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OK - for the guys who have the Duke, and would like to hear how really good it can sound - I've got a treat in store for you. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ekiqikk93hu5h8b/foobar2000%20for%20VE%20Duke.zip?dl=0 The above link will take you to a self-contained Foobar2000 zip file.  Download, unzip.  Navigate to folder.  Double click on the Foobar2000 icon.  When it opens, just click on File > Preferences.  In the new window that opens, you'll see a box called DSP chain presets....
 As @WayneWoondirts pointed out - I think we might be just a little too far apart geographically  Neo and I are both in Australasia (he is in Australia, I am in New Zealand) - so postage between us shouldn't be too difficult (maybe $20-30).
Jive review posted - http://www.head-fi.org/products/brainwavz-jive/reviews/13838   Very good IEM for the money.  Gets my stamp of approval (FWIW)
Brainwavz Jive review posted - http://www.head-fi.org/products/brainwavz-jive/reviews/13838
Sorry Levi - I missed that earlier post of yours.   I think what you're talking about is pretty subjective.  I love mine with Trance and straight electronic - and I've never noticed a strange sound stage.
 Thanks for that.  Guess I was a bit surprised given proximity to KS timing - but probably makes sense that when the manufacturing was finished, some went to Amazon as well.
Yep - my choice to Inks, althoug they work pretty well with Sony Isolation tips too.
Nope - but you specifically asked how to skip tracks with the screen off.  That's what we answered. 
 Are you organising a replacement - or simply returning them? If its a straight return, and you really like them - I'd still let Bob know.  he may be able to do a deal based on the Head-Fi discount ....
 Yep - lockscreen 3.  Bottom 2 buttons work to go forward one track or back one track.
New Posts  All Forums: