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Maybe Out of Your Head will convince Smyth to do something they should have done long ago: make a Windows/Mac software-only version of their system. No head tracker, but all else the same.
 That does not makes sense to me. High-end headphone manufacturers want as many people as possible to buy their phones, of course. Older people can not hear very high frequencies, true. However, most people have already lost a lot of higher frequency hearing in their early 30s, especially if they spent their teens listening to too loud headphones. (Maybe you are very young and "mid-to-senior age" means thiry to you?) That means that a substantial portion of ALL adults...
 Looking forward to your report. I would think that the vibrations would rattle things in the room and travel thru floors and walls to your neighbors, but maybe it is not that powerful?
A lot of very expensive "high-end" gear has no BNC or AES inputs. Up until a few years ago, one rarely saw either one outside of pro-audio. Don't get stuck on terms like "mid-fi" as they have no common definition, are often used derogatively, and encourage the assumption that more expensive always equals better sound quality.
A $2000 DAC that measures flawlessly is mid-fi? I don't agree at all.
 Take a friend, who has the patience to really listen, to a store with a lot of headphones. Try not to coach them too much. You will be pleasantly surprised. I have taken friends to J&R and B&H to listen to headphones and have found that they can tell phones apart and have specific preferences across price ranges.
Thank you!
I've had my eye (ear?) on the WA6-SE for a while. I'm planning to mainly use it with my LCD-2s and my 14 year old HD-600s. I plan to get HD-800s at some point in the future. I have zero interest in tube rolling; I don't have the time or patience.  I've heard the amp with the LCD-2s several times at shows and really like the combo. So, am I making a mistake getting the WA6-SE for these headphones with no intention of changing the tubes? I will buy the best tubes that Woo...
I replaced my batteries with Eneloop XX 950mAh AAAs and my RS 220 is now working as well (maybe better) than when it was new. In retrospect, I think that my complaints about the batteries was not a fair criticism of the RS 220. However, Sennheiser could do a better job explaining/setting expectations on battery life. I think that battery issues may be the source of many RS 220 complaints. Going forward, I'll be replacing my batteries as soon as I notice more dropouts or...
I think you need to contact Sennheiser in that case.
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