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KingSound makes an electrostatic amp that is smaller than the Cavalli Carbon. http://kingsaudio.com.hk/m03.html Edit: STAX also makes some that appear to be smaller.
My BHSE is expected to arrive next week. Ordered July 2015, so one year wait. Every excited!
I like the PM-3 a lot. The Ether C has a similar neutral sound signature. The PM-3 can be a tad lifeless on some material, but not the Ether C. The Ether is better than the PM-3 in every way, except portability. The Ether needs more power, is larger, weighs more, and does not fold.
 The post clearly said that they intend to provide adapters. Accusing Mr. Speaker, of all companies, of a "cash grab" is total BS and really wrong considering how much attention they give to the opinions of this community.
Not correct. It is being demoed currently with an unmodified BHSE. 
I just received mine back. I got the upgrade for free (the deadline was Oct. 2015), so it was an easy decision for me. Like you, I figured that II should get the upgrade to preserve resale value, even though I'm not interested in DSD personally. You should know that the upgrade took three months (door to door) and I had to pay for insured shipping to Rhode Island. (All in all, a very generous deal -- thanks Auralic!) If you had gotten the free upgrade, it would certainly...
 I got to try the latest iteration at the recent NY meet up (and bought an Ether C too). Thanks Dan! It is not overly heavy. It is very comfortable, like the dynamic Ethers. I did not listen long enough to really come to a conclusion about the Ether E vs my Stax 009, but the Ether E is certainly in the same general league as the 007 and 009. When my BHSE gets here, I'm planning on taking advantage of the two headphone outs for shared listening. I'm thinking I'll either get...
Excellent video. Really appreciated that it gave an explaination of the technology claimed to make these headphones special and that it included measurements. Who makes the headphones stands shown in the still from the video? They are very nice looking.
To be clear, I said that based on several posts in this topic where more knowledgeable people that said the imbalance issues tends to develop with the first couple months.I was concerned about it when I was trying to decide if I should go with Price Japan or STAX USA for my purchase. STAX USA had a sale, settling the issue for me. In retrospect, I'd probably go with Price Japan, but it is important to understand that there is always a risk of warranty issues when making...
 There is zero chance that the rate of this problem is 50%. There are at least a dozen of us here who have purchased the 009 in the last few years. There are hardly any reports of channel imbalance problems on Head Fi in the last couple years. astrostar59's issue developed after owning his 009s for nearly two years. That is totally atypical in how the issue has been reported in the past, so it seems likely that his headphones developed an unrelated channel imbalance issue,...
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