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Good service!  Hopefully this time you get to hear what Luke and I have been hearing with our units.
HD650 cable is 81 grams - or at least mine is anyway.
Thanks Luke.  It would explain a lot of the debate anyway.
 I'll weigh it when I get home later today :)
Let Mobyn (Sunggoo) know.  He should be able to arrange RMA replacement.
Joker's review (  Enough said ........
Hard to compare the two unless you can get a photo side by side.  The HD280 cable is also coiled isn't it.  The HD650 cable is really heavy duty.  Can't see it breaking in my lifetime unless it's abused.
Lol - congrats - you're a super human How's the music down that low?
What you're talking about is called placebo old son.  It's OK - the brain is a powerful instrument, and it's amazing what we think we can hear - until proven we actually can't.   I just gave you links to a scientific study that show that the lowest sound that was heard in laboratory conditions by a human was 12 Hz.  Most studies show that normal hearing is in the range of 20 Hz - 20 kHz (I can only get to around 15-16 KHz at the top end).   Now given the above - what...
Well actually I was wrong - the lowest known measured (laboratory conditions) test was apparently 12 Hz   Bit it doesn't much alter my two earlier statements: Us normal folks can't generally go below 20 Hz There's no music that lives that low (apart from a pipe organ, or tones made by generators) - so it's not going to affect your listening enjoyment anyway.
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