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 Why don't you go and try the two yourself - instead of making accusations of lying etc. Sennheiser simply listened to their customers - and the two biggest critiques of the HD800S was the desire for a little more bass, and also to lower the 6 kHz spike - without losing any of the extension the HD800 is famous for.  Personally I think they've achieved it - I very much enjoy the HD800S more than the original HD800 - for me personally it is end game.  I have no desire to...
Martin should come back to me with the technical stats you asked for.   I tried the U6.  To get enough play on the pot I had to drop the master volume control on my linux box to about 50% and on jRiver is set to 50% as well.  Otherwise there is just too much volume. Sounds not bad at this setting though. My guess would be that there is a higher OI on the headphone port though - the U6 seem to have a lower bass and higher treble than usual. This is usual with an OI change.
No probs Jinxy - I'll make the inquiry.  And no - I wouldn't use IEMs with a desktop amp.  Besides, the 1/4 inch sockets indicate that its really a full sized headphone amp.  i can try for you though - what IEMs do you want to test?
 Well it would be nice if there was a little less speculation - and a little more patience.  ClieOS has been doing a great job in getting some information out.  I'll be trying to give impressions over the next couple of weeks.  Personally so far it seems to be pretty stable for me.  I just need to get some time to sit down and write something in a little more depth.
Modded Grado's - very cool.  I had a pair of heavily modded 325is (full woodies) - sold them in pursuit of better sound and bought RS1s.  Should have kept the 325is. Now I'm very happy with the new HD800S.  But I digress.   This may help (if you are OK with graphs)   MEE P1 is red - personally I find the balance on them pretty good.  A bit of a V shape - but overall balance and extension is brilliant   Earsonics ES2 is in yellow.  Normally I match volume at 1 kHz -...
[Mod Comment]   After a couple of flags - I'm now watching this thread.  Reminder - don't get personal - debate the points, not the person.
[Mod Comment]   Pointless topic, pointless posts, and looks to be trolling rather than actually looking for information.  As such its locked.   General warning - WindowsX - you are officially on my watch list.  if you start any more pointless topics in Sound Science for the purpose of trolling - expect there to be consequences.   (reason for lock was multiple flags)
 Jim - what are your sonic preferences?  Prefer a lot of bass or a little?  V shaped or balanced?  Are you treble sensitive? How important is fit? As far as alternatives go - immediate thoughts would be Earsonics ES2 and Alclair Curve.
My subjective view would be that AM1 and AM3 are the two most neutral.   AM2, AM5 and AM2A all have varying degrees of warmth
 Don't belittle yourself snuff - I enjoy your reviews.  Would be nice if they could get a pair of the LZs to someone with a measurement rig who doesn't mind posting graphs. Niks is good - I know exactly how to read his. If he's willing to review them anyway.
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