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VE Asura 2 review posted - http://www.head-fi.org/products/venture-electronics-asura-2-0/reviews/15840
Asura 2 review posted - http://www.head-fi.org/products/venture-electronics-asura-2-0/reviews/15840
 Haven't heard the retune on the Master - so I have no idea of what it sounds like now :) Lambs here whenever you want to pop-over.  We had Lamb BL Chumps tonight - caramelised and sealed first, then in an oven at 180C for 30 minutes, then resting for 15 before serving.  Came out beautiful 
 The X1s will put 1.2 W into 32 ohms, and the HE400i are only 35 ohm.  Are they getting loud enough for you out of the X1S?
 If you can afford it - yes.  Review will be up shortly.
I've personally never seen any comment from Sennheiser saying anything about the HD650 having greater fidelity.  They mentioned some changes, but didn't talk about one having better fidelity than the other.  I'd also be interested in a link where they've made those comments Kman.  Its also interesting that the HD600 drivers are actually more expensive than the HD650 drivers .   Also - can you point me to those distortion figures? I checked Tyll's and they are practically...
 They're actually surprisingly good.  Really good bass response and enough mid-range and lower treble to make them quite coherent.  One of the better included ear-buds I've heard.  You will need to use foam covers to get the best sound out of them but its worth it.  I use some thicker ones from the VE Zen series. The microphone is also pretty good for calls as well. Are they worth hanging onto for high fidelity listening - well no. But worth passing on to someone who...
 Sorry mate - I never compare on memory.  Mine simply isn't accurate enough. If you check my profile, it lists everything I have actually on hand.  I can compare with any of those.
 Sorry - none of those.  I've heard most of the other Shure series but not the 215 (former owner of 315, 425, and 535).  And the only Senn headphones I've owned have been full sized.
I pretty much use aac256 for all my DAPs.  I can't tell the difference from FLAC anyway - so it just makes sense.  Supposedly better than MP3, small, audibly transparent.  What's not to like :)
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