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I used to have an Arrow - fantastic amps.  Was actually very tempted to get another one - especially the newer combined DAC/amps Robert is releasing now (+ you can pick where you want the bass boost / changeable frequency).  Problem is that I probably wouldn't use it - especially with the likes of the X3ii and X5.  For my gear and my preferences - I really don't need to amp further (most of the time).   If you get the chance to try an Arrow (at a meet or something) -...
 If that's what you hear - I'm not debating it with you .  Like you, I heard a difference - but it was minimal, and properly volume matched the difference was in the bass presentation. I'm just suggesting that the traits you mentioned: - bigger perceived soundstage - more perceived clarity - better perceived separationetc can also be manifested when one source is slightly louder than the other one  But again - I'm not saying you're wrong - I'm just relaying my experience...
Further update - back on track.  Hopefully the X3ii will be with Kevin in Perth either later today, or worst case Tuesday.  One I got the right people at NZ Post and DHL, the response has been really good.
Bob has already confirmed: If they reach stretch goal, inine controls will eb added as an option - they won't be compulsory Strain relief on housings will be made more robust and colour coded for easy ID - L and R There will be a cinch above the Y split   At this stage I don't think over ear guides will be included, and that's not a bad thing as many will want to wear these cable down.   So 3 out of 4 ticked 
 Nice - photos?
 Found it -
Nice - always wanted to hear the Crack.  And being able to pair it with an HD800 would be ideal :)
 Can't comment on the K7XX  - but can on the K615Pro, K701, K702 and Q701 - as I've owned all of those.  Their problem is that they are all not very efficient headphones, and although you can get them to a reasonable volume - even out of an iphone! - the bass goes AWOL. I''ve seen a lot of people refer to the AKGs as bass light headphones - but they are surprisingly linear through the bass if they have enough current.  IMO they deifntiely need amping.  I used to have a...
 HD600 plug is actually a 3.5mm with a 6.3mm sleeve built in.  Pull the outer sleeve off, and underneath is the 3.5mm plug. 
 Each to their own I guess. Mine was side by side Alternative amp was NFB-12 Volume was matched to within 0.1 db using a calibrated meter.
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