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Thanks Micah. One of these days I'll get the timing right.
2 days in Stockholm, then 25 hours of flying to get home
Jealous! Sitting at an airport only a little over an hour away (currently in Düsseldorf) but won't get a chance to visit
I think it's the directed sound into the ear cavity. I loved the EarPods for what they delivered. Mine are replaced by the EM3 now though
If you prefer the sound of EarPods - you need to try the FiiO EM3 paired with the thin foams from the Monk Plus. You can thank me later
Personally I really like it. If it wasn't so heavy I'd use it a lot as a portable - and I do use it quite a bit around home if I'm looking for isolation - a bit more that the AKG K553 now. It's so good that I asked to buy the review sample from Sennheiser. I reviewed it here if it helps http://www.head-fi.org/products/sennheiser-hd-630vb/reviews/15448
http://www.head-fi.org/t/725127/comparison-review-a-tale-of-two-sennheisers-hd600-vs-hd700Just one persons view. I'd probably buy them again if they get cheap enough.
Middle of biz trip through Nth America and Europe, but it's nice to see the input into this thread so far.My thoughts1) improvements we can do ourselves, and it just involves questioning (nicely) the overly subjective views of some posters - especially when you know they are introducing subjective bias. Example - a poster asked about balanced vs SE output on FiiOs X7 + AM3. Someone pointed them to my review, and then another reviewer posted this...
Did you properly volume match? Most people don't. I did, and measured the output as well. The difference was in volume - nothing else. And with balanced vs SE IEMs, which I could rapidly A/B, the only difference turned out to be how loud they were. And of course we hear louder as:- more vivid- better separation- better bass or trebleEtcTo back up what I found, I measured the frequency response (it's in the review) using the harder to drive MEE P1. If the output was...
James - look into an app called Slack. It is on a lot of platforms and can also be web based. Real-time chat and message system. Allows you to have private conversations within a Group environment. Perfect for feedback in a beta testing environment
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