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Can you guys list what genre all these albums are in when you post them? I'd love to check some out, but I don't want to look up every single album listen.
I rarely listen to this song because it puts me in a sad mood and I don't really like that, but it's still a good song.   Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
Huh. That's pretty cool! I've never heard of this style of music. I really like it!   Some things are just best not labeled. That's what makes them special. It's hard to find unique music nowadays.
Awesome, thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely look into it!
Does anyone have any suggestions for melodic piano music? It's hard to describe the exact style I like, but I prefer very melodic tracks (fast or slow tempo doesn't matter). I like a lot of the Asian composers and a lot of the video game music as well. I've never really gotten into piano music heavily, but I have always enjoyed listening to it on the side. Any recommendations would be really helpful!   - Ali
Never heard of this guy before, but it rocks!  
If you're looking for epic music in the traditional sense, the game Dragon's Age had a pretty decent soundtrack with some epic songs in it.
Totally agree. It's really tough to recommend anything to you without you first letting me know what it is you want to hear. Hip-hop is just too diverse to narrow it down to the top ten. With that said, you're really new to hip-hop, so it'll be tough for you to tell us what you like. So here are some 'fresh to hip-hop' albums that are safe to listen to and won't scare you away (they're in no particular order):   1. Common - Resurrection 2. DJ Jazzy Jeff - Hip Hop Forever...
Problem solved. They had shipped me a faulty RCA cable. I went to radioshack and bought new ones, and now everything works fine.
I purchased the HT Omega Claro XT sound card from Newegg a few days ago, and I'm having lots of issues with the connection. I currently have the Logitech Z-2300 2.1 speakers. The problem with these speakers is that the left and right channels are connected to the subwoofer via RCA, and the subwoofer is connected to the volume control (non-RCA connection), and from the volume control there is a stereo jack to connect to a sound card. I used the stereo-to-RCA converter to...
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