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[Mod Comment]   Gentlemen - I've just removed almost 3 pages of posts.   Just because a member has a different opinion does not mean he's trolling - and he is entitled to that opinion. There is never any excuse for direct personal attacks - and this includes questioning someone's credibility because of low post count, and asking someone "how old they are" FTR - a lot of this was removed along with the other comments   I have suggested to @bratella that he is...
 I have no issue with your opinion - just as I was stating mine.  But if we go back to your original post:  I thought I'd give it the brevity I thought it deserved. I've spent a lot of time with all of their products,and I've volume matched, A/B'd both sighted and blind against higher tiered products (always with the same files so the playing field is even), and have usually been gob-smacked by their price/performance.  Implementation of hardware (IMO) is everything - not...
Ric - Bob isn't allowed to comment on competitor products (no sponsor or MOT is supposed to) - so please don't ask - ok?
If you wait a couple more days I'll have something more in-depth posted. Just playing catch-up and there are only so many hours in a day.
From my review  The RM1 (as far as I can see anyway) is totally incompatible while the X7 is docked to the K5.  There simply isn't any useful way of using it.
[Mod Comment]   I've just finished removing some posts.  All of it is off-topic and not required. No more trolling or personal attacks by anyone please. Debate the point, and don't make it personal.
  Get it back on topic gentlemen
 My opinion hasn't changed all that much in all the time I've had both: My review -  If you need the extra storage of course - the X5ii nails that, and it is ever so slightly more refined.  But I don't think it will ever beat the X3ii on pure value.  In fact I'd go so far to say that a really good compromise is combing an X3ii with the E17K (I use that combo a lot). Extends the battery life out to about 15-16 hours, gives you tone controls (which I love), and then you can...
 Agree - the L3 is a lot like the early fw FiiO units - had the sound nailed, just pretty primitive UI.  If you can look past the UI (it's actually not too bad to get around once you get used to it), and some of the quirks, then it really is a nice package.  I find myself using the unit a lot. I'd like to complete my review and post it - but at the moment still waiting for the new fw.
 FiiO EM3.  The only thing it is missing is volume control on the cable
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