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Unfortunately I don't have one to review. As I don't solicit review samples, and I'm not likely to buy one - they'd need to contact me (probably unlikely to happen)
And the ES2 review - this one would be one of my choices for an IEM of the year short-list.  Simply phenomenal. http://www.head-fi.org/products/earsonics-es2-in-ear-earphones-dual-balanced-armature/reviews/17654
Earsonics ES2 Dual BA IEM review posted - http://www.head-fi.org/products/earsonics-es2-in-ear-earphones-dual-balanced-armature/reviews/17654
I'll remeasure in a few days when I get home. If I've set anyone wrong, I apologise. I still doubt G1 has more bass than S1. Not to my ears and not to veritas either. But I will recheck
Mate - how can it be. It's the same for both U6 and U10. How could it possible be any different. Its not a variable system - and measurements don't lie. What you and Linux4ever have shown though is how easy our brain can fool us if we believe something hsppens - when in reality it doesn't. It's called the placebo effect.
 This link to reviews.  I won't take Bob's thread O/T any more :) Measurements were taken before I calibrated the rig.  Basically they sound like actual speakers.  Really good IMO.
 If you plug your headphones into the computers port - your listening to the computer :)
 If you want to get a shock at how good an earbud can sound - VE Zen2 (you can thank me later)
It'll drive the K612 loud enough.  You won't be plugging your headphones into the fixed voltage line-out (you'll be plugging them into the headphone-out), so don't worry about it.   So USB to X3ii (if using Windows you'll need to load drivers).  Headphones into X3ii.  Simple.
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