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 Choose category "all songs".  Play first song - and switch to shuffle mode (top left button to access menu)Click next song (bottom right button) It will randomise the playlist and you have now shuffled all songs.
 First up - you're making a couple of generalisations, which if misconstrued by others is not really fair on FiiO.  I have my X5ii in front of me now.  It's playing Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album which is definitely gapless - 16/44 redbook FLAC.  There are no gaps - it is seamless.  It is also that way with aac files.  I haven't tested WAV. Are you sure its not your files? Have you reset the X5ii and made sure gapless is turned on (I'd also turn everything else off just in...
 The only issue I had was with a second hand pair I got as part of a trade. One of the driver diaphragms was creased (the pair had not been looked after).  I cleaned up the housings, replaced the pads, and put two new drivers into the capsules. Now they're as good as new.  And THAT is the beauty of the HD600.  Fully modular. Huge longevity.  And you can repair them yourself (just snap in a new part).
 That depends on anatomy and preference.  Rather than asking advice - you have the covers - why not try them all out, and tell us what you think of them ?  
 Yep - https://www.campfireaudio.com/product-category/cables/
I'm with Sonic Defender on this one.  No difference for me between battery or USB.  Might just mean we have better regulated power supply, or that you have issues with your Mobo maybe?   I also tried the iPurifier2 - but it did nothing for my current set-up, so I sent it to someone else to get their impressions of it. I'll get it back and retest it in another couple of months.   I guess if you're lucky enough to have good USB and steady regulated power (no glitches or...
 http://en-us.sennheiser.com/system-300r $70.90 but out of stock Can't find the hD650 capsule on the same site. Here's an example from UK though: http://headphonespares.sennheiser.co.uk/hifi-tv-headphones/hd-600-avantgarde/driver-system.html £ 58.92 incl.VAThttp://headphonespares.sennheiser.co.uk/hifi-tv-headphones/hd-650/dynamic-neodymium-capsule-300r.html £ 42.41 incl.VAT The HD650 capsule is almost always cheaper.
 Most websites list the HD650 capsule as cheaper than the HD600 - including Sennheiser.  I just checked Aussie official Sennheiser site, and the HD600 capsule is more expensive. http://service.sennheiser.com.au/consumer/products/hifi-and-tv-headphones/hd-600-avantgarde/system-300r.html http://service.sennheiser.com.au/consumer/products/hifi-and-tv-headphones/hd-650/dynamic-neodymium-capsule-300r.html As far as I know - this is true world-wide. I replaced with genuine HD600...
 Just get the E17K and attach it to the X3ii via line-out.  It does 3 things you'll probably like:Provides easy to use volume control (thumb wheel) Gives you the same tone controls as X3 original (+/- 10 bass and treble) Will extend the battery life of your X3ii by not using its amp
Generally yes - it is how I use mine - pretty much solely as a desktop solution.
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