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Chopin - Fantasie-Impromptu
I feel like that it's almost impossible to top the classics especially considering that he wasn't around to put his finishing touches. An artist, at the end of its career, will never live up to its legacy when he was in his prime.    PS. You're through your first listen of the song or the album? If album, how the hell did you get a hold of it?!!    
Here's my contribution:  
GREAT party song!    
Nujabe's last album was released today. I can't seem to get a hold of it anywhere without paying the ridiculous import prices ($70 to get from Japan). Oh, well. I guess I'll have to wait until it is released in the US. :-(   Here's a sample:  
Here is an upbeat track for you:   One of my recent favorite songs.
I love Yoshida brothers, but I've never heard of the other two. They sounds awesome! Thanks for the suggestions!!!
Awesome! Thanks for suggestions.   On a side note, while I absolutely LOVE Infected Mushroom, my goal is to diversify and expose myself to different genres. Do you guys have any non-psy trance suggestions as well?
I've never been too into electronic music; I mean, I liked it, but my exposure to it was always minimal. I used to mainly listen to Infected Mushroom (still love them!) and DJ Tiesto and that was about it. I really just recently REALLY gotten into when I discovered Digitally Imported Radio. Their DJ Mix station has some seriously nice music. I was wondering if any of you more experienced individuals could recommend me some really nice DJ mixes. I don't have a preference...
Knockin' On Heavens Door - Bob Dylan (nothing beats the original!)
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