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FTR - I'm just using the balanced out of the L3 (no amp) - and really loving the Sirious so far. Would be among the best IEMs I have heard in 2016 so far - and I do not say that lightly.
I got my daughter to check - my age and the permanent tinnitus means I rarely hear hiss.   According to Emma they are dead quiet using full volume control on IEM Match setting with both ULTRA and HIGH sensitivity (power mode on ECO).  I also checked power mode NORMAL, and they were pretty much dead quiet on those setting too - just a faint noise at full volume on NORMAL + IEM Match OFF.  Mind you if you actually had music playing at those volumes you'd be deaf in a...
 Why on earth would you want an amp and dac? The L3 has a great DAC already.  What headphones are you trying to drive that would need another amp?
 What do you want to know? Anything specific?
 There is enough weight in the cable for it to hang naturally anyway - and there is also a cinch which works really well.  If you don't like those options - just fit a different cable .....
 The closest you'll get in bass and mid-range (up to about 4 kHz) would be:-ulf = clear-lf = none-hf/mr = none If you use any of the mid-range/high freq filters it pushes the first mid-range bump too close to 1 kHz, and that is something the 2000J doesn't do. Problem is the above combo has a huge suck-out at 5-7 kHz - which the DN2000J actually has a peak. So it's virtually impossible to get close to the 2000J unless you're prepared to EQ. The other you can try would...
Actually in my experience virtually all the AKGs (6 and 7 series) have issues with current, not voltage.  And in that case a high current solid state, or a high current hybrid - is probably going to have a better outcome than a full OTL tube.   For sure I liked the K701, K702, Q701 and K612 Pro (when I owned each) on either my iDSD or NFB-12 more than with the LD MKIV
[Mod Comment]   I just had to clean up a single post - but then also around 20-30 off-topic replies to it.   It's simple guys - if you think a post breaks the Head-Fi ToS or Posting Guidelines - DO NOT REPLY TO IT.  Hit the report flag instead, and let us deal with it.  Sometimes I don't know what is worse, having to deal with the original post, or all the guys posting afterwards .......
 No its not sad actually - this is a community forum of audio enthusiasts which happens to have a buy/sell section for contributing members to trade amongst themselves. It is NOT a buy/sell website which happens to have a forum. If you're only here to try and use the classifieds, try e-bay instead.
 Yep - or a different cable from another manufacturer.
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