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 Actually - most of us would prefer all Songs to be ordered by:Artist > Album > Album Track Has been quite a bit of discussion on this since release of the X5 - and this seems to be common consensus.
Thanks Harry   PM coming.
Luke - I have a second pair that should be just about here tomorrow (maybe Weds).   I'll do the same.
Actually Twister's pic is better than mine:     It's the cable on the right
The 3.5mm to coax cable which was included with the X5, then a standard COAX cable to your DAC of choice .......   Here's the cable (pic from my review)     Cable at bottom right  - click for larger pic
Luke - I'm guessing this is just coming down to preference - although I would like to see a little more info from UIP regarding other headphones he owns / uses regularly.  I suspect from his comments on the music he tested + also the continued comments re bass, that the quantity of the bass is one of the more important things to him.   It's all good.  In his case - the GR07 BE's are obviously ticking his boxes - I suspect that I would probably dislike the bass...
 Looking forward to it Bob.  Quick question - with the third filter (assuming it's vented?) - move the vent more toward the IEM body this time, and will future black/ebony filters change the port hole from current mid-filter to the base of the IEM body as well?  Reason for asking - I'd really like to use these with Comply tips - but can't at the moment due to the tips effectively closing the port, and turning the black/ebony filters into silvers. 
Thanks - unfortunately haven't heard the T70, T90, or T5/T5P.  Have to admit that the T5P would be interesting to me if it ever comes down in price though.
 No - you weren't the only one.  I read it several times then gave up trying to understand it  .......   
 Wow - definite basshead huh?  I have Lorde's album, and could never imagine wanting more bass than the Altone200 delivers with this album. Thanks for the impressions - it'll be great seeing some more POV.  I'd be really interested to see if your impressions change after some more time with them.  I'd suggest (if you do choose to review them in depth), that you spend at least a full day with them (no back and forth swapping) to give your ears a chance to adjust to the new...
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