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Bob (Trinity) backed it - he thought it was a great idea.  I'm actually tempted to - considering how much plugging and replugging I do with reviewing.   Alex - do you think that any distortion would be audible?  I wonder why it hasn't been brought up yet on the KS project.  Maybe I should go ask.
Try PMing him. My understanding is that he's pulled out of all reviewing for a while due to personal reasons. It's only temporary - but for now I don't think you'll get a full review from him. He might pop up and give a short impression of each (hopefully) if he has time.
Hi ZachiThanks. I listen to quite a bit of Rock & Alt Rock myself. In answer to your question - I'm getting 2 Hyperions (one each for my to kids) - they'll love them .......... An entry point to HQ audio. For me though, it's Delta all the way. I'll also stick with the gun-metal filter most of the time, but it's nice to have the option to go silver occasionally if I need more fun factor. The Delta does everything well - and can play with IEMs at much higher price levels...
No - it's disabled for both
That's a lot like Accudio! I'd love to see that functionality on a Fiio product!
I've said my piece Jazz.  And I'm not complaining.
I'm in agreement with the concept Jazz - and I'd be a willing participant.  I'm just mindful that not everyone will be as eager as I am to have it in this thread.  If you guys want to keep it in the thread - be my guest. I can see someone complaining about it if it becomes a popular topic though.   Go ahead - I've said my piece.
There are how many models and brands of headphones?  If it becomes popular, do you really think that people with no interest in EQ will be happy with a lot of conversation possibly clogging the thread?  What is wrong with a side thread specifically dealing with EQ?
I agree with you Jazz - would be a good topic, and one I would be very interested in - especially if it centered around the X5 (and X3ii).  But I would suggest a new thread perhaps - so we don't clutter the X5 thread with too much talk of EQ?  If you make a dedicated thread, I'll definitely be there!
  I'm just aware that it might seem as though I've over-hyped the Hyperion and Delta - and I know a lot of people have backed the project because of my review.  But I do absolutely believe in both IEMs, and to me they both represent incredible value.  I just hope they are to everyone's tastes.   You'll note I haven't included the Techne in above comemnts.  I can't really say too much on that yet - as I'm still to receive the tweaked filters (hopefully next week).
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