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 Can you reference this?  I may have missed the post, and can't find through searching.  To me anyway, the U10 sounds much better with an impedance bump.
 They tune all of their Adel range out of higher impedance sources (ie stage equipment).  Made a positive difference to both my U6 and also the U10 I am reviewing at the moment.
Impedance adaptors can make a pretty nice change - lowering the bass, and lifting bother upper mid-range and lower treble.  Judging by the comments from 64Audio, this is how they were meant to sound in the first place (ie they were tuned with an up to 20 ohm source output impedance in mind)
 Depends on the phone.  Most of the VE series straight out of my iPhone 5S sounds wonderful - and that includes the Zen.
@marek17 - suggest you read this, simply because it might help actually getting some empirical evidence: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/measurement-and-audibility-headphone-break Its a series of tests performed by Tyll on the Q701 - a headphone many claimed vast differences before and after break-in.  The measurements suggest that if there are any changes, they are very minute.  he also suggests that if you wnat to try break-in or burn-in, it won't harm the...
Trinity's two pin connectors are a socketed design - and won't be compatible with most 2 pin IEMs   Pics so you can see what I mean:       The pins are recessed inside their housing
Hi Grace   As per your PM tonight, I'd like to register.  I have a 13 year old daughter, and as soon as she saw the idea behind the ShareMe, she told me I had to review them!  We often go walking together, she is already a huge music buff at 13, and this would greatly enhance our father - daughter time together.   You already have all my details    Paul
 Oh I prefer 2 pin if given the choice.  That Lyra issue must have been a manufacturing defect I guess - it happens.
 Not quite everyone.  Fidue uses a locking cap on their new Sirius, and Jays also have one on their new q-Jays.  Haven't seen any issues with those.  Campfire's are also the tightest I've come across, and they use beryllium coating for longer life.  Not saying they won't have issues - but none reported to my knowledge yet.
New Posts  All Forums: