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With your current set-up, can you play same track, and wear headphones wrong way round - eg left headpiece on right ear, right head piece on left ear. Does stereo imaging then shift to right, or does it remain left?
 For play back it's useless.  You only need the resolution for recording.  It allows more room for multi-track recordings so the noise floor is lower. This explains it better than I can : http://www.head-fi.org/t/415361/24bit-vs-16bit-the-myth-exploded Suggest we keep this thread on track - X3ii 
Bose QC25 - I just bought a pair in Germany for the long flight home last week (around 23 hours).  Fantastic ANC, comfortable, folds down quite small, and once inside the carry case, they are pretty well protected. I didn't expect them to sound quite as good as they do.  They are my number one choice for travel now.   And for listening to music - if you have a good set of in-ears, that maybe don't isolate too well, just use the in-ears, and slip the QC25 over the...
 I can't agree with this either I'm afraid.  A good reviewer will give a balanced truthful review.  And sometimes they are negative. I have no issues giving 2.5 stars or lower if the product warrants it. And that can even be if the product is average (sound, build, ergonomics etc) but completely overpriced.
 Yep - it was the one that a NZer was building.  I gave him some help with the prototype.  He's building final versions shortly.  Interesting for sure.  Mixed feelings about them.  Impressed enough to rate them - especially build and form factor.  They have their faults though. Overall value proposition depends on what people paid I guess.
 Nah - it'll be over a much longer time period.  I normally take a couple of weeks to write something up - so some of these might be 2-3 months away. Rockets will be very soon.  Savant I should get next week.  Then the rest will depend on timing.  Never a dull day .....
Good question - brain still fuzzy, so might miss a bit ......   Aurisonic Rockets - mostly finished, just needs to be proofed and posted Trinity Delta/Hyperion - need to rephotograph the new retail versions + I have a "special" version of the Hyperions I want to post photos of.  It's gorgeous.  You wont want to let your wives/significant others see the photos if you value your wallets. AKG K553 - purchased from Massdrop Fiio E11K Fiio E17K iFi Micro iDSD Fidue...
 Yep arrived back yesterday - 30 hours travel to get home (2 long hauls 13 hr and 10 hr + shorter flights, and airport down-time). A bit jet-lagged, and an unbelievable amount of catch up work to do. And over the next 3-4 weeks I'll have quite a lot of review gear hitting my place. First world problems eh :)
  Pod - if you like the AKG sound -> K553.  They'll come up again on Massdrop at some stage, and at USD 120.00 they are phenomenal value.  
I understand your point - I really do.  There are some reviews - where I've reviewed the same IEM - and I'm left scratching my head.  Yes there are differences in preference, but when you're talking about bass so bad it bleeds into the mid-range, and things like poor isolation and microphonic cables - then I can't see how some people give such high ratings either.   But that is the nature of Head-Fi.  You have to find 2-3 Head-Fier reviewers who match your own experience...
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