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Relic - this is what I use   HS11   Protects - but lets the X5 be the X5 without the need for the silicone cover.
Let me know when you want some feedback.  This is exactly the sort of menu that appeals to me!   Question though - when you do the EQ (I use EQ a lot when reviewing gear), can it be clear and clean, but following the same conservative but elegant style (ie not too colourful)?   I actually really liked your Hi-Fidelity, but for me found that the EQ kind of clashed with the rest of the theme.  It was great implementation - really OOTB - but too colourful / out...
 Woah - Chris - when did you do that one  Is it released yet?  I love the look of it ......
They are very stable.
Redacted. Was going to reply to BubbaBob - better if I say nothing.
 Try turning X5 off, and then restarting.  If it continues, try reflashing with Fiio's default firmware.  You need to narrow down the cause.  Reboot may fix it.
 Here's the problem Bram - how do you do due diligence when everyone's anatomy is different, also their preferences, and the Trinity series is already heavily discounted?  I mean look at the quality of shell and cable compared to anything else in the price bracket. Bob's already suggested he'll be including the standard tips (shown in the review), some foams, and possibly a double flange. How far do you go to satisfy everyone?  Personally, I find silicones rarely fit - and...
 No - you won't damage it unless you try and poke something in there  Photos were in my review. Delta     Techne  First one is Bob's, second one is mine.
For $100 currently you can sign up for the Trinity Delta Kickstarter -   Dual hybrid with filters for tuning   Campaign here -   My review here -   Price is £60 or USD 88.00 (delivery June).  RRP will be more like USD 130-135.00
Grant It would probably help the modders if you would be more specific about what you like and don't like about the themes. Unfortunately these qualifiers don't really give them an idea ....   Be specific - and it might give some of them more info to work on.
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