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I don't know it for a fact, but all the marketing makes it sound like the A8 goes away. Why would you expect the new model to be "in some ways but inferior overall"? That seems a very odd expectation to me. Everything is better than the A8 in terms of technical specs. DSPs are much faster and cheaper than when the A8 came out. DAC chips are better too. And the marketing materials imply that they have made a lot of enhancements to the software too. The lower price most...
A lot of us have still not gotten to hear it yet and almost no one has gotten to spend significant time with them.
The color looks great. The alignment of the cutouts looks strange to me. Probably better to align them at center and not have them so close to the edges. The USB cutout, in this photo, looks sloppy.
Has anyone who got a shipping notice recently received their BHSE? I got my shipping notice on 7-1 and it said estimated delivery  7-6. Now, it just says "pending." I'm guessing it has not actually shipped. Giving me a big headache as I need to make sure someone is available to take delivery.  
I can't seem to find any place selling it in the USA. Shows it can be done though.
KingSound makes an electrostatic amp that is smaller than the Cavalli Carbon. http://kingsaudio.com.hk/m03.html Edit: STAX also makes some that appear to be smaller.
My BHSE is expected to arrive next week. Ordered July 2015, so one year wait. Every excited!
I like the PM-3 a lot. The Ether C has a similar neutral sound signature. The PM-3 can be a tad lifeless on some material, but not the Ether C. The Ether is better than the PM-3 in every way, except portability. The Ether needs more power, is larger, weighs more, and does not fold.
 The post clearly said that they intend to provide adapters. Accusing Mr. Speaker, of all companies, of a "cash grab" is total BS and really wrong considering how much attention they give to the opinions of this community.
New Posts  All Forums: