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 I love it - been to some great restaurants - Kurdish, Persian (Iranian), Turkish - wonderful flavours.
 A Sheep is an adult Lamb.  The meat from the Sheep is Mutton.
Oh and Chris was right (previous page) - it is a sheep 
 So - can we please stop the current back and forth regarding the LZ A2S.  @audio123 - you disagree with Peter's assessment - that does not mean he is wrong and you are right.  It means your subjective opinions differ. If you feel strongly about the matter - then write your own review of them. This would be far more constructive than simply sniping at the efforts of others.
 I can't see how there would be .....
The only recent Trinity I have at the moment is the Sabre (my review on those should be up within a week).  I'm not sure where Bob is with the PM4, PM5, Hunter or Vyrus - but I haven't been sent anything to review so far.  I'll let everyone know if / when I do get anything.
 I just tried it - you get volume out of both.  Hard part would be matching the volume as the balanced out is obviously louder.
 You are jumping to some huge conclusions after just hearing one side of the story.  I'd imagine Asius viewpoint will come out eventually (I've already been privy to some of it, but I cannot disclose).  All I can say is that I'm sorry to see the two companies part ways - as the ADEL series of 64 Audio IEMs were truly special.  I've enjoyed working with both companies as a reviewer.
 I have the Altone200 and Delta V2.  I think I'm supposed to be getting a Vyrus at some stage, so I'll let you know if/when it arrives.
[mod comment] I've just removed a couple of posts and had to dish out a couple of warnings.  Please no more. REMINDERS OF WHAT IS NOT APPROPRIATE Direct personal attacks Replies to direct personal attacks - just report the posts OK. However - I also want to point out that this sort of post is also part of the cause:  Its off-topic, causes the more objective amongst us to frown, and actually starts heated debates.  If you want to go through the ritual of burn-in, and you...
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