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 Probably gold damped - this might help (check the graphs) - http://www.head-fi.org/products/trinity-delta-v2-dual-hybrid-iem/reviews/16080
 Given what I know about Stephen and Steve, and their own commitment to customer care and service, I'd suggest highly likley.  And if they do partner with other manufacturers over time, it would be a good business model to keep a universal size. What I would question is why 64Audio want to break away from using the same universal size?  It would give customers more choice in the long run.  Given both companies excellence in servicing their customer base - it would seem the...
 I don't think you can - not without having another amp - as the iTube is effectively a tube buffer.  I borrowed one off the agent in NZ for a couple of weeks, and the iTube is really for a speaker system rather than headphones.  And at some stage I may get one for my small desktop set-up - it was really good.
 Thanks Alex - look forward to the update.
Well Alex says there is a different material used - so I'm assuming there is still a membrane.   I just want to know what "takes this to the next level"- or if this is smoke and mirrors stuff.  I also don't particularly like the idea of inferring this is better without actually seeing why.  To me that is an empty claim without some more information.
 Hi Alex - can you please explain the bit in red.  It really tells us nothing - and is pretty much marketing speak (I know - I'm a marketer). How exactly does it take things to the next level, and what objective measurements have you done to show us the results of this (I'm assuming your team must have done some).
Bumping the thread - for a newbie looking for help.  Has anyone heard any of these DAPs, and is able to answer this question?  I unfortunately have no experience with any of them.   TIA
Rosmadi - I'm going to be leaving Sunday for normal 2 week lightning RTW trip.  Will make a point of looking for the PXC550 when I hit Singapore toward the end of the trip (I'll have a few hours to kill at Changi).   Curious as to how they will compare with my QC25.
It becomes difficult though when you come up with something you just can't explain - and have nothing to fall back on but a purely subjective view.  I've been writing up a close to $1000 tube amp from VE over the last 3 months (simply haven't had time to complete it).  Compared it to me iDSD and LD MKIV.  Same headphones (HD600).  Volume matched.  I know both the iDSD and LD MKIV deliver enough voltage and current to the headphones.  I can get my wife to help by switching...
 We don't ban people for mentioning it.  We warn them that one particular site in particular is not allowed to be referenced. Once they are warned, it they repeatedly break the rules - we issue a sterner warning - and after that if they still choose to break the rule - then their access here is removed. The important thing is that they are warned - they have the chance to change their ways.  As far as the reasons go (for that site being off limits) - I don't know the full...
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