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 Oh I'd agree definitely if you are purely talking value proposition - they haven't been called the mid-fi kings for nothing (actually I hate that term - as all 3 are high fidelity headphones). But I also think that (especially with the DT880 vs T1) in a store environment, trying to compare the two headphones in an hour, or even two, simply does not give you a great enough point of reference to judge properly.  Try living with the T1 for a day, then switching back to the...
I'd disagree (especially at recent pricing) - but then I compared the two for far longer, and it comes down to personal preference at the end of the day.
Hey enjoy it - I loved my DT800 when I had it.  But the T1 (after about 2 weeks) in direct comparison - I know I made the right choice for me.  Any you don't need $1000 dollar set-ups.  NFB-12, LD MKIV, heaven 
Spend a couple of days with it - I think you'd change your mind 
No brainer really - one of the best sounding pairs of IEMs I've ever owned :)
Your ears (actually your brain) is getting used to the signature :)   Try listening to the Alfa Genus with black filters for a couple of hours - and then go back to the TW.
 Drove the HD600 and 250 ohm DT880 rather well actually - with plenty of head room.  Besides that OP only has Momentums, and even if he did switch to a harder to drive headphone, I'd be surprised if (for work) he went for an ortho, 600ohm Beyer etc.  US version actually outputs 1.7 Vrms - the EU one is more limited though. It's actually ideal for a small footprint work solution.
Beyer A200p might be worth checking out:   I got a chance to review a demo unit, and in the end I bought it off Beyerdynamic rather than returning it.  I have an iPhone4 - so I still need to purchase the 30 pin cable at some stage, but as you have an iPhone5, it'll work with the supplied cable.   The A200p is a genuinely...
I'm a big fan of female vocals also.  Standout performer at a reasonable price (IMO) is the T-Peos Altone200.  Worth checking out.
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