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Price is in NZD - prefer local sale if possible   I'll take care of the Paypal fees.  Freight to be negotiated.   Sennheiser's HD700 open dynamic headphone for sale. Condition is immaculate. I am second owner - headphones are less than 1 year old. No blemishes that I can see. Pads and padding are 'like new'. Comes with original foam lined inner box as well as outer sleeve (see pics). 
OK - apparently I'm not supposed to 'tease' you guys with this - but here is how the Acero would look with just the polished wood - instead of the current dark finish ......             Bob says that at the moment there are no real plans to produce them like this - but if there was enough interest in a group buy, they'd look at the possibility of a one-off (collectors run).  Anyway - I'll let him comment here.  I can tell you that they're gorgeous up close.   As...
Good point.  I've owned most of the Shure SE series at one time or another - so it becomes second nature.
Is it really necessary in this case though - assuming you wear them with cables over ear, there is only one way they can go ........   Just got mine picked up today.  First listen.  Impressed.
  Have been in constant contact with Bob on some of this.  They are busy tweaking.  If you do want to give him your thoughts directly on issues, or positive points with the other headphones (besides the Alfas), then it may pay to do so direct with him via PM? Otherwise all you'll be doing is reviewing something publicly that Bob has already said is not going to be the final release.
I got a bit of sibilance with Beth Hart's Live at Paradiso - but that's a very bright recording anyway.   For all the other tracks I tried - no signs of sibilance at all (mind you I am not treble sensitive at all).  Are you getting a good seal?
 The iPhones actually have a pretty respectable sonic signature - despite many people writing them off.  I still like mine as a source - but I use my X5 most of the time because the iPhone has: Limited storage - I can take about 40% of my collection in aac256 vs my entire library in lossless on the X5 Limited power - the iPhone is great with earphones not needing much amplification - but struggles with my full sized cans.  The X5 has no such issues. Cannot be used as a...
At work now - so it'll be in about another 8-10 hours.
Just received package from Bob - this time with replacement Acero cups, and another pair of Kontrols.   Won't get a chance to try the Aceros out until later tonight once I get back home - will send photos.  Wood lovers will like the alternate ones I think  (more later).   Wearing the Kontrols now.  Improvement on the last ones - but still quite dark / bassy.  Definitely getting there though.  I'll PM Bob - and see where we go from here. 
More congrats to RockJaw.  Not trying to appear overly humble or anything - but the star here is the Alfa Genus.  I was merely lucky enough to be chosen to review it.   But thanks TD - muchos gracias my friend.   How are the other reviews of the Alfa coming along lads?  I'm quite looking forward to reading other's viewpoints.
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