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 Ummmm - if you actually go back through what Arcright00 was asking - it was actually about replaygain (which I thought was a pretty legitimate comment even though its inclusion doesn't bother me).  He didn't mention anything about or scrobbling.  I think you've got your wires crossed. 
Used to love the Shure Olives (when I had my 425s and 535s).  As I allude to in most of my reviews, I've never been treble sensitive, so I find the S5's tonality actually pretty good.
 Agree - they work well, fit well (T400s), are extremely comfortable - and definitely my tip of choice.
 At the same time - all that's really happening is that a digital signal is being changed to analogue.  Even if the CPU was under more load - it shouldn't change the actual signal delivered by the DAC.  If it's overloaded, it might glitch - but it shouldn't actually change the frequency response. Once again - Joe / James - we know you follow these threads - it would be nice if you told us one way or the other please.
 Sell them then.  Personally I still love mine.  The last thing I think they are is thin or harsh.
  To save anyone else having to google translate ..... hello people !!! I am new to the forum, but I have many high quality em as Vsonic gr 07 and under, JVC FX100, tpeos 100RR, tpeos h200, 535 shure, westone 3 um3x, Vsonic VSD1, rockit r50 l list goes on. I own these headphones and listen to edm and pop for my taste the best 200 headphones are heard. I am very picky about the quality of mids and bass, but balanced between treble and bass are the best and I have two 200...
No judgement   I'd just like to hear from Joe or James as to whether or not the change in FW has also changed the SQ.  At this stage, they are the only ones who know (either way) for sure.
 Here's the funny thing though - with the X3 Fiio were actively trying to change the sound (from what I've read).  But with the X5 - they aren't.  So far we've had several comments with the various X5 FW releases (beta and stable) regarding changed SQ - but Fiio had already confirmed earlier that so far they hadn't touched the actual SQ.  Read into that what you will.  I am yet to hear any change.  So far it's all been UI and usability. Far too much reliance on 'what you...
 I've personally noticed no change, and there is nothing in the changelogs either.  So far it's been only a few that have claimed SQ differences.  personally - I'm doubtful of the claims. Joe - James - can you please advise.  Was the SQ tweaked in any way?  Would be nice if we could stop the speculation  
Well done + we want impressions 
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