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I've been asked by a couple of people to directly compare the Altone 200 with the Dunu-1000, so I spent about an hour and a half tonight comparing the two.   Please note: I level matched as closely as I could but even with an SPL meter it's really hard, mainly because they have slightly different mid-range presentations, and using test tones to balance them doesn't actually end up with a volume balance the way I would listen. I am not treble sensitive (at all).  I...
 Nope.  I'm assuming that part isn't implemented yet.  If anyone is getting their playlist recognised after scan - I'd love to see a copy of their file, or know what I'm doing different.  Yep - I manually added them.  I have tracks on both cards (that snippet I posted was just part of a 50 track playlist), so putting relative paths means I'd still have have to have full paths to recognise the different cards - so no real point.  Easier just to edit - and I know it works.
 Still using the original one I had - it's working perfectly:  The only issue is that it doesn't actually appear in playlists.  You have to browse to it in folder view.  But otherwise - no issues.
 Agree ClieOS.  Got mine a couple of hours ago.  One of the most addictive signatures I've heard straight out of the box by any IEM.  These are stunning. 
 Depends on your preference.  I used to own both.  315's didn't really gel with me.  Loved the SE425. Quick description - but remember I haven't had the Shures for more than a year, and I've only had the Altones for a couple of hours. SE315 Forward mids, but I found them a little metallic / nasal rather than normal Shure mids Treble was OK - most Shures have some roll-off both ends Bass was bigger than 425 - but not what I would call exceptional quality (a bit...
My sample just arrived.  Wow.   Easily the most impressive sound sig I've heard straight out of the box for quite some time.  Did not expect something this good at this price value.  I need to put some time on these with multiple genres to check that it's not just initial impressions.   Thoughts at first listen:   Beautifully balanced with decent bass impact Very clean, very clear Enough treble to give them zing - but definitely not too hot (not to my tastes anyway...
Give your guys a pat on the back Joe! Just fired it up (2.07).  Play lists now work - in the order they are listed    Now if they could just get the playlists we create to appear in the "Playlist" section of the Play By Category - then I'd be very, very happy.
 Thanks H20 - about what I expected.  Pleased I didn't waste time or money getting them over here.  Unsubbed.
 The replacement dark cups reminded me a little of my DT880 - but a little too hot up top, and a little too lean down the bottom.  The signature of the wood cups is growing on me.  Warmer and darker - just needs a little more sparkle.  EQ'd it sounds quite nice. 
Sold to Silversurfer
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