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 Hopefully someone might see your post (who has the gear) and offer to do them for you.  A couple of people in this thread have the ability. Other option would be to see if someone like Innerfidelity (Tyll) would be interested in quickly measuring them.
 Is that what you did when you reviewed them, or was it au natural?
Ah - thanks - that makes sense.   I know enough about myself to trust my ears to a certain point - despite the tinnitus and my age, I can discern things like channel balance pretty well, and I'm starting to get a good ear for frequency variations.   But I also know enough not to 100% trust me own perceptions - or at least to check them to make sure they're on track.  Often anyone who simply argues "I only trust my ears" - I completely disregard, or take their comments...
 I wouldn't be able to jam them in that far because of the nozzle width.  But they were in far enough to seal - and generally speaking, most IEMs with deeper seal tend to ameliorate upper frequencies for me - mid-range is hardly ever affected. Any chance you can get your pair measured as well then?  The more data we get, the better.
   That's your answer there. For me though - if they measured the same - it just means I can cross the reviewers who heard them as 5 star off my list of reviews I can refer to.  And they can cross me off theirs (possibly already have).  It means we have wildly varying tastes - which is possible, but more likely means that we would be unlikely to agree on what constitutes good.
Depends on the VE model - they all react differently to different covers.
 Very much worth it. You can experiment with different covers etc to get the sound that you like.
Try anything with well recorded female vocals - actually anything with well recorded vocals full stop.  Like listening with a towel over your head.   Again - unless there are different monitors out there (in which case the QC is lousy), then the frequency response clearly shows what is wrong with the QT5.  Fundamental ranges boosted, and harmonics in the mid-range cut.   My review lists a lot of the music I was listening to.
I'm afraid I can't really understand what you're asking me - if you can explain what you mean by aural experimentation, perhaps I can answer it.   If you mean I'm suggesting that beginners shouldn't review - I'm not saying that at all,  I think getting as many data points as possible is important to reach a consensus.  But I would say that having more experience lends a better sense of perspective over what you are reviewing - and where it sits against other things that...
 Jude and I had a good discussion on this last year during our long telephone call.  I just use raw data - but I would like more accurate raw data.  I know different people put different adjustments depending on equal loudness contours etc.  Originally I wanted to do that too - but there are so many different measurements being used, my preference is simply for consistency.  The only thing I'd like to get done is to eventually adjust my rig enough so that the raw...
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