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I got to hear the latest prototypes at the NYC Audio Show on Sunday. Very impressed. I plan to buy a pair (if I can afford them!).
I'm in.
  I'm not so sure. I don't see too much out there that can compete with the HP-P1 as a portable  one-box DAC/head-amp w/ digital iPhone USB in. Do you?
Anyone heard the new WA-7 vs the WA-6 or WA-6 SE ?  
    The benchmark headphone amp is excellent. It measures beyond reproach. Some find it a bit bright or clinical, but I don't agree. I sometimes prefer a more relaxed tube sound with headphones, but also enjoy the DAC-1's headphone amp and listen to it frequently.  
  Who says closed = portable? I use closed headphones sitting at my desk at work. Others use them at home so as not to disturb their spouse. There are plenty of uses for a high quality closed headphone beyond using them while on-the-go. Personally, I'm not going to wear a 1K headphone on the subway no matter how good it sounds.       Well said. While this is all very intriguing to those of us that enjoy the LCD-2/3, but lets wait and see what the final version...
I'm not surprised as Fostex has already shown they have no idea how to make a descent case. Should not be that hard, one would think.  
Does it have cutouts in the back ?  
The problem I'm referring to is a bit different. The Realizer only accepts PCM over HDMI. Most pre-pros and receivers will only pass multi-channel PCM over HDMI if it is the input format. So if you feed a pre-pro DD 5.1, most pre-pros will not be able to convert the signal to multi-channel PCM and output it over an HDMI connection. You can output it on the analog multi-channel connections, of course.
  I read your post to mean output from the processor over HDMI to the Realizer. Analog can easily be done, as you point out.  
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