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Zankes - here is something else I forgot - Trinity have a new KS project ...... with replaceable cables.  I should have a pair of prototypes in a couple of weeks.   Anyway KS project is here ...... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/157887895/high-end-sports-in-ear-headphones-by-trinity-audio?   Might be worth checking out
 Hi James - no, sorry, I was answering Jamesg11 in the posts above me - who seems to be having some playback issues :)
 Comes down to preference .  Everyone will be different.  To me the 2000J is real upgrade.
James - can you upload the album (complete with problem files) to a service like dropbox, so that we could test on our own units.  That would at least let you know if it's just your unit.  I could also then look at the files and see if there are any potential issues.
Mine just arrived today (Roar2)   Sadly it appears to be DOA.  Lucas, I've sent you a PM.  Plugged it in - no lights. Tired USB no lights.  Used power button - no lights.   Awaiting instructions .....
 What are the file formats?  Perhaps it's something that's not covered with the X3ii?
 Yep - I'm a quiet listener too Vince (mostly in the 60-70 dB region).  There must be a spike that I'm particularly sensitive to - doesn't hit me most of the time, then it's suddenly there. Next week I'm, going to give it a touch of EQ - should solve everything. But right now I have to finish Jive and move onto T20 (tour unit)
 In both Linux and Apple - the drivers are built into the kernel.
Any chance of a frequency response chart for the Algiz, and maybe a description of the sound.  There are a few reviews out there - but none that make me want to pitch $250 up front just to review them.   If you're interested though - PM me and I can review them both here and Headfonia.  If you're prepared to send them to me - I'll return them once I've finished, or arrange a tour.  Your call.
Duke is a nice IEM but treble peak can get a bit shrill. I don't have quite the same enthusiasm compared to say the DN2KJ. Still putting time on it - but not expecting any sonic changes TBH. Runabout is a very clean sounding amp. Not great for sensitive IEMs though (too little headroom on the pot). Marvellous with the Zen. Need another couple of weeks to get the VE stuff bedded in properly though.
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