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 Nope - Brainwavz supplies genuine Comply tips.  The Fidue ones are a little more hard wearing (synthetic outer), and also not as soft as Comply's heat active foam.  The Comply is a lot more comfortable, easier to egt a seal (I find) - but the cost is durability - the Comply wear out quicker
Sony Isolation tips (hybrids with internal foam) large = brilliant.  Sadly you can't seem to buy them separately.   Second choice would be Comply - I've been using medium T400s, but suspect large T400s might be better for me in the long run.
That I can't really comment on.  I only had them for around 5 days - and the temps here have been less than stellar (warmest around 20C).
Thanks for the update
Guess it was RockBob   After the early work on retuning the Acero, we (the initial reviewers) haven't seen any updates.  Still wondering about the Kommand too.  After the work a few of us did with feedback on the original Kontrol, haven't really heard anything more about their flagship.  And the guy that one the comp to name it hasn't reviewed it either.   Pity really - thought they were onto a good thing, and the design looked interesting.
It's like a soft rubber - quite flexible and not overly microphonic. You'd need to check with RHA for the outer material
Ok - to clarify - they won't fit fit OOTB
 Won't fit the nozzle.
 Nope - they'll charge you. Plenty of options outside Amazon though. * Bandcamp for downloads* I also use a place called WOW HD for CDs - they do international.
It at least then allows some more of the mid range to come through - and it's quite pleasant actually.  Without EQ though - not my tastes.
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