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 Agree with this - and just because one user claims it can't drive their headphones "to fullest potential" - take it with a grain of salt. The X3ii handles the HD600 (300 ohm) just fine if that helps.
 Well I spent the last couple of hours trying to configure it.  MPD works fine initially , but I'm missing the actual DSD playback.  X3ii is recognised OK - and plays FLAC - but I'm obviously missing libraries. Problem is that MPD keeps cutting out, and Cantata is buggy as heck on this netbook with Kubuntu. I could work this out if I had a few hours - but to be honest I'd have to reinstall straight Debian (not overly comfortable with tweaking Kubuntu - frustrating as...
That's a roger 
 Well - it works fine as a DAC under Linux - but what do you use as a frontend, and what is required to actually play DSD?  I tried under KDE - and no go so far (normal flac is fine). I haven't had time to do some serious research yet (a lot of other stuff on the go), and it's been about 5 years since I was seriously into Linux (I used to package for Mepis about 5 or 6 years ago - maybe longer). If I get time tomorrow - I'll look into it further.
Oops - should explain too, so no-one gets confused.  Those two pics are different IEM's   Top one is the "D", bottom is the "H"
 Do you find that at a certain level though (especially in the 200-400 price point) it less about overall SQ, and more about features, and slightly different tonality?
I've used it under Windows with the DSD files (once the new driver was released).  I can try it for you under Linux though - just need to transfer some DSD files to my spare netbook.  I'll report back soon.
I'll let you know when the KS campaign is underway.   By then we should be able to disclose a lot more info about them.  So far 3 reviewers working with the new company - myself, H20 and Mark2410.  It's been quite a cool project to be involved in -especially watching development, and having a hand in some of the input.
Just my view Riz - H20 initially thought they were a bit boring, but I've seen both the HD600 and 650 described the same way.  For easy no fatiguing listening with plenty of vocal detail, but natural balance, I think they knock it out of the park.  They're a dual driver hybrid IEM.  Still in development.  Wonderful build quality + has a filter system for changing sound sig.
 Those buds you get with your phones etc are usually low impedance, but really high sensitivity.  Plus the drivers are closer to your ears.  So they are both easier to drive and basically inside your ear opening - so naturally they need less power to achieve higher volume. Cost has very little to do with being easier or harder to drive.  It's all in the impedance and sensitivity of the headphones.
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