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Awesome. Thanks!! Joe Hisaishi was EXACTLY the type of composer I was looking for.   I've always liked Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Sakamoto, but I could never find any other song by him that was as good. Maybe I just looked at all the wrong albums.
  Angel - Aerosmith
Sweet Black Angle - Rolling Stones
Listen to Nujabes - Modal Soul. The album is DOPE, IMO. Lot of Real MCs.
VERY impressive! I WANT! lol   I spend a lot of time organizing my music (I feel it's very important for listening to music...especially if you have a lot of albums), but I'm nowhere near your level of customization. Very cool!
Aweomse! Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely check them all out.
I was just going to mention Emancipator and Bonobo. They're both really good. Emancipator's 'Soon It Will Be Cold' album is siiiick.  
I just listened to some of it. It's dope! Do you know where I can purchase it online in high quality? iTunes doesn't have it for sale and amazon only sells the hard copy of the disk.   Also, can anyone recommend more music like this? I've been wanting to find some really chill, middle-eastern type music for a while.  
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