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You guys might want to check Peter's thread .....
Manufacturers:   T-Peos in Korea RockJaw in UK   Might not hurt to contact both with view to include genuine Comply tips in their accessory package 
 Thanks - have amended review.  If it's any consolation - probably because of the Dunus, I'm now using genuine Comply tips on most of my IEMs.  Just ordered (last week) 5 pairs each T400s and Tx400s in fact  
Payment sent - thanks Danny
Have to admit - I'd love to try a Stax (entry level) one of these days.  Was tempted before I bought the T1s.  Think that will have to wait until I actually get to one of the bigger US meets eventually.
I'm hearing you Paul - just don't go and demo those T1's .  Could be an expensive exercise - especially as you already love the DT880.   How much do I like the T1's?  Well the HD700 have gone, so have the DT880, and I'm about to sell the HD600 (pretty sure anyway)  
Angus & Julia Stone's new album.  
Closed and portable - see this thread
Cheers Peter - thanks for the quick answers.
Hi Peter   First up - kudos for the really great thread and comparisons.  I'm looking for a pair primarily for long distance travel (including long haul flights). Typically in the past I mostly use IEMs for travel - but there are times when fatigue (comfort) can make me wish I had some portable cans.   I've read though your comparisons, and pretty much narrowed it down to the T51p and the NAD HP50s.  To give you some terms of reference - my favourite fullsized cans are...
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