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I tried the AK 120 II with my UERM IEMs and thought it sounded really great. It was a short audition, but to my ears the AK is clearly superior to the built-in amp in the iPhone 5 and maybe better than my Fostex HP-P1 (DAC/amp combo). I like the interface and the device is pretty small, but weighs more than an iPhone (perhaps double?). I got to briefly compare it to the AK 240. I heard no difference. I did not audition the AK 100 II.
That eBay price is not the official price. The AK 120 II is $1699 and the AK 100 II is $899. 
PM me an offer and we can discuss.
Sorry, no trades. Thanks.
Sennheiser Momentum over-ear headphones in brown. Very good condition. Less than one year old; purchased August 2013. Original owner.  Original box, instructions, cable with iPhone volume control, standard cable, 1/4 adapter, and brown carrying case all included. I paid $299. You pay $199 plus shipping.    These are my favorite closed back headphones under $500, but I'm upgrading to the Alpha Dogs.   Last photo is a bit fuzzy. Feel free to ask for additional pictures,...
Sennheiser HD 25-1 II    Original owner, approx. two years old. Very good condition. Original box, soft ear pads (never used), pleather ear pads (attached), and 1/4 adapter included. I paid $199. You pay $99 plus postage.
Just wondering... You are running the calibrated output to powered speakers? Do you correct the speakers for channel imbalance?
One more... Ken Rockwell measured a channel imbalance of around 1.5 db on the DAC-1 HDR (worst case), if I'm reading correctly. That is more than others measured and could admittedly be audible for trained listeners under ideal conditions, but it is still very low.   If you are getting significant channel imbalance, have you tried adjusting the calibration? Here are directions Benchmark sent me a few years...
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