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Deltas seal better for me - but they are deeper fit.  With longer filters the Sabre could improve markedly.
 Well don't I feel like a doofus.  I've obviously got the two mixed up at some stage.  The ones I got with the M3 were white - and you're right - there is a microphone hole - but the mic doesn't work.  The ones I tested with my wife were in fact the EM3, and the microphone is pretty darn good on that one.
 Unfortunately don't have an adapter - curious about the claims though.
It would be good if someone with an adaptor could measure the Monk Plus both with and without the 75 ohm - so that we could see what the difference in frequency response is.
OK - completely first impressions of the AM5 - after only 15 minutes or so (so you can ignore these completely  )   AM5 shows up as AM4 on the X5's screen top status bar)   Plenty of headroom for the HD600   Sounds absolutely sublime.  I have to test against AM2 - but I'd go out on a limb saying this sounds spectacular so far. Could be the alcohol talking (was out with clients tonight), but this combo (X7 + AM5 + HD600) is fantastic.
Just my experience - because I know it flies in the face of what a lot of people "apparently" hear.   The only difference I actually hear is volume.  If I volume match and compare blind (ie get someone to help me), I can't tell the difference.  But when I look at the actual numbers behind it - I shouldn't hear any difference anyway.  Every decent amp I've checked gain on shows flat response on low gain and high gain - with the only difference being actual gain...
 Arrived today. Testing over the next week.  HD600 with 85/120 on low gain.  Sounds pretty good.  Need more time with it.
If you've already made up your mind and not willing to try, then there is nothing I can do to sway you.   Enjoy our music.  If you ever get the time to test though, its an eye-opener  (or should I say ear-opener)  
The correct question would be in two parts:   What is the power output from the headphone out into different loads? 16 ohm 32 ohm 300 ohm 600 ohm   What is the output impedance on the headphone out?
No offence taken. Now go actually try it with real music and see how much difference there is. Get someone else to do the "switch" when you cut those frequencies - so you can't see when they're being done. Then post back. If my kids (with excellent hearing BTW) don't notice it - I'm pretty sure you're not going to either. Notice that I was talking about music - not tones
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