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I actually meant lowering the bump at 1-2 kHz. The last thing I'd do is raise it any higher
Am I the only one who find the mid-range just slightly fatiguing - no matter which filter I try?  EQing the bump between 1-2 kHz out a bit actually helps a lot.
http://www.head-fi.org/products/fiio-x3-2nd-gen-ultraportable-hi-res-dap/reviews  Pair it with an amp like the E17K or E11K and I can squeeze 16 hours out of it. 
I just use it with my powered JBL LSR 305s.  The variable control on the iDSD is brilliant - as is the 3D.
 Oh please no.  If you want brighter - use EQ.  Keep making the DAPs the way you always have FiiO - neutral.  let people colour them to their own tastes.
 Yes it is - he's talking about ROM and the SOC - and last time I checked the only thing with 200 Gb capacity is the actual external storage - which is essentially useless for onboard software ..... 
 Well considering I haven't actually heard the final version yet - no-one has but Bob - it's kind of difficult .........
And that is where I leave this thread.  If you're not going to engage properly - "I think, I feel, I believe" - in an actual science thread?   I'll go back to my original question - which of course you won't answer: "find a real world example where the difference actually exists, and is actually audible"   In other words - I want two files from the same master - where there is an audible difference after volume matching - one FLAC, one WAV   Remember the actual topic...
 I'll see how I go this weekend. Sabres were good with the Gun-metal.  For my personal taste, they are brilliant with the Purple.  I'll have to measure these now as I could swear when listening today that there is quite a bit of difference between the filters wrt bass (more than you've had previously with Atlas) - I could be wrong - still getting over head cold. I can see now why you think Sabre is the sleeping giant in the collection.
My experience mirrors Castle's.  Never freezes.  Fully functional.   My files are meticulously tagged though, the card was formatted in the X1, and maybe I've just been lucky.  But I'd expect if your issue was "common" there would be a lot more posts about it.   The only issue I have really is that the wheel is very loose now.  Still OK to navigate though.  I use it a lot and it is my actual unit (bought and paid for).  Might even contact FiiO and pay to get it fixed....
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