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 Got my second pair - and accessory package is same as yours. Agree on the blue foams - I think i noted that in my review too.  Comply T400's stay intact for me. Differences between review sample and new pair:Retail packaging is now printed - sample case was "stickered" with the info Strain relief at IEM body was red (right) and black (left) for the samples.  Now it's red and blue Included extra silicone tips (grey) + ear guides. I noticed one of the shells on the new pair...
 What ear guides?   My Altone200 didn't come with any ..... I should be getting my second pair today - so now I'm really interested in seeing if there are any differences ..........
 Any chance you can send pics?
 Agree - will await your impressions.
 That would be my preference
Yep - but if for instance I have (and I do have) six or seven Norah Jones albums, and I want an unbroken afternoon session with just her, me and a good book, ideal would be to select Norah Jones, select play all, and then have the X5 go through each album in track order (one after the other).   I can understand what you're after - I'm just not sure how practical it is for "the masses".   What would be better would be an actual search function - IE a filed where you...
 At first you'll notice how alike tonally they are.  The more time you spend with the T1's though, the more you'll realise the gap there is.
 Actually - most of us would prefer all Songs to be ordered by:Artist > Album > Album Track Has been quite a bit of discussion on this since release of the X5 - and this seems to be common consensus.
Thanks Harry   PM coming.
Luke - I have a second pair that should be just about here tomorrow (maybe Weds).   I'll do the same.
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