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Just realised I had neglected to keep this going - so a quick update ......... My wife and I bought a treadmill earlier in the year, and we've both been using it pretty regularly. Tania's already lost more than 10kg - and she's almost back to the weight she was when we were married. Pretty stunning after 20+ years of marriage and two kids. She looks damn good too! I'm now down to 83kg and am running 10km + per session - usually trying to do that at least 3 times a...
 A generic version.  They're not bad though.
  Take an SPL meter.  Measure output with a constant tone.  Turn EQ on, raise volume by exactly 6dB (check with the SPL meter).  Play same tone.  What you're hearing now is exactly the same output. As far as actually applying an EQ - well that all comes down to individual preference and skill in applying the EQ  It may not be for everyone.
 Completely wrong - x Relic x answers it above.  Simply apply an additional 6dB of volume, and that comment re "muted, veiled and transparency is gone" disappears altogether. And this is why a lot of the comments comparing different set-ups should always be taken with a grain of salt.  Simply put - there is no substitute for volume matching (properly with an SPL meter rather than 'by ear') before making any comparison.  Sadly, not enough people do it.
 Actually - as an ex owner of the 535 LE, my advice would be to sell it, and get something (cheaper) that would satisfy the sonic signature he's after.  Immediate thoughts would be triple hybrids:DUNU DN1000, Altone200, or if budget allows it - the Fidue A83.
 In reality?  Your brain will adjust to the sound signature over time - which may lead you to thinking that the headphones have changed.  The pads will also settle to your head shape and may have  a better seal (over time) which might further affect the overall sound. To have an objective idea of what burn-in might achieve - it's a really good idea to read this article - and especially the...
 I'd debate if paying $100 plus for a hardware bass boost that can be EQ'd is worth it - especially when the SE535 Ltd Ed do not (IMO) benefit from additional power.
 Thanks for this.  Can you shoot us some updated pics of the new packaging and carry case.  Don't have these for our evaluation gear - but want to include in any review update. Thanks
@ ogmz   Yr P1 - Shuffling Unfortunately no easy way to do this especially with the number of songs you have.  Only way I can think of is using playlists (1 for TF1, 1 for TF2 and 1 for both).  But as you say, doing this means you're going to have to wait while they load into memory for the first time.  And with the number of tracks you have, you're going to get delays.   Yr P2 - SE535 Ltd Ed SQ Used to own these.  X5 has no problems with them at all.  They don't need...
Yes - would be nice if (after scanning) the playlists were actually added to the playlist category.   Easiest way to make them handy is to put a folder on called /aa-playlists.  It will always appear at the top, and be easier to access via folder view. 
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