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Taffy - Mrs T might like these guys.   Wildlight - Hers Was As Thunder (Ayla Nerero and the The Polish Ambassador)       Wildlight - The Tide (Ayla Nerero and the The Polish Ambassador)     Indie folktronica / electronica / female vocals   https://wearewildlight.bandcamp.com/album/hers-was-as-thunder https://wearewildlight.bandcamp.com/album/the-tide   Email address required
Credit goes to Taffy - and yep, his idea is wonderful.  I may not contribute a whole lot - but I will contribute.
Just want to re-iterate that with Craig - I want to order and pay now please.  And I want to do it with Paypal.  Can we have that option please.
Opposite for me - I rarely get a good fit with Spirals.  Always get a good fit with foams.   Solution - don't recommend tips - as everyone is different :)
If it's going to be solely Bandcamp - then how about something like Bandcamp Music Discovery Thread   Cover the fact in the first post that this is designed to cover the favourite Bandcamp artists everyone has which still happen to be extremely good value - but aren't free (and link the other thread). Maybe also suggest a format for posting - much like your own.   IE - show album cover, one track (if available), genre, and linkt o the bandcamp page.   It has the...
Probably explains why some hear the T5 as very V shaped and quite bassy.  I don't.  Neither did the DUNU engineers.
Hey - you gotta call it the way you call it.  I guess a few of us just read it as:   "not may tips or cheap accessories", but sounds is pretty darn good for $55 - I'll still deduct some points based on accessories   For me - I would rate sonics first, then build fit and comfort behind that as secondary (but still important), value is important - and I use that to slot in amongst its peers, and probably last for me (even behind aesthetics) would be accessories.  Thats...
So do I simply leave it in my basket, then it will remind me later?  If I go to actually checkout it shows $0 cost    Should be a way for me to actually pay for it now
Went to order it - can't pay now (which I want to so I don't forget the discount code), and it doesn't give me the option to Paypal it.  Please advise when you have it fixed, and I'm a definite buyer.
Unfortunately I don't have either the KC06 or the Rockets to compare (I've heard and reviewed both though).  From memory (which is never reliable ), the KC06 were mid-forward, but didn't have a big boost in the upper-mids.  The Rockets were also mid-forward but quite smooth (rolled lower treble).  The T3 have comparatively a lot lighter bass than both, and more accentuated upper mid-range than both.  The T3 are quite clean, cool and clear. Bass is probably a little below...
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