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Changes are in -   Earned another 1/2 star.  These are really good Bob - really versatile.  I've liberated a pouch from another pair of IEMs - and I'll be carting around both the ebony and champagne filters so that I have both options when I use them.
Photos of the filters               The new champagne filter is very different - note the appearance of internal damping !   I'm in the process of updating my review.  Will let you all know when it's finished.
 Like I said originally - turn EQ on (but leave flat) - raise volume by 6db - there should be no difference. 
 So prove it - post the tracks so everyone can abx. And BTW - you know nothing about me.  My choice of gear is in my signature.  My main headphones are Beyer T1s.  Guess that just means I have tin ears eh   Just noticed you mentioned 21 kHz and 22 kHz - you can actually hear that distortion ....... ?
 How about you prove - properly blind tested and volume matched - multiple tests - that the perceived minor distortion changes you measured - are actually audible. Seeing how you have the gear - maybe record the output under both FW versions (playing real music), and post examples of the clips for other people to abx as well ........
Thanks.  We're both actually pretty close to our weight goals now.   I'm just back from another 10Km run this afternoon - and scales tell me about 82.5 - so only a couple of Kg to go.  Actual loss from start so far is now around 14kg or 30lb.   After that the rest is maintaining, and swapping a bit more muscle for fat.  Will happen over time 
Just realised I had neglected to keep this going - so a quick update ......... My wife and I bought a treadmill earlier in the year, and we've both been using it pretty regularly. Tania's already lost more than 10kg - and she's almost back to the weight she was when we were married. Pretty stunning after 20+ years of marriage and two kids. She looks damn good too! I'm now down to 83kg and am running 10km + per session - usually trying to do that at least 3 times a...
 A generic version.  They're not bad though.
  Take an SPL meter.  Measure output with a constant tone.  Turn EQ on, raise volume by exactly 6dB (check with the SPL meter).  Play same tone.  What you're hearing now is exactly the same output. As far as actually applying an EQ - well that all comes down to individual preference and skill in applying the EQ  It may not be for everyone.
 Completely wrong - x Relic x answers it above.  Simply apply an additional 6dB of volume, and that comment re "muted, veiled and transparency is gone" disappears altogether. And this is why a lot of the comments comparing different set-ups should always be taken with a grain of salt.  Simply put - there is no substitute for volume matching (properly with an SPL meter rather than 'by ear') before making any comparison.  Sadly, not enough people do it.
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