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I can't imagine anyone choosing this over the new Orpheus if they were the same price. The listening impressions I've seen have not been all that positive.
How do we book a slot? I can't find a phone number or email address for the popup store.
I'm trying to be nicer on forums. It is a struggle sometimes. :-)
 MrSpeaker lets people hear their prototype headphones at audio shows all over the world, long before they are released. Lots of "experienced guys" have heard them both pre-production and heard the shipping models and liked them a lot. I personally think that the Ether Flow C is the best closed-back headphone on the market at any price. The build quality is among the best too.
 I did not disagree with Kevin. He said nothing about *hearing* the difference between using a quality extension cable and not using one. Differences you believe you hear with an HD-800 cable have nothing to do with electrostatics. 
The question is how audible an effect. Obviously, that will depend on the cable and the amplifier. Personally, I don't hear any obvious difference using the BHSE and the STAX SRE-950S cable. Others apparently do.
I was poking fun at yates7592 for offering an opinion without ever having heard a STAX extension cable.
 You certainly have a good imagination.  
 I have the very long STAX extension cable -- the one with silver wire. I have not done a real A/B comparison vs no extension, but I have used my headphones both with and without and do not hear any obvious difference.
I leave my 009s plugged into my BHSE always. I do turn down the volume when switching on/off though. Unless there is a technical reason to unplug, I would not do it because the more you use the connector, the more likely it could develop a fault or fail. 
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