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Nice Peter - will be interested to hear your impressions after a couple of days.   I have other earphones more resolving - but for some reason the Deltas get a lot of ear-time.  Still loving mine after quite a few months now.
Actually that's exactly what they did with the Altone200.  It's one of the reasons why it was so well accepted I think. I know H20 had quite  a bit of input into the tuning.  The sad thing is looking what they've done with the 350 with no input.  Too much bass.  Not a bad IEM - just needs a more flexible cable and some of the bass tuned down a bit.
Yep - that's what I do with my set-up when I'm testing
Continuing the theme of posting some of my favourite female artists ......   First up - Ellem singing as part of the group We Came As Strangers - the album is Recipe For Adventure       Next up - something completely different - Zoe Keating, the track is Escape Artist - Bandcamp Link     Immensely talented. This is one of the tracks I use in my test suite for reviewing.
 It's a vented driver.  If you close off the vent what do you expect? Again - if you don't use the bass rings (personally I don't think the are required - sig is better without them), then there is no flex.
The only time I get flex is if using the bass rings. No flex at all if you don't use them (in my case anyway)
I promised Vince and Tamal that I'd start posting some of my favourite female vocalists.  So here goes - two for today    Phoebe Bridgers Her album "Killer" is really worth getting.  I picked it up on Bandcamp - but since she's had a bit of success, it's no longer available there (sadly).  The 5 track album cover looks like this (if you can find it):   And the second for today - Cornelia making a guest appearance for one of my favourite Jazz Fusion bands -...
Good idea Vince   I'll search out 2-3 really good ones for you and start posting a couple each day (plus I'll let you know where to get the albums if you're interested)
My intro to Little Dragon was off their first album - track called "Twice"     After that I was hooked.   If you guys want we could start a new thread around female vocalists for the Lab members (I have an absolute tonne of them - many you may not have heard of).  Or use Iceman's thread?
OK - bass and vocals - Little Dragon.  Nice trip-hop sort of jam.  And if you want a list of my favourite female vocalists, let me know - it's my forte.   Try this link - https://thepolishambassador.bandcamp.com/album/hers-was-as-thunder   First track, and also 5th one.
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