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  I'm still happy with mine. I do wish I could use it as a USB DAC on my laptop when on the road and that it would full charge my iPhone, but I'm otherwise very pleased with it.  
  Benchmark DAC-1 HDR and others have all analog volume at a lower price point.  
I used a power drill for the led hole and then cleaned it up with a razor. Worked pretty well. I did not have the case on the Fostex when I drilled the hole, of course!  
I spent some time looking for a pre-pro that would output multi-channel PCM. I could not find one in my price range that does this and I checked the manuals of half a dozen. I'm guessing it is a limit from the content providers who are concerned that if the encrypted input is converted to multi-channel PCM, it can easily be copied. (Total nonsense, ofcourse.) I'm unsure why the Oppo can output multi-channel PCM on HDMI, but pre-pros don't. Smyth's HDMI solution is very...
I got one too. I didn't do a great job cutting the holes, but it looks fine and is a much better solution for me than the Fostex case. Thank you!  
    I wonder if the people having the worst issues with dropouts did not follow the instructions to charge the battery before the first usage.
Since I was hearing them thru either an unfamiliar amp and/or an unfamiliar headphones, I can't comment on the sound of the transport and DAC specifically. However, my overall impression of the entire system was very positive! Visually, the transport and DAC look really nice, but the text on the boxes and remote is too small for anyone over forty (like me!).  
Yes, I have the 5As (purchased used). I use the XTZ measurement system to get the built-in equalization dialed in. I also use a Tact 2.0S Room Correction. It sounds great, if I do say so myself. :-)  Even so, I have to keep the bass lower than I'd like to avoid annoying my neighbors too much.
That is a good idea about monitors, but I do like hearing the flagship speakers. It is surprising that the local dealers don't focus more on systems that would fit in a NYC apartment. (On the other hand, I have fairly large floor standing speakers in my moderately sized apartment, so I guess what fits depends on your priorities.)
I really enjoyed the Woo room too. I wish there had been more headphone related companies showing.   Overloaded bass is a common show problem and is generally the fault of the room/treatments and not the speakers, so I try not to pay too much attention to it when listening at shows. I heard a number of systems that I thought were quite good. The new Sony's, the latest Hansen Prince, and the new Wilson Sophia model. Harbeths sounded very good (as usual), for a...
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