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They are a V shaped IEM - but you are comparing to the Havi B3 Pro1 (which I also used to own).  So if you are used to the Havi - you are used to a very bass light or bass flat or bass neutral IEM (choose your descriptor )   My advice - stop using your Havi for a week - use the Altone 200 exclusively - and then see if feel the same way.  I'm betting you just need to give your ears a chance to adjust. 
I talked to Martin about having the ability to turn off the power draw - not sure if he will implement at some stage.
 Alclair Curve review - http://www.head-fi.org/products/alclair-curve-new-tuning/reviews/14344 Incredibly comfortable - probably the most comfortable fit you'll get outside customs.  And yes - the DN-1000 can get uncomfortable after a while - same with the DN2K.  Its just the girth of them.  It's not until you start using very ergonomic shapes that you realise how much better something like the Curve (or other ergonomic fits) can be.
 Yep - has the DAC.  If you have the right cable, it works with an iPhone too. Goes really well with the FLC8S.
FLC8S review finally posted.  My thanks to Forrest for giving me the opportunity, and to Nik and Igor for vouching for me initially.   http://www.head-fi.org/products/flc-technology-flc-8s/reviews/16212   Lots of info on tuning for those who are interested.
FLC8S review posted - http://www.head-fi.org/products/flc-technology-flc-8s/reviews/16212
 Thanks mate - sorry must have posted just when you were.  Trying to finish a review for FLC8S while monitoring forums.  I'm not a good multi-tasker :)
 Well all I can say is that I've either been lucky, or we have different ideas of what is "good".  I have: FiiO M3, X1, X3ii, X5, X5ii and X7 All get regular use.  I've had all of them for considerable time - some many months, others a couple of years. I don't have the problems you outlined above.  Are you sure it is not your micro SD cards or your files?  I see a lot of people critiquing FiiO, only to find out later that their cards, or their files are at fault. Why?  Yes...
As far as I know - neither of us have one.  I haven't heard the Master 4 - and I know Bob was reworking the Master 6.  We know as much as you guys do.
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