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Easy mistake to make because it's very light and has that shiny gloss finish. Before I wrote my review I asked Audrey a bunch of questions on the build and design to make sure I got it all correct.
Yep - body is molded aluminium 6061 alloy.
 Sorry didn't see those others.  Again - though, seems to be an exception rather than the norm.  Anyway - your call if you decide to purchase something different.  All I can relate is my own experience - and with 2/2 pairs, no defects, exceptional sound, fantastic price (for a triple hybrid).
 As far as I know, there is only one user who has mentioned cutting out problems.  I have 2 pairs, and both have been perfect from day 1.
I know it's a totally different headphone, but Shure's engineers stated that theirs do not require break-in.   Tyll's tests were really important with the Q701 because it is a headphone that a lot of people said required hundreds of hours of break-in, and changed a lot during theat period.  Tyll's tests debunked that myth. The reality is that whilst his tests showed something was happening: [a] The changes were not major [b] You're not going to get 'night and day'...
 Actually the 2012 summary is the much better one to read - and especially the conclusion.
 Can't compare with the DT990's but if you have heard the DT880s I can point you here for an in depth comparison: It might help - especially if you've heard the DT880, At USD 650, I'd be grabbing the T1.  Deserved flagship status IMO - and at the moment the pricing is too good to say no.
 In your expanded folder structure - try looking at:\X5_FW2.2\x5\litegui\theme1\list\X5_FW2.2\x5\litegui\theme1\sys_set Pretty sure "list" icons are what is controlling the folder view Sys_set is the icon set for System Settings
Bob - assuming you will continue improving, I think your approach of getting the basics right first is the way to go.  A well built, non-microphonic fixed cable, which is sturdya nd has good strain relief is all we need for now.  And if you build a TOTL flagship in a year os so - go for the detachables then.   Good to see you posted the photos.  I was very tempted to slip in the snaps you showed me last night - but thought this time I should wait .  Really like the look...
You might want to take a look at this post (   Tinyman392 actually measured it.  Not wanting to "steal your thunder or anything" - but the frequency response (and people's impressions of it) was under hot debate a month ago.   FWIW - it correlates what many of us heard during our testing:  - boosted bass  - flatish mids, which sit a little in the background  - gentle rise in upper...
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