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If that is the case, then it could be a much smaller battery. No need for four hours of charge. Anyway, my statement about what I'd prefer was just one customer letting Jack Woo know of another configuration/use case he might consider.
Interesting. So you feel that battery power, even connected to the wall, is equivalent to a power conditioner? If that is the case, wouldn't power conditioners just put a battery at each output instead of things like isolation transformers? (Not for big amps, but everything else.) I don't know enough about electricity to say you are incorrect, but that does not sound right to me. Plus, isn't a ground loop really a different problem than a "dirty" power line? The power...
Think about this... if  you use the WA8 while it is plugged in, does the battery drain? I think it is like my Fostex HP-P1 -- the power for amplification is drawn from the battery, but the battery stays nearly fully charged. That implies that the battery is still connected to the wall and will thus transmit noise like any conductor. I'd be happy for Woo or an EE to correct me, if I'm misunderstanding.
 I'm not an expert, but I did a bit of research on battery powered audiophile devices when the WA8 was announced. It is likely that as long as the WA8 is plugged in, any noise from the wall will not be blocked. For that to happen, the batteries would have to be fully isolated from the power source. Perhaps Jack can clarify...
Makes sense for that use case, but since the battery is connected to the charger, I don't think it will clean your power unless you unplug it from the wall. Plugging/unplugging every few hours seems like a PITA to me, but if it works for you I'm glad. (no sarcasm intended)   (I'm also doubtful that you will hear a difference unless your power is really really bad, but I have not tried, so I'm just guessing.)
No way to connect a transportable to a phone or pad? I guess it is for laptop users. I think the battery is kind of a waste. It adds expense and weight for a product that hardly any one is going to use on the go. It would be much better, in my opinion, to drop the battery and build the external power brick into the unit.  I'm disappointed because I was hoping the WA8 would be my new office headphone amp. I've always wanted a WA6, but it is too big for my desktop and too...
 Did anyone actually say that? I didn't see it.
 You know you replied to me a couple of days ago in the Orpheus topic with almost word for word the same spiel? And before that I've seen you drop the same post at least two other times. 
 I've had my Stax phones for about 1.5 years. I'm a klutz and have dropped them half a dozen times onto my carpeted floor. No issues so far. My Audeze 2.1 phones (bought new, can't remember the year) have had the cables replaced three times, the headband twice, and the ear pads once, but no problems with the drivers.
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