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Measured the output from the Runabout tonight with a test tone and Audacity - both channels match @ 1 kHz   Then set-up the Duke in ARTA again, this time matching multiple times for each channel (previously I only measured one).  Same tips, 3x5 iterations, big channel imbalance.     Can anyone else measure theirs?   I knew something was screwy.
And Levi - I won't compare the two for you as I definitely don't hear the 2000J soundstage like you've described. So any further comparison from me would be meaningless
Note tgx78 is talking about the Hyperion. My graph (comparison) was the Delta
Actually it's a great idea. Why didn't I think of just recording the output? Thanks Joe
It honestly doesn't bother me Nic. All my art is in the tags. If you want to speed up, the easy method is to strip it from the files and just have a single image for each folder. Most of the time, the screen is off when I'm playing - so a little lag in things changing on screen is never noticed
Levi Press and hold upper right button. Another handy tip - if you are at home screen and want to get back to now playing, just tap same button once. Context buttons while playing - tap left top button. Choices left to right are: Favourites, add to playlist, repeat all (eg continuous play of a folder), play in orde, play shuffled, repeat track, delete You can't tag a track but you can add it to your favourites list (see above) EQ - push all sliders to top and just...
I can with an SPL meter - but then I have to swap the earpieces, and there no guarantees I can repeat the results.  I have to think about how I can do it repeatedly and accurately. I was thinking about using Veritas as that would also show an imbalance, and I can tend to get more accuracy.   I'll think some more and come up with something later tonight
Same - I'd suspect it was just my unit, but had someone else comment that there is just not enough play on the pot.   It's fine with something high impedance like the Zen, but this and the Duke ......... not for this kid.
Vince   At least I can mimic your set-up   LP5 (line-out) > RA > Duke - volume at 9am on the pot is louder than I would normally listen   Low gain   I'd be deaf if I got to half way
I agree with you Alex.  I just compared with the Fiio E17K.  Comparable volume is ~ 20/60 (by ear - I'd put the meter away), and the Fiio (to me anyway) sounds better.  Sorry - but I'm simply not impressed by the Runabout so far.   Duke - impressive Zen - very, very impressive Monk - very impressive for the cost   Runabout - "meh"   I'm going to measure the Duke + RA vs Dke + E17K with Veritas when i get some free time tonight.  The more I listen, the more I...
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