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Shure SRH 1840 - really easy to amp.  Very neutral.  Sounds great from an iPhone too. They're currently USD499 on Amazon - but there are at least 2 in the FS section going sub $400. One of the best (IMO) summaries on Head-Fi describing this headphone is here: 
 +1 - great summation. I have both the DT880 250ohm and HD600.  I'm a former owner of the DT880 600ohm.  Unless you already own an OTL tube amp, or intend getting one (OTL - not hybrid) - then there is no real point getting the 600 ohm. As far as really rough comparison goes (in my subjective opinion) ....... DT880 very neutral, slightly brighter presentation than what I'd call natural sounding.  Very detailed.HD600 also quite neutral - but more natural sounding (timbre of...
H20 - on mine: Standard Rock - Dire Straits (Sultans Of Swing) - comfortable for me at level 15 (which on my spl meter was averaging around 70-75 dBClassical - Vivaldi's Four Seasons (Anne Sophie Mutter) - comfortable for me at level 20 (similar spl - ranging from around 60dB to 75 dB) Above just to give you 2 extremes.  Oh and the V3 pairs beautifully with the HD600  
Of the 10 chosen, 7 have never reviewed any gear on this site, 1 has 1 review only - and then there are Greq and ClieOS with experience in reviewing. Interesting choices. Look forward to the reviews when they come.
I'll be the odd one out I'd imagine.   Owned MS1i, SR60, SR325i, RS1   Heard - above + SR80i, SR125i, SR225i   I really thought the RS1 would be as far as I wanted to go - but in the end I missed my modified SR325i.  The 325is I had were modded with 2 bass holes per driver, DIY cable, full woody cups and driver enclosure, and a leather head-band.   I really enjoyed the RS1s - but in the end they were just a little too smooth (as far as Grados go).  I missed the raw...
Um - you guys who've replied in the last 24 hours realise the original post was a year and a half ago - right?   The OP ended up buying HE400s and was pretty happy with them according to his other posts.
dbpoweramp (   It was actually included in that link I originally left (regarding setting up an abx).  It lists all the software I use -
 Unfortunately there is insufficient evidence to draw a conclusion.  Again - without knowing the app I can't make comments on it.  I do know the Foobar program and extensions - a lot of people have used it.  It matches to within 0.1 dB, is true double blind (abx), and allows you to have a decent number of tests.  I usually use 15. From your original thread ..... you had results of 3/5, 5/5, 3/5 and 1/1.  Although quoting 60%, 100%, 60%, 100% looks significant - in reality...
 Yep - this ^^ Also the HD600 shines with it.
 NuForce uDac-3 -
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