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Yes, I have the 5As (purchased used). I use the XTZ measurement system to get the built-in equalization dialed in. I also use a Tact 2.0S Room Correction. It sounds great, if I do say so myself. :-)  Even so, I have to keep the bass lower than I'd like to avoid annoying my neighbors too much.
That is a good idea about monitors, but I do like hearing the flagship speakers. It is surprising that the local dealers don't focus more on systems that would fit in a NYC apartment. (On the other hand, I have fairly large floor standing speakers in my moderately sized apartment, so I guess what fits depends on your priorities.)
I really enjoyed the Woo room too. I wish there had been more headphone related companies showing.   Overloaded bass is a common show problem and is generally the fault of the room/treatments and not the speakers, so I try not to pay too much attention to it when listening at shows. I heard a number of systems that I thought were quite good. The new Sony's, the latest Hansen Prince, and the new Wilson Sophia model. Harbeths sounded very good (as usual), for a...
I am the guy who came on Saturday to try my LCD-2 rev 1 headphones with various amps. Thank you so much for your time and your terrific room. It was great fun to hear all of your amps. I was very excited to checkout the Stax 009 with the WES and it did not disappoint.   I'm going to order the WA6-SE, but I want to be sure that I'm getting the same configuration as you were showing in NY. What options did that unit have?     
    I decided to postpone my Realizer purchase for a while, but when I was looking into it I talked to a NYC dealer (Sensorium AVR) who said he could do the calibration on their "250K showroom system." It seems like a first rate system, though I'm not familiar with the brand of speakers (and I forget what they are now). If Lorr was in town to do calibrations and a group of us could rent a studio, I'd probably go ahead and buy a Realizer and join in as one of my main...
    Last I checked, the PS Audio products do two channel I2S over HDMI, not PCM. I2S is not part of the HDMI standard.  
    For the Mac Mini port? Look for a Display Port to HDMI adapter. Monoprice has them. I bought mine directly from Apple.         Your best bet is the HDMI output from your Mac. One never know with HDMI, but it should work as the Mac will output PCM on it (though I don't yet own a Realiser, so I can't try).  
I find that I get dropouts when my home network (802.11n) is very busy. Especially if I'm using my laptop at the same time. Other than that, I have been pretty much free of drop outs, knock wood.  
I'd rule out the "CAL!" on the exclamation point alone. 
    Just ordered one on eBay for $11 w/ free shipping. Thanks!
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