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 Have you heard them? Was it just music?  What did you think? Any impressions?  How was the sound sig?
 Well I'll be interested in your thoughts on them.  If you can measure them too - that would be great. Paul
Pretty sure there is a 4000 track limit for tagged library but if you are folder briefing you can get by this.
 A3 (E11K) is pretty close to X5ii output (slightly more powerful into some loads, slightly less into others).  X5ii amp section is more powerful than E17K. But to me the benefit of the E17K is: Extends battery life of X5ii Adds tone controls  That comes at the cost of additional bulk. To me its more about features than anything else.
 Are you talking about plugging into a lap-top / PC or into a walwart (USB adaptor)? I just tried it with mine.  Its working properly. 
I should add - I'm using aac256 files (I can check with FLAC later) - Pink Floyd - gapless is working seamlessly.
 If you liked the E17K, I'd suggest buying another one.  It remains my go to.  I have more expensive options available to me - but the E17K is the one I use most often.  I love its linearity and also the tone controls.
 Try going into settings and turning it back on.  The fw upgrade probably set the gapless playback to off again.  Turn it on - and it works - or at least it is working perfectly here. PS - before making a big call about FiiO breaking something like this - I always find it best to troubleshoot first - as its often something simple.  If you're not sure how to turn the feature on - let me know and I can walk you through it. ​
I love my upper mid-range, so probably as not of an issue for me personally - but I can see how it would be for some. There is also a port or vent on the internal face which can control bass response. So if this is blocked by your ear, you will get varying degrees of bass / warmth compared to if it has more room to breathe.  This is why there are varying reports about the T series. If you are hearing ti the same as I am - then pretty sure bet you will enjoy the T5 more :)
No-one has heard the PM4 except Bob so far. There were very early impressions of the PM6 posted - but they are irrelevant because we asked him to retune it (which he has done)
New Posts  All Forums: