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 If it was taken that way - then I apologise.  It wasn't intended.  And thanks for the heads up on it - I shall be more careful with my diction in future 
There is no shirt clip included Do I have a shirt clip - yes.  Do I like wearing them - no. In my normal use - these are a little microphonic.  Thanks for the suggestions - but I'm just pointing out that they are - especially compared to some other IEMs which I know well. Would suggest someone else go for a run - with the S5 properly fitted, and cinched - without a shirt clip (as none was provided), and then they can report their findings.   Now if we reread my...
 Nope - I need to tell it how it is - without glossing anything over.  I love the fit.  I like the sonics.  They are very comfortable.  But the cable (for me) is an issue.  I'm wearing it over my ears, I have it cinched properly.  I'm still getting cable noise.  It's fine walking - but for jogging - it's noisy.  The cable is simply too rubbery.  Comparatively - I've done same with the DN-1000, RockJaw Alfa Genus, and T-Peos Altone200 - and none of these are as microphonic...
I haven't heard the DX90 - but if people are saying that it is slightly more analytical than the X5 - and if you consider the HD650 analytical (IMO it's actually on the warm and dark side) - then I think the choice for you is easy.  Either X5, or maybe even X3.   I own the X5 - the UI is pretty functional already and getting better with each firmware release.
Microphonics are not good - especially for running.  Problem is that the cable is reasonably solid, and quite rubbery.  Even with the cinch I'm getting a lot of cable noise.  Not so bad for walking.  Sound though is really growing on me.  Very non-fatiguing, and love the fit ergonomics.
The Senn Hd650 are only 300 ohm impedance. I'm also surprised you described them as analytical - most people regard them as being on the warm side.
I guess it depends on the recording - but I didn't ever really get that impression from my pair.
 Would help if you described what you mean by "the weirdness of HD700".  If you can be specific - we might be able to help.
Loved that review TD.  I don't need a portable amp - and it even had me thinking about getting the kit just for the fun of building it.   I think the big difference is that yours was very informative, had clear instructions of what to expect, and objectively looked at a comparison with the Fiio E11.  Rather than talking absolutes, you gave some good opinions, but also reasoning to back it up.  It was a great review and very worthy of front page IMHO.
Congrats - I hope you enjoy it.  I still love my NFB-12, and one of the main reasons I haven't gone more expensive is that I've never really felt the need to.  You may be surprised that there may not be a huge jump in quality over your Cambridge 550a - I've often found when people start talking about huge differences between DACs and amps, in reality the changes are subtle.  People look for 'night and day' differences - but it's best to take your time getting used to the...
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