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    Last I checked, the PS Audio products do two channel I2S over HDMI, not PCM. I2S is not part of the HDMI standard.  
    For the Mac Mini port? Look for a Display Port to HDMI adapter. Monoprice has them. I bought mine directly from Apple.         Your best bet is the HDMI output from your Mac. One never know with HDMI, but it should work as the Mac will output PCM on it (though I don't yet own a Realiser, so I can't try).  
I find that I get dropouts when my home network (802.11n) is very busy. Especially if I'm using my laptop at the same time. Other than that, I have been pretty much free of drop outs, knock wood.  
I'd rule out the "CAL!" on the exclamation point alone. 
    Just ordered one on eBay for $11 w/ free shipping. Thanks!
I don't think that AppleTV will output multi-channel PCM on HDMI. Not many devices will.
    I own or have heard most of those. The RS220 is not in the same league as the LCD-2. My HD-600 betters it. However, it is pretty close and depends on the sonic qualities you value. The sound of the RS220 reminds me of a closed headphone. I can hear the sound of the cups. I don't experience this at all with the headphones you listed. However, it is an excellent headphone and I find myself frequently going for it over my others due to very good sound and the pleasure of...
I've had my RS220 for about a week now. No issues with dropouts except when I go to to the adjoining room. No micro dropouts. There is sometimes a very faint high pitched sound when no music is playing, but I can't hear it when there is sound -- even with quiet sounds at low volumes.   Overall, very clear detailed sound that is about halfway between an open and closed can.   As for comfort, there is something that is hurting the top of my head unless I position...
Any chance of including the Beyerdynamic T5p in this shootout or is it too expensive?
I just got my RS-220 and it is not broken in yet. I also have a 12+ year old pair of HD-600s that I still use frequently.My initial impression is that the RS-220 is very good, but not as good as the HD-600. However, I love not having wires.   I need more time with them to form a clearer impression before I share more.  
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