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 I was not involved in the original arguments. I never heard of newavguy until after he disappeared. I own no Schiit gear (but they do seems like they make some great stuff). So, I read the old topic as an outsider. If you go back and re-read the first few pages, you will see that newavguy was pretty much totally correct in what he said and the guy trying to answer was using character assassination. I don't know that person and have nothing against him, but that is how it...
 That is not really fair. Consider that we are responding to a chapter Jason wrote on this subject. Jason is the one who posted the link to the old topic. And how is this NOT part of the history of Schiit? Jason thinks it is. Besides, there will not be a new chapter for a week. I'm not suggesting that the whole argument should be redone here (please no!), but I certainly have found the discussion so far to add to my understanding of the chapter I just read.
I just read some of the old "What causes this" topic that Jason linked above and was struck by the fact that the guy who was correct is now banned and the guy who was super obnoxious in defending Schiit is an admin. I'll take others word for it that newavguy deserved to be banned, but it does seem strange looking back on it. Either way, I'm really enjoying Jason's writing.
Maybe next meetup we can do a shoot-out to find the best headphone for live audience recordings.
Nice writeup Otheronek. I'm a Deadhead who got on the bus in the late 80s. Sorry I did not get to meet you.
This was my first Head-Fi meet. Everyone was very friendly and I got to hear a lot of interesting headphones. I'm busy today, so just a few quick comments:   - Thanks to Jude for bringing the Oppo PM-1.  It is in the class of other 1K headphones, but it did not spend enough time to really get a feel for it. If the PM-2 sounds as good, it will be a huge bargain.   - Alpha Dog is a great closed headphone, for the price. I'm amazed that the cups/padding make this big a...
The description on the website says:   >>The OPPO PM-1’s ear cushions are made out of the highest quality natural latex,    I know it will be covered with leather, but as someone with a latex allergy, I think this rules out the PM-1 for me. Latex allergies are fairly common, can be very serious, and often get worse with repeated exposure.
Im going to bring a few items that I'd like to sell. I'm not sure about leaving them on a table as I want to wander and check out some gear. So, if you are interested, probably best to PM me so we can arrange to meet up.   For sale... Fostex HP-P1 Sennheiser HD-25-1 II Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 Benchmark DAC-1 USB (not bringing unless someone asks in advance)   All in excellent condition and I probably have the original boxes.
Even though I own a bunch of Sennheiser gear and bought my HD-600 more than a decade ago, I had no idea that Sennheiser is family owned. Makes me feel even better about all of my purchases from them.
Thanks Eric!
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