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Sadly, I have not had an opportunity to hear them yet. I'd like to read more hands-on impressions too.
Not trolling. Just tired of hearing about how the Orpheus is too expensive from people who would not buy it even if it were much much less expensive, have never heard it, and have little experience with headphones in that class. Sorry to pick on you. You are certainly not alone in this. We have an entire topic with dozens of similar posts.
I never eat anything but Shoprite store brand white bread for $1 a loaf. I don't understand anyone spending much more than that, because the cheap bread seems perfectly good to me. The most I'd ever spend on a loaf of bread is $2. That $8 wheat bread is over priced in my opinion. And my opinion has value even though I've never tried the more expensive bread, can't afford the more expensive bread, and would not buy it even if it was priced at a fraction of the asking price....
 If Sennheiser cut the price by 90% they would still be too expensive for you, so why does it matter to you if they are 5K or 50K? If your frame of reference is $40 headphones, it makes sense that you draw the line at 30 times that price (1200), but really of what importance is the opinion of an entry level headphone user to those playing the TOTL game? (For the record, I think they are too expensive too, but these kinds of comments are beyond silly.) 
I have not. Was hoping he would reply to my post above from last week.
Shows as $1649 for me.
 Justin - Is this still the schedule?  Really looking forward to getting mine!
 I guess he is just Todd The Junkie now.;-)
Try emailing Moon Audio and see if they can help you. They carry the HP-P1.
Maybe try the dealer you bought it from?
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