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 ?  What sort of environment are you using it in ..... ? Anyway - simple answer = LCX1 or C02 -
 They'll patch the 5800 limit in an upcoming FW release (they got past it on the X5 already).  Remember though - 5800 songs is over 300 full albums, and realistically is not going to affect the majority.  For those with more songs than the current limit, they play perfectly well (all of them) in browser mode (instead of tagged mode). And the scroll wheel is fine.  It's better than the X5, as is the UI (IMO). I honestly can't see the big deal.  We are talking about a $100...
If you can't live without the Apple UI - buy an iPod.   Remember this is a $100 DAP with a very usable UI.  The advantages far outweigh any perceived loss of functionality IMO.  Take some time, get used to the UI, and then celebrate that Fiio were able to put such stellar SQ in such a robust, and well thought out DAP at far less than most of the competition.   Sorry for being "Captain Obvious" - but it's not an iPod (IMO the X1 is much better).
Thanks Vic   Those tips you linked are the hybrids, but I'm pretty sure they don't have the foam inners.  I've done a lot of googling.  It appears Sony don't sell them separately - maybe only in Japan.  I may be able to take the original hybrids though and add my own foam.  Might just take some experimenting. 
Thanks. Been doing some hunting. The ones I want are called "Sony Isolation Tips". Unfortunately aren't sold separately. It was an old post of Luke's that alerted me. So it's either contact Sony and ask - or go back to the Complies.
Now using the A83 with Sony Hybrids (the ones with the foam inside the silicone outer).   Bingo   Perfect match for me - comfort, seal, sound.   Now I just need to see where I can buy some more.
What you need to do (trust me - this works).   Spend at least 48 hours with just the HD600 and O2/ODAC.  Don't swap anything else.   At the end of that period - first try HD600 with different source (ie unamped).  A/B them.  If you don't notice a difference - celebrate, and sell the O2/ODAC.  They'll sell pretty easily on here - always in demand.   After that, try A/Bing your HD600 vs Ozone.   If you're still adamant that there are not enough difference to warrant...
Funnily enough - the GR07 is one of the popular ones I haven't heard.  Luke has bound to have heard it though.  I remember a few people comparing GR07 with DN-1000 and Altone200 and debating which was better.  So based on that, and knowing how superior the A83 is to both the Dune and T-Peos, the A83 should indeed be a step up from the V-Sonic.
It was the L8 that came with mine.
No problems.  You guys just arrange it and let me know who has it as you hand it off to net person on the list :)
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