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 Hmmm HD600 here with X1 - listening to Wildlight's "Dawn To Flight" (average dynamically compressed indie) - using an iPhone 5S and dbmeter app Volume 45/100 = SPL at 65-75 (comfortable) with peak at 79 At 80db its too loud for me to wear - consistently at 80-90dB with peaks in the 97-99 dB range  
Think it might depend on what he's listening to and how it is recorded.  With my X1, average listening volume (comfortable) with the HD600s is around 40-45.  With more dynamic (classical) I need to get around 55-60.  What are you listening to for it to be around 80?
Its still decent.  But there have been other releases since that have bested it in value I guess.  For same price range - the Titan is probably the new FOTM (and deservedly so).
Part of the game now - aggressive bowling. Just watched the finish - got through by the skin of our teeth.  Marvellous game to watch though.  Starc was brilliant.  I think I'll put some calming music on now and go and lie down 
As a Kiwi - I'm grinning from ear to ear. Still gotta get the runs though ....
Thanks - definitely interested in seeing what else you come up with.Wish CanJam wasn't so far away - unfortunately 12000km is just a little bit beyond a weekend trip
@RHA Team - at some stage will you look at a re-engineered T10i with less bass and more reference?  I really loved the fit, the feel, the mid-range - just not the bass.  Would be great if you had a second model tuned a little differently .....
Nope - more like the signature just really isn't for you.  It took me quite a while to warm to them.  For the first few days I was thinking to myself  - "is this really what the fuss is about?"   But over time I grew to really like them.   You're right though - they are fairly flat - and if you preference is for a little more warmth, they won't really suit you.  Some people do find them cold and thin.   If you do want something cheap, with a lot of life, warmth and...
 No problems.  I just find it best not to comment on something until I've heard it myself.  I haven't heard the original X3 or E18 - so I'll just let someone who has had the experience cover it (eg guys like Cleg, Bowei, or Ultrainferno). Half the problem on this site comes from people paraphrasing others, or guessing (based on graphs).  Until you've heard it - you don't really know.
Hint for you nimnz - Skerry hasn't heard the Fiio X3 gen2 yet.  Very few people have.   You'd have to find someone who has both units.  Maybe try Bowei006 - or wait until the reviews start coming out in another two weeks.
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