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 It's often actually quicker than using a dedicated server in China.  What's your problem with it?  Plenty of businesses use dropbox.  it's just another tool.
 Here's the thing.  If you'ere going to be impartial and talk about pros and cons of each - leave the baggage at the door.  I see the one thing you didn't mention is price.  For the $1000+ the ZX2 cost you can get an X7, leather case, 200 Gb card and at least one more module. The ZX2 has a very weak amp - which is why it has such great battery life - IE it is a trade off.  For someone just driving IEMs, then it maybe an ideal solution - slim, small good internal memory...
 He's posted a couple of times (I deleted the first one because it was a duplicate).  He's new to the site so can't post links - his posts go into a validation queue)  By the time their validated. the thread might be moving a little quick, and his post goes un-noticed.  So I'm just hoping the team here will help a new user out :) HBB - thanks.  Someone else directed him to you guys - so he may not have read the first post. I'll bow out now - he's in good hands.
Can one of you guys please have a quick look at this post - http://www.head-fi.org/t/761433/the-best-iems-for-bass-are-basshead-iems/6975#post_12552272   New member - posted some links so it gets held up until validated. As a result it's probably been missed.   If you can help I'd appreciate it.  Cheers
 Just looked at the specs and the HE-1000 is low impedance, low sensitivity - so voltage won't be a problem, but current will be.  Think you'd need to try it - but guessing you might need something with a little more current output.
I tried it with the T1 and HD600 but unfortunately I don't really have anything that needs high current (just high voltage)
AM5 amplifier module review posted for anyone interested  - http://www.head-fi.org/products/fiio-am5-high-power-amplifier-module-for-x7
FiiO AM5 amplifier module for X7 review here - http://www.head-fi.org/products/fiio-am5-high-power-amplifier-module-for-x7
[Mod Comment]   Before anything gets too heated here - can we remember (everyone) to avoid it becoming personal.  This is about debating the point not the man.  If it's getting to much, take a break. It is after all only a forum - and none of this is life or death 
Well I reckon the green is gorgeous.
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