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My review of the SuperMini is posted here - http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-supermini-high-res-portable-player/reviews/17092   Due to the size I'd rather not post the full review here.
HifiMan SuperMini review posted - http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-supermini-high-res-portable-player/reviews/17092
This cable works with the Q1 : http://penonaudio.com/L19-Lightning-to-Micro-USB
Guys - the demo version of the U10 I'm reviewing is the original style - so both modules fit.  I can't comment on any new builds - as I simply don't know.  The Apex module is slightly smaller in diameter than the original Adel module.  If they shrink the socket to fit the Apex modules tighter - then at that stage, Adel won't fit.  So for anyone ordering now - you'd probably want to check what 64Audio's plans are in that regard.  Closest would be the S1.
Well you can still use the Adel modules - that way you get the tuning of the 64Audio IEMs and the benefits of the Adel module. No harm in still using both companies products as long as you are happy with the result.   I actually like the tuning of the M20 (especially with the U10) - it's just that I was expecting the Adel and Apex modules to do exactly the same thing.  IMO they don't unfortunately.  Apex is essentially an acoustic damper - not a second eardrum - as far...
The modules are definitely different (M20 vs Adel) for me.  Big ups for 64Audio in sending me their demo set of U10s - I should have the write-up completed by next week (hopefully).   Love the tuning of the M20 - combination with the U10 and an impedance adaptor suits my preferences down to the ground.  The issue I have had is that for long listening sessions, I start getting ear fatigue with the M20.  If I use the B1 or S1 I don't.  I've been walking a lot with the U10...
 Search function : http://www.head-fi.org/newsearch?search=SRH840+vs+SRH940
[Mod Comment]   As my warning last time about not continuing on with discussion/debate about the upgrade was ignored - I have now pruned the thread of all the essentially O/T discussion. This thread is for applicants of the free upgrade giveaway.   For discussion on the merits of the upgrade - there is a new thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/823201/hifiman-s-he1000-upgrade-discussion 
 Haven't tested it fully with new OS version, but works well with Linux, and very little latency (just fractional) at 24/48.  When I get a break from current reviewing madcap forward schedule, I'll try to test with Windows as well.
 DN2000 is somewhat similar - but will depend on module you use and whether you also use an impedance adaptor. With B1, G1 or M20:  With same filters but 75 ohm adaptor included  As you can see bass somewhat similar - 2000 is comparatively bassier and a little more U shaped.  U10 is more balanced.  DN2000J is a lot brighter. Neither of the Dunus can compete on sound stage IMO - it is one of the real strengths of the U10 - very open sounding with the B1 filter. 
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