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Thanks Joe I have some of these at home - so will give them a try.
HD700 HD600 DT880 DN-1000 BA100
Hi Isaiah.I still consider the Audio-gd NFB entry series as being incredible value for money, and perfect with the HD600. I own the NFB-12 (equivalent today's NFB-15 = USD235 + freight).If you wanted the Sabre equivalent - the NFB 11.32 ( = USD299 + freight)Paul
Bravo Eke   Great comparison.  I did mine while I had the X5 - and basically 3-way tested my iPhone4, V3 and the X5.  Volume matched with an SPL meter and using my DT880's.  Like you - I noticed that the differences were a lot smaller than I expected, and over all impressions between the 3 were very similar - and the differences I noted were also similar to your observations.   Frequency wise I'd put the iPhone4 between the X5 and V3.   The draw for both the X5 and...
Well I thought I'd advise anyway.  I have the DT8880, HD600 and now the HD700 - and I really like it.  To each their own.  At that price it won't last long ......
Any of you guys interested in picking up the HD700.  Just hit the FS section.  HD700 @ USD 450.00.   I'd be all over this if I hadn't bought it a month ago.
I still wonder whether MiceBlue's X5 had a difference to the rest of the demo units.  His impressions were a lot different to most of ours.
Howdy - here's what you said. You're certainly entitled to your opinion. It mirrors what MiceBlue said as well. But the overwhelming majority opinion (mine as well) is that the X5 is actually a pretty neutral DAP with a slight hint of warmth. I definitely would not describe its characteristic as bright.It could all come down to personal preference though.I would agree though that a lot of metal music can be poorly mastered so spikes are more likely to be in the music...
 Wow - which mastering do you have?  Mine's the HD Tracks - and it's fine.  Dynamic Range database says most of her releases of this album are also
Hard to say without:Hearing the music you're listening toHearing the i30s. ORKnowing the i30 frequency response graphIt's likely to be a combo of 1&3 where the music is recorded hot/bright and the i30 have a treble emphasis. An example would be Beth Hart's "Live At Paradiso" album which is quite a hot / bright recording. It sounds bright but great on the HD600s, but does have sibilance when using my HD700s (which have a couple of treble peaks). Easy solution is EQ.
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