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I bought my music on my iPhone and they had a lightning cable to provide a digital connection to the HE-1. 
Compared to the rent in that area, the costs of setting up the popup store were probably very low. The store is nicely done, but does not look like the spent a fortune on the interior. 
I went to the popup store yesterday and got to spend forty minutes with the HE-1, playing my own tracks. A really wonderful system and perfect listening conditions. It was a memorable experience. Thank you Sennheiser! And thanks to the staff person who assisted me. I missed his name, but he was very helpful and knew his stuff. If I can find the time, I'll post some details in the HE-1 topic this weekend. 
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I thought you meant that you pledged as part of the Kickstarter campaign. My email was from when the campaign ended in August. 
 You should have also gotten an email from Kickstarter that confirms the amount you pledged. It starts:    I did not get any email directly from Smyth other than the project updates. 
My wording was inexact, but Tyll made no mention of the PM-3 in his recent Ether C Flow review. Yet he listed and recommended several other closed-backs at various price points in the review. The PM-3 used to be my office headphones until I got the Ether C. I agree with Bob Katz that the PM-3s are really good neutral headphones; especially for a closed-back. However, I was making an anology for the 007/009 debate and we should get back to discussing STAX...
I've been reading along in this topic for a couple of years and dying to try building my own. However, having a CNC machine in my NYC apartment is impossible. David (muamp), if you succeed in getting the stators made, you will be my hero. 
I agree that it is worth some consideration. On the other hand... Bob Katz is a big fan of the Oppo PM-3s. Tyll Hertsens does not like them. If you take a look at the "The Closed Wars" topic here, you will see wide disagreement. One should not put too much weight in any one reviewers opinion even if the reviewer has sterling credentials.
 You must not have joined any LH Labs campaigns. :-) 
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