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 Press and hold the wheel button.  After a couple of seconds it switches to volume control. This has been default action for some time now 
 Romis - check these links: Baycode is amazingly dedicated 
 Thanks Tom - Vivian PM'd us too.  She was thinking first week in March.  Can you definitely drop a link when you add the thread.  I'll also let Luke and Vic know. 
Adara - if you want to locate the track - split your library in half, and then keep splitting it.  So load half your tracks - if the error occurs, half them, and reload again.  Eventually you'll get to the track(s) that are causing the errors.  Better in the long run to find them if you can.
My apologies guys - I should know better (there should be a Homer Simpson 'doh' smiley)   Hey Baycode - if you can share - what area were they retuning with the B6? I'd love to have an insight into what was not quite right, and how they are fixing?
No problems Yudi. I'm not time constrained on these.
 Going a little "over-board" aren't we?  I trust when you compared it to X5 and A200p (which I still have both), that you line level volume matched and gave a proper A/B.  I personally would also be pretty careful about throwing around a statement like that ("puts to shame"). The hype is strong with you old son  
Cool - we understand each other - all good 
 I just reread my post.  Nowhere did I say that vocals specifically occur above the frequencies you're talking about. Listen - I don't know why you're going on about this.  I was talking about my preference with female vocals - I prefer a sweeter more euphonic presentation.  I believe my direct quote was "more air".  I think you'll find this can be manipulated with harmonics occurring above the fundamentals. If you have a problem with that - then you've noted it - ignore...
Ah - thanks for reminding me. Ivery thread - right?No thanks. I'll stick with the Titans. My ears (plus common consensus from virtually everyone who has tried them) tell me that the Titans are genuine sonic diamonds.
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