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I'm selling my modded (by HeadAmp) 727 II because I now have a BHSE.
Do we need an appointment to hear the HE-1 or just show up?
 You measure the headphones. You put the supplied microphones in your ears, put on the headphones, and run the test signals. That is my understanding anyway (I don't have an A8).
The problem is that both the Fostex models are not very isolating. I could not wear either one at my office without annoying the people around me, for example. I personally think the TH-X00 is very overrated. The midrange sounds thin to my ears.Forceful bass is not a priority for me, just speed/accuracy (no overhang, no distortion). I've now heard most of the headphones mentioned here. I use the Ether C at work and really like it. I use the PM-3 on the go. And I use the...
 Bought my Ether C directly from you at a show (the recent NY Head-Fi meetup). I have the box but I don't recall getting a registration card or certificate. Should I be concerned?
The other amps/headphones I have are for the office, my bedroom, on the go, or for when working at my computer. And because I love headphones a bit too much. :-) The 009 is part of my main stereo system in my living room and is what I use most of the time. It is FAR better than all the other headphones that I have. I've been using a modded STAX 727 II for the last 1.5 years. I had not heard the BHSE for about 2 years and I felt that the 727 was getting me pretty close. Boy...
You are still waiting for your BHSE, correct? You might want to spend some time with it before dropping a lot of cash on tubes. I've had mine for about a week now and it sounds amazing with the stock tubes. I think the designer said that the BHSE circuit is not very sensitive to tube rolling. So, one would expect the differences to be relatively small (though I've have not heard other tubes personally).
 I bought my LCD 2.1s about a month (maybe two) before the 2.2 and did not qualify for the upgrade. It was not very generous, in that sense. Anyway, offering headphone upgrades is very unusual and not done at all by most manufacturers.
That is not how I read the comments, but I'll leave it for each reader to judge for themselves.Edit: I was making a general comment. I put fair in quotes to indicate it is a paraphrase. I apologize if anyone thought I was addressing them specifically.
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