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 Then clear the tags compeltely - and mp3tag will do it.  In fact most decent tag editors have this function.
Save yourself some money - T-Peos Altone200 triple hybrid.   My review here -   Watch for impressions coming in as first people start receiving theirs this week.  These really are something special .....
The tags are stored in the metadata (not the binary code of the track) - so mp3tag can handle it fine. You can choose to delete all tags, or simply list all tags (extended) and delete the ones you don't want.   I've found the easiest way to do it is to put in your preferences what tags you want to keep - then choose delete all and then undo.  Only the tags you want should be restored.  I always do a double check (using the extended tags search) as well - and sometimes...
 Sooo tempted on the WA3 - but I'll never get the HD800 if I keep buying stuff 
If any Kiwis looking for a used pair of DT880s (very good condition & comes with full packaging), send me a PM.  If I don't hear anything by the weekend, they're going up on TradeMe.  Thought I'd give NZ Head-Fiers first dibs.  Didn't want to create a FS for them just yet. 
For larger images (1200 x 800) - please click individual pictures   INTRODUCTION   At the time I wrote my HD600 vs HD700 comparison, I’d mentioned to a few people that I also meant to compare the DT880 properly with my newly purchased T1.  Basically the premise I had with the Sennheiser “duel” is the same with this comparison ……   I needed to thoroughly compare, and formulate my thoughts (subjective as they may be), on the two neutral semi-open backed Beyerdynamic...
 Thanks Vic  If I do get selected - and Tekfusion are OK with it, I'd suggest I send them on to you - and you could then get them around your Aussie tour group.  Might be a good way to get maximum exposure to the brand. A thought anyway. 
Ah - but that's what I meant about using the X5 or X3.  Then you just move DAP (X5 or X3) + the HD600 to any room you want.  Forget about the laptop and dac/amp - you don't need them (except at your desktop)
Sorry    Should have checked typing.  Yes the X5 easily powers the HD600.  So would the X3.  Both would be good transportable solutions for the HD600 - but moot if you want a truly portable option.  But for me, that's where IEMs come in 
Nice set-up :)     Yes - I'm in Invercargill.
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