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Not for me. My Foster is dead silent with all my IEMs including the SE535. I use the low-gain setting and tend to listen at low volumes. 
Have you told your wife the bad news? :-)
I received my 009s a few days before Christmas. I am using an Auralic Vega DAC and a modded Stax 727ii amp. I could not be happier! Maybe I'll get a tube amp in the future, but it feels like a very low priority right now. I feel so lucky to have this setup. Truly wonderful.
That is a shame. I bought mine direct. When my M-10 had issues, I had to send it to HK on my dime, but I got a new unit in return.
 I was making a joke, but I was under the impression that if you don't defend a patent you can lose it. Maybe I'm confusing that with trade marks.
Congratulations to Jerry Harvey on the ideas (I have a JH13) and congratulations to his lawyers on all the money they will be making. Now, by law, they have to defend the patents. Let a million cease and desist letters bloom.
(Deleted comment - Thought better of getting involved.)
 It is not a pity. I got a great deal on a very good amp. Besides that, getting a good used KGS-anything takes patience and luck. Not that many were ever made, they don't get sold that often, and they usually sell fast, if fairly priced. The whole point was to get something very good right now and save money so that I can get a TOL amp in the future (as I said in my original post). I don't have my 009s yet, but I've heard the 727ii amp and am quite happy. I happen to have...
 Well, I did ask for opinions, so I think him for sharing his original comments even though I did not find his arguments  convincing.
 Since I'm the one who originally asked about using a modded 727ii w/ 009s, let me correct you. I purchased a used 727ii w/ the feedback mod for $1,300. Someone offered to build me a KGSS for $2,100. I gather that the KGSShv costs quite a bit more. So, I could have had a KGSS for only a little more than the retail price of an unmodded 727ii, but NOT a KGSShv. Plus, I would have had to wait for the KGSS to be built and would not have a traditional warranty. Additionally,...
New Posts  All Forums: