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 Um, sweet for who? I think matching or beating the SR-009 price would be ideal. If they did that and also had similar build and sound quality, I would probably buy it as soon as it is released (just to have as a change of pace/flavor from my SR-009).
 The iPhone amp is actually pretty good, but not suitable for a lot of the headphones we enjoy around here. I don't think taking it out of the signal path is strictly necessary. You could you a lightening adapter that has analog out and feed that to your portable amp or you could buy a DAC/amp combo with a lightening input. As long as you are already caring an extra device, it would not represent a big change for you, if it happens. Most people can't tell DACs apart in...
 There are already lightning adapters that output analog. They are pretty small and have a DAC built-in. I have no idea about the quality though. A new opportunity for audiophile DAC companies, perhaps.I agree that the quality of the iPhone DAC is underrated by most audiophiles. I think the reasonis that although the amp section is quite good, it is under powered for a lot of the headphones used around here.
At this point, Apple dropping the 3.5mm connection is only a rumor, so it is a bit premature to get upset about it. The reasons they are supposedly considering it are to allow them to make the phone thinner and more water resistant. I'm fairly sure that if they make this change, there will be inexpensive converters that let you connect using a 3.5mm connector. For the many head-fiers that think the iPhone DAC is inferior (something that measurements of recent models of...
The deadline to get the DSD upgrade for free was October. I got on the list in August and am still waiting. Was told by Auralic in mid-November that my wait would be 2-3 months more. 
I think you are correct, thanks. Assuming 1x means 1x the input, 0 dB should be when the volume control is at 100% in that mode. I think I'l email Cavalli after the holidays and try to find out for certain.
What is the approximate 0 dB position for the LC volume control?
I just bought a quality 15' cable for $20 including shipping and tax. Perhaps it depends on how much your time is worth to you.
I came across this old topic while searching for a 4-pin XLR extension cable. I wanted a pro-audio cable, not an audiophile cable. Finally found one: http://www.markertek.com/product/icomx4-mf-6/tecnec-intercom-straight-extension-cable-4-pin-xlr-m-to-xlr-f-6ft
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