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The deadline to get the DSD upgrade for free was October. I got on the list in August and am still waiting. Was told by Auralic in mid-November that my wait would be 2-3 months more. 
I think you are correct, thanks. Assuming 1x means 1x the input, 0 dB should be when the volume control is at 100% in that mode. I think I'l email Cavalli after the holidays and try to find out for certain.
What is the approximate 0 dB position for the LC volume control?
I just bought a quality 15' cable for $20 including shipping and tax. Perhaps it depends on how much your time is worth to you.
I came across this old topic while searching for a 4-pin XLR extension cable. I wanted a pro-audio cable, not an audiophile cable. Finally found one: http://www.markertek.com/product/icomx4-mf-6/tecnec-intercom-straight-extension-cable-4-pin-xlr-m-to-xlr-f-6ft
 I had assumed you were not actually as angry as your post sounded and I was not at all upset by your post. I do think you are very stressed out by the whole experience, which is a shame, understandable, and unnecessary. I was trying to offer some calming words. Perhaps I failed. I say it is unnecessary because you really need to get in touch with Cavalli and ask for assistance. If that fails you, then please do get angry. Why don't you give Cavalli a call on the phone?...
Lets not forget that Cavalli is a small boutique audio company. I personally think you should give them a break and give yourself a break by letting go of your outrage. Injustice and outrage are very strong words for what you are experiencing. "Annoyed" would be more appropriate. Cavalli has been very open about the difficulties with their shipper. I'm waiting on mine too. I'll give them another week or so before I start to even think about getting angry. And, if that...
http://www.head-fi.org/t/761088/new-cavalli-audios-liquid-carbon-a-599-cavalli-amp/1860#post_11674458 Apparently NOT class A to 1.5W. How much until it switches to AB seems to be unspecified, but MUCH less than full power. (" It does not stay in class A for very long before it transitions to AB")
My apologies to both of you if this was a "translation" error. Thanks for clarifying.
New Posts  All Forums: