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If there is one thing I'd advise people to be with Luxury & Precision - is very, very patient.   I saw a lot of people complain about the FiiO DAPs when they first came out, and the bugs in the UI.  The FiiOs are almost like Apple devices compared to L&P - and from what I've seen with L&P devices, the biggest issue is with software.  They have generally very good build, great components, decent power, and sound pretty amazing.  Their weakness is the UI and the speed of...
 Oh yes - the LP5 (not the L5 Pro) was sublime with the HD800.
Just presets still.
Expensive, pretty primitive UI - personally I'd take the X7 + amp modules.   Can't deny the LP5 sounds amazing though - more with full sized headphones.   Took it to last year's NZ Head-Fi Meet, and a couple of guys tried it with their HD800s.  One guy told me it sounded better than his home rig.  Sounds gorgeous with the HD600 and T1 too.
 Nope - it has plenty of power, but there are others that will have more output power.  L&P LP5 would be one.  I don't even know its full specs on power output - but I'd be genuinely surprised if it didn't have higher output.
 Except it's FiiO's dropbox, they provided the link, and they've been doing it like this for a while now.  If you download from any other persons - then you run your own risks.
 It's often actually quicker than using a dedicated server in China.  What's your problem with it?  Plenty of businesses use dropbox.  it's just another tool.
 Here's the thing.  If you'ere going to be impartial and talk about pros and cons of each - leave the baggage at the door.  I see the one thing you didn't mention is price.  For the $1000+ the ZX2 cost you can get an X7, leather case, 200 Gb card and at least one more module. The ZX2 has a very weak amp - which is why it has such great battery life - IE it is a trade off.  For someone just driving IEMs, then it maybe an ideal solution - slim, small good internal memory...
 He's posted a couple of times (I deleted the first one because it was a duplicate).  He's new to the site so can't post links - his posts go into a validation queue)  By the time their validated. the thread might be moving a little quick, and his post goes un-noticed.  So I'm just hoping the team here will help a new user out :) HBB - thanks.  Someone else directed him to you guys - so he may not have read the first post. I'll bow out now - he's in good hands.
Can one of you guys please have a quick look at this post - http://www.head-fi.org/t/761433/the-best-iems-for-bass-are-basshead-iems/6975#post_12552272   New member - posted some links so it gets held up until validated. As a result it's probably been missed.   If you can help I'd appreciate it.  Cheers
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