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I just got my RS-220 and it is not broken in yet. I also have a 12+ year old pair of HD-600s that I still use frequently.My initial impression is that the RS-220 is very good, but not as good as the HD-600. However, I love not having wires.   I need more time with them to form a clearer impression before I share more.  
I don't think the HP-P1 up samples the digital out, but you could check the manual. If it does not, you could hook the digital out of your HP-P1 to a DAC that shows sample rate and confirm that your 24/96 files are staying 24/96.   
    DACs take data in PCM format. The application does the conversion from the file format to PCM (frequently using OS provided software libraries, but not always). Since the iPhone "Music" app does not support FLAC, some folks use a third-party app to play thier FLAC files on the iPhone. No DAC decodes WAV/AIFF/etc files unless it also acts as a source device (e.g. AirPlay, DNLP, USB memory sticks, etc).
    Strange. I hear no hiss with any amp I've tried with my 535s or with the 530s that I had for a number of years. Maybe Shure fixed the problem (my 535s are only a few months old) or, if it is a high frequency hiss, perhaps my hearing is not good enough to detect it as I'm over fourty.  
  That is a nice straight-forward setup, but a lot of us have more sources and not all output HDMI. For example, I use: cable box, Roku, Apple TV, Oppo, and USB/SPDFIF from my computer.  
    They are not comparable. The Comply tips are made of a special type of foam.       Good to know -- thanks! I've had mine for around two weeks now and they show no wear at all.
I don't hear any hiss with the same setup. What gain, filter, and volume settings? I'll replicate it and let you know if I hear anything. I use filter 2, low gain, and volume around 10 o'clock. Also, make sure you are plugged into the front head phone port and not the back line out.
I leave my iPhone in sleep mode like you and I'd estimate that I get four hours of battery life, but I've never timed it. My guess is that it is highly dependent on the gain and volume settings that you use.   
I just got the Ts-100s for my Shure 535s. Love 'em. I've tried all the different tips the come with the Shure and found the yellow foam ones the best for me, but they get uncomfortable after a couple of hours. The Comply tips give me much better isolation and are comfortable all day long. I don't know how long they will last, but I like them so much that I'd buy a new pair once a week without complaint (but it does not seem like I'll need to change them nearly that...
I'm on the market for great closed back headphones under 1.5K (less is better, of course!). Comfort is as important as sound quality since I will be wearing them for most of the work day. They also need to be durable as I'll be caring them to/from work in my messenger bag.    I'm thinking about Audio-Technica, because my ATH-AD700s sound great for the money and are the most comfortable headphones I own. However, I don't know anything about their more expensive...
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