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 I thought the only changes to the 800S were the color and some damping material inside. This is the first I've heard that there were changes that effect the fit. Very surprised.
 While I agree that that it should not be distorting, if you listen at 100dB for extended periods, you will do permanent damage to your hearing. It will be interesting to see if measurements confirm the claim of bass distortion at high volume.
I received several kind offers to inexpensively repair these cables, so I'm canceling this classified while I look into that. Thanks.
 Good idea! I just ordered mine. My nephew will be getting the Tidal subscription on his birthday. :-)
 Looking forward to that! Long ago, I had the chance to listen to the Orpheus and the AKG-1000 side by side. I loved both, but preferred the AKG-1000. At the time, I gave a lot of the credit to the full size EAR tube amp that was driving it. I was a headphone novice back then, so I don't know if I'd still hear things the same way. I really want to hear what AKG can do with a  modern version of the 1000. Hoping for a price well under 5K. 
 I'm not confused. I think I explained my point of view, which is specific to my situation, clearly and I doubt anyone wants to hear more about it. I obviously agree that the Echobox looks like a promising DAP or I would not have considered buying it. I hope you enjoy yours.
Besides being a PITA, I'm not sure that is even ethical. Tidal is obviously doing this to build its subscriber base. I disagree with their approach, but so it goes. If I pretend to be a new subscriber, it seems like I'm cheating them.   Secondly, I'm concerned that switching my Tidal subscription might mess up my Roon meta-data and my many saved albums (not playlists). Maybe I can export/import the saved album list, but if it does not work perfectly, it will be a total...
 Oh well. I'll pass then. You might want to rethink the pricing for people who already have Tidal. Asking us to drop our subscription, use the free one, and then rejoin again when the free one expires... too much trouble for me or most busy people.
 Still no word from Tidal?
 Thanks. It is the deciding factor for me since it represents a $120 discount on the perk I want.
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