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[Mod Comment]   I've noticed a trend in the Trinity threads of increasing frustration over the timing of the releases, and multiple questions as to when the product will be ready.   Can I suggest -  Bob is the only one who knows about timing.  Perform a thread search rather than asking the same questions constantly If someone new comes along and asks the same questions, they may be not aware that its been asked before.  If you're not prepared to answer civilly -...
 IMO its not at the same level as the Andromeda.
[Mod Comment]   I'm going to go one further than Castle.  If you can't keep these threads civil - then I'll simply start removing people.  And I'll do it by the rules.  EG you make a personal attack - you get evicted.  That goes for everyone. And Analogue Survivor - do you really need to be here?  I would suggest that your presence here borders on trolling.  Posting what you're posting in a thread where objectivists gather is simply non constructive.  If you want to...
[Mod Comment]   Just a reminder of the rules.  No personal attacks.  if you think someone is not following the rules (eg multiple posts etc), next time don't react - flag the posts and don't reply to them. By replying you are simply leaving more mess for us to clean up afterward.   Thanks
 [Mod Comment]  
/owners comment  I addressed this earlier - but I'll restate - and this is just my own experience:  Yes - there is a difference.  Adel uses the patented membrane system.  Apex uses an acoustic damper and vent. I've been testing the U10 (graciously supplied by 64Audio - thanks Vitaliy and team!) for the last 3 weeks - and it comes with the Apex modules.  I've been able to test it up against the various Adel modules, and also compared with my U6. IMO - the tuning is great...
[Mod Comment] I just edited a couple of posts.  Things to keep in mind:Sponsors and MoTs are allowed to answer questions based on fact - but they can't compare their own products subjectively to a competitors. Because of point one - please don't ask them to. They're breaking the rules if they respond. Owners of the IEM can give their own subjective opinions I have left Canyon Runners reply on the factual differences - and you can get more info...
Ran the tests - using HFM's included IEMs in balanced mode at volume 7/32 - screen off most of the time, and playing aac256 files - gave me 14hr and 40 minutes.  Consistent with DrGonzo's report, and well under the stated 22 hours.  I an only regard HFM's 22 hours as probably being battery life if kept in idle - ie nothing playing. 
Doesn't work with my 5S power draw too high
 I'll run some tests over next two days - and come back to you.
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