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Sale pending.
Musical Fidelity V-Link, asynchronous 24/96 USB to SPDIF convertor.  Has optical and RCA (SPDIF) digital outputs. Very good condition. Works perfectly. FREE SHIPPING via USPS Flat Rate box.
 That is great to hear. I hope that make something great as I'm planning to get a DAP next year.
Maybe. That is sort of like saying all they need to do is hire a couple of EEs to build a DAC. Sure, that might work, but we want a GREAT DAC, not just a functional one. Building high-quality UIs for consumer devices is a challenging area. To build a really slick solution, they are looking at a few person years of design (and hopefully UX testing), coding, and debugging. If they want to build a UI that challenges what A&K has, they really need developers and designers from...
If you look at the Indiegogo pages, you will note that of the team members listed none are software developers or UX designers. None of LH's previous products had any software beyond the firmware. I funded the GO and Pulse projects based on LH's significant hardware/DAC experience. I skipped the other projects based on their lack of software experience. I truly hope they turn out something great, but I would be shocked if they end up with a UI that competes with the latest...
I tried the AK 120 II with my UERM IEMs and thought it sounded really great. It was a short audition, but to my ears the AK is clearly superior to the built-in amp in the iPhone 5 and maybe better than my Fostex HP-P1 (DAC/amp combo). I like the interface and the device is pretty small, but weighs more than an iPhone (perhaps double?). I got to briefly compare it to the AK 240. I heard no difference. I did not audition the AK 100 II.
That eBay price is not the official price. The AK 120 II is $1699 and the AK 100 II is $899. 
PM me an offer and we can discuss.
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