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Saw the last few comments - and just want to "balance the ledger" - simply to show that the issues some people are having may not necessarily be fw, or may not be happening to everyone.   3.1.1 beta Cleared media library first All my files are meticulously tagged - I have a single micro SD - just aac256 files - artwork is embedded (although I may change this and go to folder only if it helps further increase speed. 6650 tracks in library - 6650 tracks found Scanning...
 You want to tone down the accusations a little?  IIRC correctly - FiiO never claimed gapless on the M3. They said it was something they were looking to add through later fw.  So it could still eventuate.
 Love the Curve.  In my review I originally talked about EQing them to bring the mid-range up.  I no longer find myself doing that - guess I've continued evolving away from the more V shaped IEMs (especially hybrids) to a more balanced sound over time.
 There's nothing wrong with the UI IMO.  It's main issues are overall speed, Bluetooth performance/reliability, and lacking some features (gapless). Overall though - the UI is pretty polished. Fix the speed issues and they would be half way home. BTW - re the gapless : My daughter is using my M3 - so I'll check later - but I'm pretty sure it can't do true gapless.
 I can give you a rough idea - but a lot of this is from notes and from memory.  I no longer have the Andromeda for direct comparison - so please take with a grain of salt :) The graph shows the difference in frequency response.  Both measured on the same rig  - so comparative data is good.  Standard disclaimer:   Build / accessories / fit - both are built of permanent materials (aluminium alloy) and the quality is excellent. The Andromeda has the slightly better cable -...
Don't bother - I've already measured in the past. I know there is no change.
Not in the direct conversations I've had with him. The only burn-in he's mentioned to me is both Tubes and Caps on the Enterprise. I cud prove it to you by setting up a station on a brand new Monk Plus. Measure it. Play music for 100 hours. Re-measure. The plots won't change. But it won't make a bit of difference to the people who claim it exists. They'll still hear it - even when it doesn't exist.
 Nope - not necessarily - some have lots of peaks and valleys, and some still sound pretty good with those too.  Frequency response shows us where the frequency curves are high or low.  If you know your own preferences, you can pretty much tell if you are likely to enjoy something. But you have two graphs now showing same trouble area. Please do what I suggested.  EQ 7 kHz down by about 5 dB and see what you think. Take it down further if you need to - but I think 5dB will...
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