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 Most every person who buys summit-fi headphones cares how much they cost. None of us are going to say to Fang, here is my Amex card, charge how ever much you want.   As I said, value is a subjective measure. Your applying your personal belief, when you say that "Diminishing returns will always make the more expensive headphones terrible values." Obviously for a lot of us here in Summit-Fi small improvements are worth spending large amounts of money on. We value those...
 I don't follow your logic. Sure, you would not buy the HD-800 if you could not afford it. However, you also would also not buy it unless you believed it to be better (sound/fit/finish/etc) than everything that costs less. That is a measure of value. Value is a personal judgement, but people tend to come to a general consensus about it. For example, almost all of us will agree that the HD-800 is a great value at around $1500, but very few of us will agree that Beats...
 Let's not get silly here and drag this into the mud. I never expressed "outrage." Myself and a number of others have an opinion that you don't agree with, fine.
 The speculations are based on a post on Chinese language social media made by Feng. A translation was posted earlier in this topic. No official price yet, but he has been dropping hints. I think he is doing this to see the reaction. That is why I believe this is the ideal time and place to raise objections.
 Summit is kind of a poor name because very few of us buy a summit system and then stop. That is not the audiophile way. :-)For me personally, Summit is about the state of the art. That is a moving target. With every new ToTL headphone I'm looking at it and deciding if it would be a move forward, if it is worth the price, and if I can afford it. [Edit: I was thinking more about this and realized that these are the exact same criteria I used when I was buying sub-$200...
Totally agree with TimeLord.    There are two groups of people reading this topic. For one group, a headphone costing $5,000 and a headphone costing $50,000 are both equally unaffordable and therefore the stuff of fantasy. I get that. I was with you when I was younger. For others, this is a topic to seriously discuss headphones that we might actually purchase. For us, value is very much part of the equation. No one except the most extreme HifiMan fanboy is going to buy...
My dad used to say to me that the best way to get rich was not to spend your money. He was joking, but there is truth to that. Just because someone can afford a summit-fi system does not mean they don't care about value.
 Head-Fi is the perfect place to "whine" about issues in the headphone market. This site is read by pretty much everyone in the industry who makes, sells, or writes about audiophile headphones.Do you realize that a number of the people saying that the rumored price is too high have summit-fi systems?
Well as a member of the "end game electrostatic crowd," I think anything above 10K is way too much unless it is clearly betters the Stax 009. Under 6K, buying it would be an easy decision, if it lives up to the hype. BTW, I'm interested because it is HifiMan, not in spite of it. I very much respect their headphones at all price points. I would be much less interested if it was Beyer or AKG since I've never liked any of their headphones that I've heard.
In the InnerFidelity video, Feng says that he was planning a lower price, but then saw where the market was headed. Clearly, Sennheiser et al are pushing the ToTL prices much higher.
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