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It's actually worse than that - the rips will all be at different volumes, so more than likely that is what he is hearing.  He's also just doing one test and identifying rather than trying to (blind) get a statistically relevant number correct. I know regarding the volume between formats - because its one of the first things I found when I was comparing codecs. @thepooh - thanks for posting what you did - it explains a lot - and I'm not being condescending here, I really...
 Just means I get to spend more time on here rather than less - and unfortunately doesn't help the review time-table ...... 
 Actually that is incorrect.  Google the Carver challenge. http://www.stereophile.com/content/carver-challenge The actual amp used was revealed later - a beta Conrad Johnson Premier Five amp costing over $12,000
You're impatient . It hasn't arrived yet.
Morris - perhaps it would be best to actually hear a couple (go to a Meet perhaps) then see if your opinion changes. I agree with you that on paper SS is the better tech. It doesn't stop me listening to the $1000 VE Enterprise and wondering how I'll convince my lovely wife that it's a sound investment - despite having an excellent SS amp in the iDSD.
Review unit. I'm way behind in my review queue but hoping to catch up slowly over next few months
How did you volume match? We're you using the ABX software in Foobar? And if you did the test under completely controlled circumstances - then you do have golden ears and you're also a first (like first ever). This would actually be game changing if you can repeat it with an independent observer. Can you run through exactly what method you used?
 If you'd been following the discussion, the additional sales generated by including the dac and amp will lower manufacturing costs - so that there will be no trade-off, nor higher price. And I fail to see how this compromises anything
I'm not getting into a debate on this.  if you're disappointed in me or my views - that is your right.  Just as my puzzlement at your position is mine.  To voice our own opinions is also our right.  I've voiced mine. You've voiced yours.  The world carries on.  Further discussion in this vein is pointless.  Like I said, and I meant it genuinely - good luck in your search.
MLE - did you try the low latency gaming preset (talk to Darin about it if you haven't).  I used to use an SB Titanium card.  Now all I use is OOYH and 2 channel output from the iDSD.  Magic right there :)
New Posts  All Forums: