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 Funny - you might be surprised with the more modern HD650.  I spent over a week with both - came away from the comparison with a lot of misconceptions erased.  I've often asked myself if my HD600 ever "bit the dust" - would I replace it with another, or maybe buy an HD650 instead.  I could really live with either.  Both have fantastic traits. If you are interested - here is the comparison...
I loved the Savants - really my kind of Sig.  I also love the U6 and B1 module I have now. Both to me are at the same level of excellence - despite one being 6 BA and one being 2 BA.  Good sound is good sound.
 Not quite.  For sibilance to be manifested it must exist in the recording.  If it doesn't exist in the recording you can tweak a frequency as high or low as you like - it won't create sibilance. An IEM can reveal, enhance or mask sibilance.  It can't create it. So IEMs in themselves cannot be described as sibilant.
[mod comment]   Due to the large number of flagged posts, I have branched off most of AlexMills posts (complaints about the IE800 and also his take on modding them) to their own thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/812757/sennheiser-ie800-iems-modding-issues   It's taken me more than an hour to do this - I don't want a repeat.   If you feel that this is being dragged off topic again, or manipulated by a single member - flag the posts, but don't reply to them.  It's...
 It's not just me.  Lee confirmed there was no difference either.  They Monk Plus have a pretty flat impedance. But if it makes you feel better - use an adaptor.  At the end of the day - whether there is any real change or not - if you perceive there is, that is all that matters.
 Thread 2 in my blog shows what I use - http://www.head-fi.org/t/796996/chapter-2-anatomy-of-a-review-the-equipment Might help .....
 Hopefully someone might see your post (who has the gear) and offer to do them for you.  A couple of people in this thread have the ability. Other option would be to see if someone like Innerfidelity (Tyll) would be interested in quickly measuring them.
 Is that what you did when you reviewed them, or was it au natural?
Ah - thanks - that makes sense.   I know enough about myself to trust my ears to a certain point - despite the tinnitus and my age, I can discern things like channel balance pretty well, and I'm starting to get a good ear for frequency variations.   But I also know enough not to 100% trust me own perceptions - or at least to check them to make sure they're on track.  Often anyone who simply argues "I only trust my ears" - I completely disregard, or take their comments...
 I wouldn't be able to jam them in that far because of the nozzle width.  But they were in far enough to seal - and generally speaking, most IEMs with deeper seal tend to ameliorate upper frequencies for me - mid-range is hardly ever affected. Any chance you can get your pair measured as well then?  The more data we get, the better.
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