves us less to clean up) Posting multiple times in a row of senseless banter and quoting oneself is detrimental to the thread and will not be tolerated
You're doing it by ear - and thats the issue.  Go back to old FW - measure.  Load new FW - measure.  No missing bass.  It's in your mind 
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