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 Actually it isn't that complicated (MP3Tag).  It just takes time to learn, and get used to it.  It's also very configurable, and you can virtually do an entire library once it's all set-up properly.  It's just a matter of getting the defaults set-up for your needs. What I've done is set the default tagging to a very basic FLAC style - one which only has the following tags:ArtistAlbum ArtistAlbumGenreYearTrack # Once the defaults are set-up, I first delete all tags, then...
 MP3Tag - it's brilliant.
 Definitely this ^^ Have had no issues with stuttering with tracks from HDTracks - but first thing I always do is strip the tags, and retag myself (clean) - without any of the unnecessary 'fluff' (like encoder tag, comment tag etc)
  AKG K701, K702, Q701 (and K612) all definitely require amping.
 You'll laugh at this comment then Luke (in the DN-1000 thread) - and BTW he hasn't heard them .....  
I think you'd be surprised with the Altone200.  Mild U/V shape - yes.  Great sounding  - IMO yes.  I actually prefer them to the DN-1000
 Have you tried the Altone200 Inks?
 No probs. 1 - For Brainwavz - try MP4Nation.  Make an inquiry with them online.  They'll soon tell you if they can ship to you (wherever you are - "Latin America" encompasses a whole lot of area, and you weren't specific).  Website is 2 - For the Altone200 - contact their rep direct on Head-Fi - with more info...
Both were using Comply T400s
Thanks - guess it's just how we interpret what is too much or too little bass then .
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