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 Tough question - and comes down to preference. Things I like about the M20:The vent's positioning and being able to cut out wind noise Very consistent and actually sounds (to me) slightly better with the U10 than the B1 (purely frequency related) Does sound quite open Things I like about the B1:Slightly more open sounding (subjective) compared to the M20 Sounds better to me with my U6 (again subjective) compared to M20 (purely frequency related) I get less listening...
I think you've misunderstood me. You are going line-out from your iPod to the line-in on the E17K and then headphone out on the E17K. So the tone controls work. They wouldn't if you were using E17K as DAC and line-out from it to another amp. For what you want - it's perfect.
 Don't try to extract it - just put the fw file as is - in the root directory. Switch off.  Swith on again holding upper left button and power button.  it will recognise the fw file and update. 
 Tip choice will be dependent on each user.  My ears are not typically default friendly for silicones - so normally I use foams - and most of the time now simply stretch Shure Olives.  As always - experimentation is probably the best way to go.
 Sorry - as Theo pointed out, the EQ and Viper will only affect in Pure Music.  I'll have a look through Tidal later today and see if I can figure something out.  Filters will work across everything, but effects are subtle and won't achieve the effects you really want.
 Thanks Theo - yes I should have thought of that.  The EQ and Viper will of course only be in Pure Music.
 Just buy the bass boost viper feature, or use the EQ.  Either way you're set. 
 In many ways it is a lot better.  Better overall build quality, and far more configurable - you an choose mid-forward like the A83, or flatter, more V shaped, less - the choice becomes yours.  The advantage the A83 has is fit. While I wouldn't call the LZA4 uncomfortable, it doesn't tend to disappear like the Fidues do. Yes it would be a good compliment - and you may find you use the A83 less once you get these  Example:Red is the Fidue, and you can get pretty close to...
Yes of course they work. The filters are in the DAC. When you stream, you are streaming a digital signal which has to go through the DAC to covert to analogue sound. Therefore the filters apply
Can't post at the moment - on tour with clients.
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