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BTW, I'm not claiming that the H-03 competes with the STAX 007 or other more expensive electrostatics. For the money, they are very good.
It is hard for me to believe that the H-03 is down around 10-14 db at 5-7khz because I don't hear that when doing a frequency sweep and the kind of difference should be easily heard. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the measurements...   You probably know this, but the H-03 ear pads rotate freely. They look round, but they are oval. I found it critical to make sure there is no air gap behind my ear by adjusting (rotating) the pads to the correct position each time I put them...
Thanks for clarifying on the resistor. I really am enjoying my H-03 headphones. They are somewhat colored in the lower mid-range, so they are not going to be to everyone's taste. I think they are sort of a tube lover's headphone. (I use the M-10 SS amp with mine. The M-20 seemed too much of a good thing.) Super comfortable headband, light weight, and a lot of the classic electrostatic sound - transparency, rich midrange, great high frequency clarity. The bass is pretty...
I have to respectfully disagree. I love my LCD-2s, but I often reach for one of my other headphones due to the comfort issue. Both the pain at the top of the head that so many complain about and also pain from the clamping force on my glasses (which causes them to dig into my head). Despite this, I wear them for many hours each week, but if they were as comfortable as my Alpha Dogs, I'd never take them off! :-)
The KingSound H-02 and H-03 (not sure about the original) use 580V, so they should work fine with STAX amps. I asked the KingSound guys about this and they confirmed that STAX amps are fine. I have not yet tried it myself though. Side note: Spritzer did caution against using the KingSound amps with STAX headphones. Something about a resister. I did not fully understand.
Has anyone tried the H-03 with an other electrostatic amps besides the M-10 and M-20? Any STAX 580V connection should work.
My M-10 has one RCA and one 1/8" input. It has an RCA loop output. I believe the manual is available to the KS website. I purchased the M-10 and the H-03 headphones a few weeks ago and have been enjoying them a lot.   Edit: The manual is not available on the website, but KS will email it to you if you ask.
 Does upsampling 16 bit to 24 bit lower the noise floor (assuming your DAC has greater than 16 bits of resolution)?
 I'm wondering what you base this on? I don't live in Asia, so I have no first hand knowledge. However, many companies that make neutral headphones are in Asia (STAX, for example). When Sean Olive/Harmon did tests to see what frequency response curve was preferred, they got the same results for all regions including Asia. I know there are some boutique Japanese brands that are famous for a warm sound, but they are not EDM-bass-heavy just a bit boosted in the mid-bass. The...
I have a Vega and am considering getting the Taurus at some point. Is it ok to stack the Taurus on top of the Vega? For those also driving speakers, do you go Vega->amp->speakers or Vega->Taurus->amp->speakers?
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