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Guys - whatever you do - DON'T pierce the membrane inside the filter.  The vent hole is external   See this pic:   If you look at the purple filter - see the tiny pin-hole on the outside - the gun-metal one is slightly smaller, but in the same location.     In this pic you can see it just under the tip rim (left earpiece in photo)   That is the vent you need to open up if blocked :)
 Not sure if this helps - difficult to get consistent depth on the coupler - especially with the Ostry tips - but I took several readings, and they were consistent. 
James - thanks for the tips on insertion.  Used smaller foams tonight, and pushed them further than I would normally go.  Sibilance gone - unfortunately for me, so is the comfort to a certain degree. Great isolation though .  Drawback is that for me, they sound slightly hollow now.   Think I personally prefer normal insertion with Comply S, and Joe's EQ .....
 Thanks  - appreciated that. To turn it off you actually have to be able to turn it on in the first place. I've already tried troubleshooting it with Lucas.  They'll run diagnostics on it when they get it back.  He has a replacement on its way already.  Amazing service on a review sample.
Thanks Lucas.  I'll let you know as soon as replacement gets here, and original unit is on it's way back :)
 Yep - it was Joe.  That's why I'd like people to try it.  I was seriously impressed.   Unfortunately not - the 2K was smooth - which is yet another thing the 2KJ improved on.  It's really nice seeing DUNU respond to the critiques of each model actually.
You'd be happy with the one I posted then - Joe is a genuine wizz with EQ (IMHO anyway)
 In same ballpark for me (after EQ).  Still prefer 2KJ bass though.
Ozkan - you know my tolerance for treble right? These have a peak (I'll measure it later). It makes me cringe when I hit it. EQing it out can make these incredible though. IMHO these are good - but can be great with tweaking.
Or it's a way to correct a headphone with an obvious flaw. But then - you haven't heard them yet - so you wouldn't be able to appreciate just how sharp the treble peak is. And if you choose not to use EQ, that's fine - but please don't belittle those of us who do
New Posts  All Forums: