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 Yes there is a setting. System Settings > Scroll Wheel Press Function > Set to off 
I use Shute Olives
 Yep.  Personally I prefer it uncovered - but its nice to have the option.
I'll see if I can hurry it up.  Unfortunately haven't heard the SE846.  I really like the Sirius though.  Mid-range lovers delight.  Just a bit on the bass light side - although you can mod it slightly for warmer sound.
 No - it just needs a final edit and updated photos and its good to post.  I've been so busy at work the last 8 weeks I've barely had time to write anything - but planning a catch up very soon.
[Mod Comment] Hi all.  I see no issue with general comparisons of the HD650 (or any other headphone) in this thread - as long as it is being compared relative to the HE400i.  As soon as the conversation becomes about the HD650 (or other headphone) in isolation, it starts to branch off topic. EGBoth the question and subsequent answers should be in the HD650 thread. If you are not requesting or making a comparison, and/or simply want specific information regarding another...
You just have to know how to use it.  Basically it'll be clipping - drop the input - and any distortion will stop.  But if its not your "cup of tea" try the dolby option with Foobar.
 Seems to be some inconsistency with reports on the net then (surprise, surprise ).  I'd love to see some actual output specs/measurements - but unfortunately they seem to be non-existent. In any case, the DX will have no issues driving the 32 ohm DT880 or the ATH R70X - which is what the OP was primarily concerned about.
As long as you understand that no DAC/amp (without extra DSP or crossfeed) will increase perceived sound stage - then the X1S is a good choice.   If you want speaker like sound stage - have a look at Darin Fong's OOYH (out of your head) software.  If you're on Windows - it is really good.  For a free alternative - this thread (you need to be using Foobar) -
Its a great low cost choice for a headphone amp.   In case you wanted to look at an iDSD - there is one in the FS section at pretty close to your price   Good luck and don't fogert to post back impressions on whatever you decide to buy 
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