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 I think the only one who has actually heard the "4" is Bob.  I should have the Master 6 end of this week, or early next week. Unfortunately I have no Ath CKT 9 or 10 to compare - but you're right about the similarity.  It does pose the question of whether the DN-2002 should only be worn cable down.  It negates the comfort issues that way - but does introduce some microphonics, and because the housing and nozzles are both straight - the fit is pretty shallow. Might have to...
 Far from it - I really enjoy the sonics, and if they were more comfortable for my ear shape I'd be using them regularly.  For anyone who doesn't have issues with fit - they would be an easy recommendation.
 Not so much with the Monks.  Helps the Zens though IMO.
 Make sure you volume match properly when comparing.  And "by ear" isn't volume matching 
My review of the DN-2002 just posted - http://www.head-fi.org/products/dunu-dn-2002/reviews/16064   Sonically wonderful IEM.  I'd love to have the same sonic signature in a different form factor.
DUNU DN-2002 review posted - http://www.head-fi.org/products/dunu-dn-2002/reviews/16064
 Perhaps re-read what I said Nic  I suggested that if some of the people who are griping about the UI had the chance to interact with some of the Hi-Fi DAPs which were around earlier (before you even joined), it does tend to give you a different perspective.  Did you ever get a chance to try anything like the HiSoundAudio devices?  And where did I suggest high end equals dysfunctional?  Where did I even suggest it? And the LPG had a retail price of around $2K didn't it?...
Well I can only speak from my experience with the HD600 - and the Fiio X3ii on 80/120 volume gets the HD600 as loud as I'd like with most music, and what is more sounds pretty good doing it.  It's output into 300 ohm is about 24 mW. No audible distortion or clipping. With very dynamic music you might need more headroom (also if you listen to a lot louder than I do).   Using the X7 with AM5 hi-power amp module, about 70-75/120 on low gain will net you the same power....
It won't matter - as line-out will be kilo-ohm impedance anyway. The only thing which would cause hiss is the amp that is connected to the IEMs/headphones. But yeah - the X3ii line-out is very clean.
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