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It can't actually. Headphones aren't sibilant. Recordings can be. The frequency response of the headphone can mask, reveal, or enhance sibilance - but it must exist in the recording in the first place. Again headphones do not CAUSE sibilance.
You can't with the X3ii either - so I'd suggest it is either by design or something FiiO missed. 
 I'm tempted to actually buy a pair just so I can measure them - and then we'll talk.  So much discussion of "night and day".  So many people offering anecdotes.  No hard evidence. I'm just a doubting Thomas.
 Have to requote this one.  I'm not much for hype trains, and the Sirius does still have a couple of things I think could have been better (mainly around fit and ergonomics) - but I am loving the sonics, and you've hit the nail on the head with those two descriptors.
I'm just going to drop this in here - because I think it is relevant.   At no stage did FiiO ever advertise the X1 as a podcast player - it wasn't an intended function.  If you could play them - then that's a bonus.  At its heart it is a digital audio player - but in reality targeted at the music lover.  So if anyone purchased it for podcasts, and is now disappointed at no podcast feature support - that is really on them rather than FiiO.  Would it have been nice to have...
 Have you actually tried with the Ossic-X?  If you haven't then you can't really have an opinion on them - merely speculation.  I'm still looking forward to getting my pair and seeing what they can do.
 Have you tried going back to the seller?
 There were some K612 Pro made in Austria - I used to have onehttp://www.head-fi.org/t/685483/akg-k702-the-classic-vs-k612-pro-the-upstart-review-and-comparison
[Mod Comment]   I've just had to prune a dozen posts. If it happens again, I'll lock a couple of people out of the thread.  No more.
[Mod Comment]   Gentlemen - this very short thread has already had a couple of posts flagged by members. I've looked at the posts, and apart from a couple of people quite fervently disagreeing with each other, I've seen no actual violations of ToS or posting guidelines. What I have seen is some very strong opinions with perhaps no attempt to "walk a mile in the other person's shoes".  To the protagonists (and you know who you are) - if you cannot see any merit in the...
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