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Here's the post from Ken -   Sorry - still looking for the info on his measurements system - its either in an email to me or somewhere on the forums.  I can give you a rough outline of what he told me though.  He uses two independent systems - both with real BK couplers calibrated to the IEC 711 standard.  His measurement set-up runs at about $15K.  The...
Kens are real measurements - he's posted the actual graphs. He also gave me the data files so that I could calculate a compensation curve for my veritas. When I get to my own PC I can send a link
Thanks - I'll let the Admins know. We'll see if it can be fixed.
[Mod Comment]   Noticing quite a few flags from within this thread - so just a couple of points: Debates are OK as long as they are about the topic and not starting to get personal If you are finding a particular member's posts to be troubling - there is a block feature (click on the drop down arrow by the poster's user name, and you can block their posts).  Many times this will make life easier. I would suggest reading the posting guidelines - it doesn't take long,...
 I'm in New Zealand - that store is even further away .  Thanks - but I'll get one of my friends in the US to order it.  Shouldn't be an issue.
I have 75 and 150 ohm. I'd like to measure and try the UEBJ - but I'm not paying $80 for a 20 ohm resistor and cable.
 Unfortunately for me (I'd like to measure it), $10 USD to purchase, $70 USD shipping .  Gonna see if I can get someone to order ti for me, and send slow post.
 Personally I find it refreshing to see someone acknowledges that there is no real audible difference - but acknowledges that they can feel better listening to 24/96.  That's simply humanity at work. Everyone knows I try to be as objective as possible.  I know that aac256 is pretty much transparent - so I use it pretty much exclusively for portable use.  But if I'm home, I use FLAC, and I even sometimes upsample to DSD (even though I know from an audible point of view it...
 The discussion was where you claimed that the UEBJ veiled the sound compared to a wire change.  I questioned you and provided measurements where it was unlikely the wire would change anything - unless it was adding impedance.  The discussion was on the wire not the UEBJ.  it was also almost 3 weeks ago, not a few posts ago.  if you want to discuss - take to PM - or take to Sound Science.
[Mod Comment]   @daberti / @TimeLord - you two are in circular argument.  One likes IAG, one thinks its garbage.  You've each said your piece.  Now all you are doing is repeating, and its not doing the thread any good.  If you continue - I'll eject you.  Please stop.
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