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 There is zero chance that the rate of this problem is 50%. There are at least a dozen of us here who have purchased the 009 in the last few years. There are hardly any reports of channel imbalance problems on Head Fi in the last couple years. astrostar59's issue developed after owning his 009s for nearly two years. That is totally atypical in how the issue has been reported in the past, so it seems likely that his headphones developed an unrelated channel imbalance issue,...
Is there anything about the tech of the Ether E that is superior to the 009 or is it just a different sound signature?
Some good points made. However, I don't think the poll has any meaning at all. Of course it is amusing and generating discussion, so that is all good. The poll does not reveal how many of us sold/replaced a given model in the first year, only how many say they kept it. For example, 24 people voted for the HD-800. If one person sold their HD-800, then 24 or 25 is really impressive. If 100 people sold their HD-800, well not so impressive after all. Without that ratio, the...
Also, I'm relieved to see that the A-16 is planned in a more traditional form factor as well as the headphone stand shape.
Very impressive. Smyth seems to be addressing just about every criticism and suggestion plus they have come up with a bunch of new ideas too.   
If you could devise a poll that also showed the owners who were NOT happy with and/or replaced their ToTL headphones in the first year, you could create a ratio for each model between the two polls that might be revealing. It would correct for the relative sales volumes of each headphone model.
He is trying to say that the poll is bad because he believes that the voters have not heard all of the headphones listed. He may or may not be correct about that (I've heard 11 of them). However, he misunderstands what the poll is measuring. It is a measure of long term customer satisfaction.
SOLD!   Well made, high quality 1 meter 75 ohm digital cable with RCA connections. I'm the original owner. I do not recall what I paid, but it was probably around $200. Price is firm -- this is a good deal! Free USPS shipping. 
 I hesitate to answer since it is off topic, but since you quoted me... Because "poor people" (your words) can not afford a headphone setup that would take more than 1,000 hours of labor at the federal minimum wage. However, I did not make a judgement about if the OP can afford the BHSE. I only said that I would not go into debt for it. I think that is reasonable advice. Having been a broke audiophile when I was in my 20s (now almost 50), I spoke from personal experience....
Got my invoice today. Ordered July 2015.
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