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This has been up at the Smyth website for years, so they clearly believe they have something to license: http://www.smyth-research.com/licensing.html
 Thanks everyone for the advice. I decided to buy a used modded SRM-727ii to get me started. I got a good deal and am picking it up in person tomorrow. Something better in the future, perhaps.My front-end will be Mac Mini->Auralic Vega, so I think I'm all set for when my new 009s arrive. Can't wait!
 Would this SRA-727ii w/ mods be a good choice? http://www.head-fi.org/t/743476/stax-srm-727ii-with-feedback-mod-done-by-head-amp#post_11086305 I'd buy a KGSS or KGSSHv if I could find one for sale. Building one is beyond both my ability and free time.
It is a shame they have not managed to get anyone to license the tech. I would have though some pre-pro maker would want it. 
I took advantage of the sale at Stax USA and ordered a 009. I'm really excited! The sale price (w/ free shipping) is still more than PriceJapan, but less than any other US website that I found. Now I need to figure out what amp to get. I'd like a BHSE, but I'm going to start with something less expensive. Probably a STAX amp, but which one?
  I'm 45 and I can't hear above 16K at normal volume. I would never have know just from listening to music. I never have had any sense that anything was missing listening to music. I found out testing myself with some pre-recorded tones.  As a veteran of over 500 rock concerts, I assumed that was the cause of my high frequency loss. However, a little research revealed that being able to still hear up to 16K by your mid-40s is actually pretty good! Some articles claim that...
Benchmark DAC-1 USB in excellent condition. Comes with original box, manual, cables, extra fuses, etc.   SOLD!
PM sent.
My broken M-10 (I knocked it over) turned out to just have a bad fuse. Glad I checked before sending it in for repairs!
Very nice description. I think they have a sorta tube-like sound in the bass, which I very much enjoy. Got to get mine M-10 fixed. 
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