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 Yep - the reason I like the HM5 is that it's pretty flat (a little too bright to be strictly neutral), but is really good for critical listening - when I want to compare gear.  Because it is easy to drive - it then takes power requirements out of the equation.  It was ideal for comparing the X5 to the PONO. If you like the HM5, and don't mind a semi-open portable, you should try the Fidelio L2.  Small, relatively portable - just not a great isolater.  The best on-ear I've...
Just wanted to state that I had no problem with miceblue's post.  It was an interesting read - didn't agree with my own experience - which is why I asked for more info.  I was definitely not trying to discredit him.  He heard what he heard. I heard something different.  We both tried to be as objective as possible.  It's good to have differing opinions and experiences.   What I objected to was Rubens posts after it.  No experience with the unit at all, and yet quite...
Well for reference - my testing on full size included the HM5 and HD600 - neither of which should be worried by impedance .....
 Interesting TWIN.  As you know, I also have the HD600 - but I'd say the Havis are a little too thin to be anything like them.  I do think that if you crossed a DT880 with something like an HM5, it wouldn't be too far away though.  Might be tip dependent?  I wish they sounded like my HD600 
 Thanks - you told me all I needed to know when you started talking about things you haven't actually experienced.  And volume matching by ear isn't volume matching.  Your references to the Science Section (which I do frequent) should at least tell you that. Oh - and by the way - your preconceived certainty that there won't be any difference would cause as much "placebo" as anything else. At least I go into things with a fairly open mind 
@miceblue - thanks for explanation.   Can't say too much more.  Mine was in my own home.  It's dead quiet.  Low noise floor.  Using IEMs.  Could have been impedance maybe?  Or simply could be a difference.  On everything I tried though, the PONO sounded more holographic than my other players.  Wasn't something I was expecting.
 Ruben Have you performed a volume matched A/B with the Pono and another player? How did you volume match? What players did you compare with? Again - just stating my experience - with actually performing the tests (photo below).  I heard a difference - and people who know me would say that I'm more on the objective end of the scale.   Tests were done with a calibrated meter, and using test tones (@ 1 kHz) to match.
Like I said - weird.   I know the HD600 isn't that hard a load to drive  (despite its 300 ohm impedance and 112 dB at 1 kHz (1 Vrms) sensitivity).   Playing well recorded classical on low gain needs about 90-100/120, so it is up there in terms of volume requirement.  But I've never got to the point of running out of juice so far.  Switching to high gain and it's really comfortable at around 90/120. 
 Weird though - that SM64 is really sensitive (122 dB/mW) - so the X3ii should have no issues at all driving them - especially on high gain.  Are the EU ones subject to volume limiting?  Also - do you have EQ engaged?
There isn't much of anything around 15 kHz - I wouldn't worry about it 
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