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 Crikey - they go out of their way to give easy access to Viper because people asked for it - and now someone wants full access to a paid app (which has nothing to do with FiiO) for free?  Give them a break!  If you use the app and want the extra features, pay for it.
[Mod Comment]   Discussion of politics is off limits people - it doesn't matter which thread it is in.  No more OK?
[Mod Comment]   I just had to clean up 15 posts from 3 posters who flagrantly chose to break the rules (discussion of politics).  If it happens again (jdog, glassmonkey, headmusic) - someone will be going on a short holiday.  I hope I have made myself clear.
Its pretty neutral to me.  SO will supply more power for harder to drive headphones - without unduly colouring the signature.
[Mod Comment]   There was a little "tizz" in the last few pages - and some have chosen to label some of the posts sexist.   Here's the problem - because so many posters decided to discuss it amongst themselves - if I go back to prune the offending posts, I then have to go back and prune every post that carried it on putting their own two cents worth in.   If something is getting off-topic, flag it and don't respond If something is offensive, flag it and don't...
He broke no rules and got abused for it. You can't do that here. It doesn't matter who you are. What happened to empathy? Not only that- how does that excuse or justify the deplorable response?
[Moderator Comment] Normally I wouldn't do this - but I've had enough, and I'm sick of tired of some members thinking they can slander others and because of our stance on not discussing moderation - basically get away with it. So here is the recent attacks from Rob - so you can really see what is going on:     Now - lets look at the truth so you can actually see behind the lies portrayed. My interaction has been mainly in cleaning up the thread - when things get nasty (and...
 As this has no question and really does not belong in Sound Science, I am locking the thread.  Feel free to start posting these sort of things in the main forums. Suggest here - You may get more answers.  But Head-Fi is more headphone driven than speaker driven - so perhaps another forum may give you more answers.
 Its been suggested to their dev team.  Whether they act on it, only time will tell.
 Thats a combo of your preference to a warmer sound (treble sensitivity) and the 6 kHz peak on the HD800 (well documented).  the difference with the HD800 is its pretty linear throughout the rest of the frequency range, and the peak is only about 10-15 dB above the mid-range (I say only - but to those with sensitivity, this can be huge). I liked the HD800 - but it was a bright headphone. You'd probably enjoy the HD800S Nik - 6 kHz area is mellowed and more warmth in the...
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