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 Ruben Have you performed a volume matched A/B with the Pono and another player? How did you volume match? What players did you compare with? Again - just stating my experience - with actually performing the tests (photo below).  I heard a difference - and people who know me would say that I'm more on the objective end of the scale.   Tests were done with a calibrated meter, and using test tones (@ 1 kHz) to match.
Like I said - weird.   I know the HD600 isn't that hard a load to drive  (despite its 300 ohm impedance and 112 dB at 1 kHz (1 Vrms) sensitivity).   Playing well recorded classical on low gain needs about 90-100/120, so it is up there in terms of volume requirement.  But I've never got to the point of running out of juice so far.  Switching to high gain and it's really comfortable at around 90/120. 
 Weird though - that SM64 is really sensitive (122 dB/mW) - so the X3ii should have no issues at all driving them - especially on high gain.  Are the EU ones subject to volume limiting?  Also - do you have EQ engaged?
There isn't much of anything around 15 kHz - I wouldn't worry about it 
  You'll get different opinions.  My advice is too try them and report back.  If you can, volume match and compare with a more powerful amplifier.  Fiio rates it for under 150 ohms (they always seem to err on the side of caution) - but it handles my 300 ohm HD600s with no real issues.  You might be surprised ......
Interesting thoughts miceblue.  Can I ask how long you spent with it?   Count me as one of the people that heard a difference - and if you've read any of my reviews you'll know I'm a pretty objective guy.  I had the PONO with me for a week, only listened to it single-ended.  Like I said though, I spent considerable time with the PONO getting used to its nuances.  But when I did my critical listening, and especially my A/B - I did so with the Fiio X5 and PONO (to a lesser...
Alex - are mine ever incorrect?  I tend to use tables with no specific width so that they should resize.
Works wonderfully with Foobar.  Just specify output to the OOYH driver.
 Just tested it with Pink Floyd's "the Wall". Works perfectly with ALAC and FLAC.  With aac there is a micro gap - sounds like a stutter.  It's never bothered me - but if you're a little 'OCD" about perfect gapless, then you may find it annoying.
 Thanks Jazz.  I don't want to stop the discussion - as I can see that you Chris and George have a real interest in it.  Please start a new thread, as I'd be the last person to want to see the discussion stopped.  I'd just prefer it it wasn't here. 
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