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I'm selling a nearly new GeekOut 100 IEM DAC. It has only been used once, to verify that it works. I ordered it to use with my laptop, but by the time I got it I no longer had the laptop!   You get: GeetOut 100 IEM (black) w/ latest firmware installed 6" USB extension (silver) Padded black pouch w/ orange "g" logo. (This no longer comes with GeekOuts, they charge an extra $10 for it.)   Price: $199 (includes free USPS Priority Mail shipping in the US).   Sorry, the...
How does one get firmware updates? I can't find them on the Auralic website. Anyone know what has been fixed? I'm on 1.5.
I'd like to attend either today or tomorrow. You will PM me the details?
Not for me. My Foster is dead silent with all my IEMs including the SE535. I use the low-gain setting and tend to listen at low volumes. 
Have you told your wife the bad news? :-)
I received my 009s a few days before Christmas. I am using an Auralic Vega DAC and a modded Stax 727ii amp. I could not be happier! Maybe I'll get a tube amp in the future, but it feels like a very low priority right now. I feel so lucky to have this setup. Truly wonderful.
That is a shame. I bought mine direct. When my M-10 had issues, I had to send it to HK on my dime, but I got a new unit in return.
 I was making a joke, but I was under the impression that if you don't defend a patent you can lose it. Maybe I'm confusing that with trade marks.
Congratulations to Jerry Harvey on the ideas (I have a JH13) and congratulations to his lawyers on all the money they will be making. Now, by law, they have to defend the patents. Let a million cease and desist letters bloom.
(Deleted comment - Thought better of getting involved.)
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