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A $2000 DAC that measures flawlessly is mid-fi? I don't agree at all.
 Take a friend, who has the patience to really listen, to a store with a lot of headphones. Try not to coach them too much. You will be pleasantly surprised. I have taken friends to J&R and B&H to listen to headphones and have found that they can tell phones apart and have specific preferences across price ranges.
Thank you!
I've had my eye (ear?) on the WA6-SE for a while. I'm planning to mainly use it with my LCD-2s and my 14 year old HD-600s. I plan to get HD-800s at some point in the future. I have zero interest in tube rolling; I don't have the time or patience.  I've heard the amp with the LCD-2s several times at shows and really like the combo. So, am I making a mistake getting the WA6-SE for these headphones with no intention of changing the tubes? I will buy the best tubes that Woo...
I replaced my batteries with Eneloop XX 950mAh AAAs and my RS 220 is now working as well (maybe better) than when it was new. In retrospect, I think that my complaints about the batteries was not a fair criticism of the RS 220. However, Sennheiser could do a better job explaining/setting expectations on battery life. I think that battery issues may be the source of many RS 220 complaints. Going forward, I'll be replacing my batteries as soon as I notice more dropouts or...
I think you need to contact Sennheiser in that case.
See pg. 9 of the manual. You can download it.
I love the Sennheiser sound too! I have a pair of HD-600s that must be close to 15 years old and have many thousands of hours on them.  Hopefully there will be a Sennheiser wireless model that betters the RS 220 in the future.
  See my post right above yours. No fixes that I'm aware of.     1. My batteries started to wear out in less than a year. That is too short a time. As they wore down, performance suffered (i.e. more and longer dropouts). I filled in a warranty claim with Sennheiser and am now waiting to hear back from them. (Also, I do not see replacement batteries for sale on their website. I'm sure you can get them elsewhere, but it seems strange given the short life span.)   [Edit: I...
edit: never mind :-)
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