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Try this link - should help http://www.head-fi.org/t/727739/comparison-review-beyerdynamic-s-siblings-the-classic-dt880-vs-the-flagship-t1 I'd suggest either 250 or 600 ohm DT880 depending on which amp you currently have
 I think it's the difference in balance Vince. The Delta to me (gun-metal filter) is smoother, fuller and more natural sounding than the A200 - which tends to really show it's V shape in comparison.  I still like both IEMs quite a bit - but the Deltas get far more listening time - especially since I picked up the final release Delta when I was in London last week.  The A73 have me intrigued.  A good friend of mine (who knows my tastes well) thinks I'm going to find them...
 Can you post exact name of file and folder it resides in if any? Eg - I know that you can't use a folder named "#" for artists with numbers (eg 3 Doors Down), as the playlist reads the "#" as a comment rather than a folder name ......
 Nope - Delta doesn't sound much like the Altone 200 - more similar to Titan's tonality except with more realism, smoothness, and natural tonality. I'd honestly put the Delta (for my preferences) on the same level of overall SQ and build quality as my A83 and 2000J.  Different tonality to both - but I rate it just as highly.  I'll have an A73 to listen to in a couple of weeks.  Considering the praise it has been given - I'm expecting big things.
Mine is now owned. So at least one of those 15 is an owner. And the rest (review units) AFAIK are listen for a review - not giveaway for a review, so I think your grandstanding on the issue sadly misses the point. If you knew how long it takes to write a decent review - then the payback of a week with a unit in return for a review is not really anything most people would regard as a huge reward. What it is instead is a chance to listen to some audio gear that you may...
And not everyone is treble sensitive or listens at louder volumes. I stand by my review. For me, the 2000J is TOTL especially in its price bracket. I don't use EQ or need a blue tack mod. And for my music, I don't really notice any sibilance. YMMV PS - swimming pool analogy just a bit extreme ......
I've had the same issue with the Rockets cable - yet with nothing else. This therefore suggests an issue with the Rockets plug rather than the Fioo jack - or maybe just a matter of poor comparability together
My pleasure and thanks for the kind sentiments. I've bought and sold my HD600s twice - now on my third pair. I've resigned myself now to the fact that it's pointless selling them as I'd only repurchase another pair later. They will remain my mainstay for headphones - and many times I continue to reach for them rather than the T1s. Truly a world class transducer.
I'll have one to directly compare with the Titan in a couple of weeks. Ful review will be posted on Headfonia, but I'll post impressions here as well.
So contact them and find out
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