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I think you should bring one just so we can all see it! I literally haven't seen one since the 80s or very very early 90s. :D
I'm in if the day suits. I have a Little Dot DAC_I and Little Dot MK IV SE if anyone has an interest in listening to them, with Beyerdynamic dt880s, as well as a TMA-1 with a FIIO E10.
My personal opinion is that I prefer these over a hd650. Your mileage may vary. I found them to have clearer, more detailed, bass and highs. I suggest you try both and see which suits you. They're very different.
I'm also waiting for a reasonably priced 64gb+ (non-apple) player. I have a 40gb iriver h340 which is desperately in need of replacement (it's huge!) but there's really nothing out there that I like that could replace it.   Samsung just released a new player today and it's 8gb and 16gb!?    I wonder if this would have anything to do with increased demand, without a corresponding increase in manufacturing capacity to date, for memory for tablet and ssd based...
I think he got it from reading the rest of the thread? :)   Is there anything in there that's even new compared to what we'd already been told?
I haven't noticed anything, and comments have been deleted since it has been locked.   Really, I sincerely would have hoped that head-fi would be enabling its users to get their goods/money back instead of making it difficult to respond to dishonest members of the trade. This is the only way dishonest members of the trade will get pushed out of the industry.
His parents had already been contacted long ago, and given ethics are an important part of his job, surely it's fair to inform the relevant authorities given he's educating peoples' children? Oh, also, none of that is against the TOS that I could see.
Really? This isn't fair. The guy has basically defrauded people and we're trying to get it sorted out but the thread gets locked with no explanation?    And before this thread gets locked, it's not intended as a continuation of the other thread, more a request for an explanation.
Please don't just call him constantly. that makes us LOOK like the bad guys. This is important if we want this to work. If we just get ourselves isolated from his peers because we're asses then we're shooting ourselves in the foot. We're dealing with people who won't accept being asses. We want them on our side. Can someone pm me his email as well? Thanks
I haven't given up. Would it be a problem if I'm in Canada? Jurisdiction and all that... Could do it about 6:30pst tomorrow...   By the way, what's the likely result to be? Because if it's just the cops have a word with him, and that's if they'll even do that, and that's the end of it (it's not a massive amount of money) then there's not much point. Making a concerted effort to inform his peers, etc. could be more effective as that'll hit him at his livelihood....
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