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The Monk Plus is already 64 ohm.  Why would you want to add more impedance?  What do you hope to accomplish?  And you might want to check this review- as I show what the effects of adding impedance are (basically just a change in volume).   If you still want to go ahead and get an adaptor - http://penonaudio.com/3.5mm-Inpedance-Plug
Does it stop at the end of a song or half way through it? If it's at the end - check to see you haven't inadvertently changed the play mode from shuffle or play through to play once. Done that myself a couple of times. User error rather than X7 - but gets you scratching your head for a minute before you realise.
I'll get them in the post Monday for you.
 - the fact I'm a Moderator lends no weight at all - either way.   And I'm just one data point.  I would in fact love to see more impressions being posted, as when a headphone or IEM has polarising but opposite reviews, it just lets prospective buyers become more informed.  People who follow Paulus or bhazard and have similar tastes to them may very well love the QT5.   But I can only report based on what I've heard and measured. And TBH the measurements actually back...
[Mod Comment]   Just had to delete or edit a few posts.  So a friendly reminder about our terms of service   We do not allow the discussion of politics or religion in any of our forums.   Lets leave any Brexit chatter out of the thread OK    Paul
Yes - I gave them another hour - and I'm going to force myself to give them enough time again tomorrow to write a small impression/review.  It would eb fair to say that they have not grown on me. Unfortunately I really think Zhiyin really need to go back to the drawing board to get the tuning right. Its a classic case where just shoving together 5 drivers into a hybrid does not make a flagship earphone.  I'll try to be gentle.
 Just tested it - you sure can.  Only issue will be getting the volume usable for both (balanced is naturally louder / more power).  You'll probably need some sort of adjustable volume adaptor - or match your impedance/sensitivity.  Other thing you can do is have an amp running of the hp/out - which would give you an adjustable volume control.
 He was taking about the Savannah - not the Savant.  Different earphones.  For my part, I loved the Savant.
I'd debate burn-in on the dynamics as well - but its pointless.  If you believe in, and it brings you satisfaction, do it.  But all my testing (including measurements) tells me its a myth. Shures engineers (for example) said that neither their BAs nor dynamics will change with burn-in.  Kinda nice seeing manufacturers actually trying to break the myth around it.
BA drivers do not "burn-in". You are wasting your time.  I guess if it makes you feel better though ........
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