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Hi all   Just some very quick impressions after a couple of days with the unit during some family time away.  I'll do an in-depth review at the end of the NZ leg of the tour.   Aesthetics / looks / physical impressions I really like it so far. Size is similar to new X5iii or X5ii (X5ii & iii is actually ~ 1 cm shorter) and also similar in size to L&Ps L3.  Feels solid in the hand, fit and fish looks very professional.  I like the CF finish on the rear, but sadly it...
 What does this mean?  If its in reference to Monty's videos - they're actually as close as you'll get to a basics 101 on digital audio - which are both informative and factual.  I'd suggest if that's what you are casting doubt about - then its time to leave this thread - because you really are trolling.  Please re-read Greg's email - he said nothing about jitter being myth.  It is real, and it is measurable.  However on my most modern well designed systems nowadays it is...
I'd be 99.9% sure their relationship has finished. And why do you assume that the fault lies with Asius? I know a lot of the back story - but because I've been asked not to, I can't disclose it. What I can tell you is that there us likely no way that Asius would ever partner with 64Audio again. So speculation - and insinuation that Asius is the one who has wronged 64Audio is neither correct nor helpful. I suggest you drop this topic.
Gents - I spoke about this some time ago. As long as posters are on topic, and they are not breaking the forum rules, they have the right to post their opinions. If you continue to reply to the individual - he will keep posting. I suggest putting him on your block list and stop engaging.
For information on Asius - I'd suggest a little research at their website. All the information is readily available - and makes really interesting reading. If you have specific questions Stephen Ambrose is always available to explain too.
Thanks For confirming it Chris. FWIW - I loved the overall sonics of the U10 especially with APEX and an impedance adaptor. If I could have had the same thing but with ADEL, then for me personally it would be close to ideal. You guys know how to tune an IEM extremely well - and the 64Audio service (from personal experience) has always been impeccable. I just get a little bristly when someone claims they are the same (and I know it's not 64Audio making those claims now)....
or could it be that Niks unit is actually measuring more accurately perhaps? Most of @nmatheis ' AudioTools graphs also have that rolloff. Seems to me like a limitation/glitch rather than an accurate representation. [/quote]
Sorry - but that is rubbish. A lot of IEMs have sub-bass roll-off because that is the way they are tuned. There are a few (Andromeda being one) which have great extension with practically no roll-off. I mean for Petes sake - are you listening to some of these IEMs with sub -bass heavy music? The roll-off is pretty audible.
You need to learn the facts before you post perhaps. Asius has a right to be more than critical. I'm actually surprised they have taken the higher road and not been more critical, and haven't looked at legal options. Again - try taking an APEX model apart. Acoustic damper - nothing more, nothing less. It has the same tuning - but not the same effect.
APEX doesn't achieve the same goal. Why do you think there are no studies, no papers, no grants? There is practically no science posted about APEx. Why do you think they stopped making the claims that it's the same effect as ADEL? They know it's not. It's an acoustic damper. You see the same sort of things in tunable IEMs. Yes it is vented, and that may release some pressure. But as a permanent tinnitus sufferer - in my real world testing of both modules, the APEX...
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