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Works wonderfully with Foobar.  Just specify output to the OOYH driver.
 Just tested it with Pink Floyd's "the Wall". Works perfectly with ALAC and FLAC.  With aac there is a micro gap - sounds like a stutter.  It's never bothered me - but if you're a little 'OCD" about perfect gapless, then you may find it annoying.
 Thanks Jazz.  I don't want to stop the discussion - as I can see that you Chris and George have a real interest in it.  Please start a new thread, as I'd be the last person to want to see the discussion stopped.  I'd just prefer it it wasn't here. 
 I see the point Chris - did you raise it? Again - all I'm making is a reasonable request.  This current topic would relate to any DAP - not just the X5 - and IMO relation to the X5 at this point is irrelevant.  So for now (again just IMO) it no longer belongs here.
They display correctly for me - also using Chrome.
Chris / Jazz / George - here's the rub.  I suggested some pages ago that putting this type of discussion (EQ / harmonics / etc) on the X5 thread  - while related - fills the thread with a topic I'd suggest most of us aren't interested in.  it would be better served in it's own sub-thread.  You guys can all subscribe, and discuss to your heart's content.   Chris - I don't personally want to block anyone - especially not you guys, as I follow a lot of your other posts (in...
 Not yet (for me) unfortunately - but I will get to hear the 350 as part of a tour (probably in May).  I'll do a full review on them - including comparison to the Altone200
 I was talking about the DUNU Titan.  It can be worn cable up - but it's slightly uncomfortable/awkward that way.  The Trinity Delta on the other hand can be worn up or down.
Different width of nozzle. T200s are the perfect fitting ones.
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