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Suggestion for next CanJam NY: Have one large side room designated for listening *only*. Have a staff person to keep an eye on the gear and to remind people that conversation is not permitted. Invite manufactures to lend gear to the room for critical listening.
I said importer, as in a replacement for the defunct STAX USA. Maybe you do import? I knew that you sell STAX headphones, but I was not aware that you service them or sell parts.STAX arranged for me to send my headphones to Jack Wu for repair. Besides the headband, I now need the cables rewired. Got out of a chair while wearing my headphones and had my foot on the cable. F! This seems to have created a short on one side.
The 20 cent piece of elastic was in a reply to someone about a different model. The SR-009 has a padded leather headpad. The pad has to fit into the slider mechanisms at each side. I'm not that handy, so I really want the factory part. Otherwise, knowing my history with such things, I'll probably snap the plastic or something.I'm going to make some additional effort to contact the Canadian distributor. You are right about PriceJapan. I bought from STAX USA specifically for...
As I mentioned earlier, my STAX SR-009 headpad (not earpad) needs to be replaced. I emailed STAX USA and got no response. They have not phone number listed. I emailed STAX's Canadian distributor and got no response. STAX Japan has no email address listed on their site. Only a phone number. Now I'm stuck with an unusable $4000 pair of headphones. I guess my last resort will be to call STAX in Japan and hope I get someone who speaks English. Until STAX fixes the situation...
My main issue with considering purchasing the Orpheus 2 is that a good portion of the 50K is for the marble amp/dac.  It is beautiful, but it is also cold/austere and I would not want it in my living room.  When a manufacture is charging thousands of dollars for style and you don't like said style, it makes it an easy decision. If they came out with a version with a no-nonsense analog amp (BYO DAC), and dropped the price by around 25K, I'd be writing a check.  
He is saying that someone has a tin ear, I think. Not sure who that is aimed at. Trying to decide if I should be insulted. ;-)
Not sure what you mean by that.
I like the Edition 6 better than the Shangri-La, based on a very short audition of both. I would not trade my Stax system for either one. Funny enough, person next to me auditioning at Canjam had the same reaction. So I guess you need a third category, alcoholbob.
I need a new headband pad for my SR-009s. The Stax USA website has some, but not for the 009 and they don't seem to reply to emails. Does anyone know if any of the headpads on the Stax USA site will work with the 009? If not, does anyone know of another source for people in the US? 
Me too. Hoping for a baby HE-1 that does mama proud.
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