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I've been playing with the PEQ in Roon 1.3 and finding a little bass boost improves the SR-009.
Good review. My impression was very similar. If the Orpheus 2 and the SR-009/BHSE were the same price and you could chose one or the other based on sound, which would it be? I love my SR-009/BHSE combo, but I'd get the Orpheus 2, no question.
Since the Echobox will start shipping soon, I think it is time for me to buy an SD card. Any recommendations? I want the largest it supports.
Quote:Both are good companies and I think that they both sell at list price. There are a couple of other US dealers too. Not sure if they all have the same prices.
I'm not sure if they carry the in-ears, but there are several STAX dealers in the USA including HeadAmp and Woo Audio. 
I think it is unwise to stretch yourself financially to buy more headphone than you can really afford. Expensive products=expensive repairs/upgrades. To then spend money you don't have on a system you have never heard... Well, it is not how I would do it, but to each their own. Kidneys are overrated.
Disappointing to not get some impressions from the first folks *anywhere* to get the hear these systems side by side.
Yes, they had a room. Woo Audio also had a room and had a few different brands headphones to try with their amps. However, what I'm talking about is a room that would have hopefully a large number of headphones and amps from different brands, allowing for comparative listening in a quiet environment. I think this would address the most common complaint about CanJam,
Suggestion for next CanJam NY: Have one large side room designated for listening *only*. Have a staff person to keep an eye on the gear and to remind people that conversation is not permitted. Invite manufactures to lend gear to the room for critical listening.
I said importer, as in a replacement for the defunct STAX USA. Maybe you do import? I knew that you sell STAX headphones, but I was not aware that you service them or sell parts.STAX arranged for me to send my headphones to Jack Wu for repair. Besides the headband, I now need the cables rewired. Got out of a chair while wearing my headphones and had my foot on the cable. F! This seems to have created a short on one side.
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