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Someone should get the DT86 to someone who has a reasonable measuring kit.  Measurements won't tell you everything - but the'll soon tell you if the freq response is bad, and if someone's hyping them undeservedly.  Unfortunately there isn't a lot we can do.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  What I'd like to see is more measurements to balance out the hype.  You can't run away from a frequency response graph if someone is hyping the heck out of something. And I'd also...
[Mod comment]   I just had to clean up a number of posts.  it's OK to have differing opinions, it is not OK to get abusive or call someone's sanity into question if their views differ with your own.
 Headphones - OK, the pinna will boost the upper mid-range naturally.  For IEMs, the pinna doesn't come into play, so you need a mild upper mid-range boost to sound natural.  The issue with the Hunter is that there is too much there at present.  That's why we're looking at shelving it by around 6-8 dB with a filter.  I did it with EQ.  Sounds really good (to me anyway).  If you're flat right through to 2kHz it'll sound pretty lifeless on an IEM.
 Thanks - but we're just two data points among many - and some people get a bit funny about shipping to NZ as well.  We'll see what Hifiman thinks  
 You can control that with the bass filter - flatter bass, less dip.
 Actually they need less - more balance is what is really required.
Re the questions on tonality of the Hunter - Bob and I have had a bit of discussion, and Vince just got his pair and we are all in agreement.  The upper-mids are a little too pronounced relative to the lower mid-range.  They sound great, but they need to be dialled back a little so that they are less coloured.  Bob can do this easily using an internal damper - so I'll send him my prototype back next week so he can implement the changes (sorry Bob - didn't get near a...
Email sent.
 http://www.head-fi.org/products/venture-electronics-asura-2-0/reviews/15840 There is a comparison to the Zen2 in there as well.
 Not my experience.  1 year 3 months - and its still firm.
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