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 Contact the seller who sold it to you - and if you get no joy, contact MEE direct. All I can say to you is that I'm not experiencing any of the problems you've had.  In fact I don't think anyone is.  Please - rather than post here - contact who you bought it off, and take it up with them.
I agree - and I guess this is where people coming from an AK, Apple or other reasonably polished UI may have different expectations.  I remember how bad working with the HiSoundAudio Anniversary 3 was - and I loved that player.   I actually really like the L3.  If you accept it for what it is, there is a lot to like.   Wondering about the balanced results he got though.  I got a lot more out of my tests.  Going to run it again this week to be sure.
 I don't have the CKR9Ltd - just what you see in my profile.
Well you're entitled to your opinion - but from someone who's dealt with them personally, including watching their customer service over a number of years, I guess I have an entirely different point of view.  Anyway - your question has been answered, and I'd suggest slagging off a Head-Fi sponsor in an unrelated HD600 thread isn't exactly clever.  So maybe time to end this line of comment?
[Mod Comment]   Gentlemen - I've just removed almost 3 pages of posts.   Just because a member has a different opinion does not mean he's trolling - and he is entitled to that opinion. There is never any excuse for direct personal attacks - and this includes questioning someone's credibility because of low post count, and asking someone "how old they are" FTR - a lot of this was removed along with the other comments   I have suggested to @bratella that he is...
 I have no issue with your opinion - just as I was stating mine.  But if we go back to your original post:  I thought I'd give it the brevity I thought it deserved. I've spent a lot of time with all of their products,and I've volume matched, A/B'd both sighted and blind against higher tiered products (always with the same files so the playing field is even), and have usually been gob-smacked by their price/performance.  Implementation of hardware (IMO) is everything - not...
Ric - Bob isn't allowed to comment on competitor products (no sponsor or MOT is supposed to) - so please don't ask - ok?
If you wait a couple more days I'll have something more in-depth posted. Just playing catch-up and there are only so many hours in a day.
From my review  The RM1 (as far as I can see anyway) is totally incompatible while the X7 is docked to the K5.  There simply isn't any useful way of using it.
[Mod Comment]   I've just finished removing some posts.  All of it is off-topic and not required. No more trolling or personal attacks by anyone please. Debate the point, and don't make it personal.
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