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 I very rarely use a smartphone as the player.  It's almost always X5, X5ii, X3ii or my iDSD.  Where did you get the idea I used a smartphone as a player?  I do use an iPhone from time to time - but it's perfectly capable of playing 20Hz EDIT : When I'm testing with tones - it's usually X5 or PC > iDSD or NFB-12
 I use a calibrated SPL meter - it has both A and C weighting.  And then I use a series of single tone sine waves to test each frequency.  Laborious - but it works.
DN2000J review posted -   Sorry - it's a long one.
 I am not using a smartphone. Haven't been for quite a while. I use a properly calibrated SPL meter  It is how I've been testing all my gear lately 
My review (finally) posted
DUNU DN-2000J review posted
 Nowhere near as bad as either of them.  I don't actually hear a peak at all around the 8.5-10 kHz that he mentions - but I trust Tom's ears.  He's a lot more sensitive to treble than I am.  What I hear is a noice clean, vocal presence, never approaching sibilance - really clean and clear and balanced.  Comparatively the A83 sounds quite V shaped, and a bit messy/edgy in the treble, and the Altone sounds quite thin and strident in places. I personally don't find the treble...
You may hear 20 Hz easily Bram.  At normal listening levels (and I honestly think that when most people are listening to tones, the first thing they do is turn the volume up when it gets low), I cannot.  IE - normal music l;istening level for me - if measuring peaks with an SPL meter - is around 75-80 dB (so probably real terms averaging 70 dB at around 1kHz). Play a series of test tones at normal listening levels - by the time you are at 20-30 dB (for me anyway), it is...
Headphones will always make the greatest difference.  If it was me - I'd upgrade them first.   The colour vs black and white is typical "marketing speak".  Its a nice sounding amp with good power, very good build quality, and enough aesthetic appeal to make it a talking point. It is not a total game changer or miracle worker .   I bought it because I do like the project, and I can see the amp coming in handy.  If I don't end up using it a lot, it will make a fantastic...
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