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 Try EQing the bass back a little.  Basically removes a lot of the comparative lower mid-range recession as well.  They then become quite upper-mid forward, and if you like that type of signature (I do), they really become quiet a nice overall package.
My thoughts on the Alpha & Delta D2m - http://www.head-fi.org/products/alpha-delta-d2/reviews/16778
Alpha & Delta D2m review posted - http://www.head-fi.org/products/alpha-delta-d2/reviews/16778
 Hi Sergiu - again the beauty of the E17K is its versatility.  I haven't heard the Hifimediy - so I can't really tell you either way. But looking at its specs, it has the same output resolution (max 24/96) and given the comparative lack of features, personally I'd stick with the E17K simply for the feature set (and both units should be audibly transparent). Hopefully you can find someone who has heard both.
 Actually that's the way it usually works.  You return it to the agent you purchased it from.  They arrange the RMA. Most businesses work like this.  FiiO isn't doing anything that doesn't normally happen.
 Have you actually heard it?  If not - then your post is purely speculation.
You're essentially talking about two very different products.  The beauty of the E17K is:   good linear DAC can also be used as portable amp - and has own volume control has tone controls   I'd suggest you have a look at reviews (here is mine), and then decide what your use will be. The features each device has are probably more important.
 I'm in Invercargill - next stop south from here is Antarctica (we are at the tip of the South Island) I know a lot of people are asking for impressions of the 4, 6 and Hunter.  Sorry - but Vince and I haven't heard them - so we really can't give you guys our impressions.  I'll PM Bob and see if we are still getting an early preview - but so far haven't heard anything.
 Tends to be V shaped, often prominent bass usually with good sub-bass extension, generally slightly recessed (comparative to bass and upper mid-range) lower mids, a rise in the upper mid-range (especially in the presence area around 2-3 kHz.  Treble can vary depending on the model - but usually its pretty unobtrusive - good detail without over-doing it. Most of Bob's IEMs come with filters so you can control the bass - anything from club pumping to fairly flat or natural...
I'll make room for it.
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