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Shows as $1649 for me.
 Justin - Is this still the schedule?  Really looking forward to getting mine!
 I guess he is just Todd The Junkie now.;-)
Try emailing Moon Audio and see if they can help you. They carry the HP-P1.
Maybe try the dealer you bought it from?
Very nice write up. Entertaining to read. I'd be curious to know what other electrostatic headphone you have experience with. You sight lack of distortion as a major plus, but I've never felt that distortion was an issue with any of the electrostatics that I've heard (mostly expensive ones). Maybe I don't listen as loudly as you.
I've always gotten a reply msging him here on Head-Fi. There is also a phone number listed on the web site. I believe he was at the Cam Jam in Singapore this weekend, so he may be on the road right now.
That is awesome. Is the button at the bottom of the screen hardware or software (ie on the touch screen)?
 The wood looks great and I'm looking forward to getting mine. However, when you have it laying flat with the volume control facing you, the GUI will be upside-down which is a rather strange design choice. I'm hoping the cell phone looking part is flush with the wood surface. It looks like it sits on top.Edit: I guess the idea is that people will use it on the stand or in their pocket. My likely use case of laying it flat on my desk, is clearly not what the designer had in...
  Apparently, I failed. :-)I'll follow Stillhart's lead and agree to disagree.
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