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My broken M-10 (I knocked it over) turned out to just have a bad fuse. Glad I checked before sending it in for repairs!
Very nice description. I think they have a sorta tube-like sound in the bass, which I very much enjoy. Got to get mine M-10 fixed. 
My M-10 had an issue that is similar to what you describe. Intermittent static in one channel. Sometimes one channel would just stop working until I unplugged/replugged the headphones. I got a replacement of the M-10 from KS (free except I paid return shipping to HK) and the problem was resolved.   Unfortunately, I knocked over my M-10 (pretty easy to do, given the poor stand design) and it stopped working. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it. I hate to pay to...
 Most people don't bother to post their opinion online, pro or con. Audeze has said they are working on there issues (case in point, the new prototype headband on the LCD-Z), so they must be hearing from a fair number of customers.
I think you are concerned about this because you have decided that we are requesting lower weight over sound quality as a design priority. That is not the case. We want lower weight and next generation Audeze sound quality. If that can't be done, I strongly doubt Audeze would compromise sound quality and jeopardize their hard-won reputation. However, I'm confident that Audeze headphones do not have to weigh 600 grams to achieve the same sound at around the same...
 Since we don't know what each part weighs, I'm not sure any of are in a position to make an accurate guess how much could be trimmed. Perhaps Audeze has CAD models that allow them to experiment with different materials or parts redesigned to use less material. However, 15% would be a great start. That would be a bit over three ounces from the LCD-X.
 I stand corrected. :-) StereoTimes is a joke and Steve Guttenberg does have a tendency to get over excited. My own reaction to the H-03/M-10 is that I finally understand some of the differences in the character of the sound from a good electrostatic headphone vs a good dynamic headphone. I never fully got it by demoing at shows.  I am now plotting ways to afford a ToTL STAX setup next year.
I can tell you that the manual says 580V and I was told that the H-03 is STAX compatible by KingSound at the recent NY Audio Show. (I have not tried it myself though, so don't blame me if it is not true!) The unreleased portable H-IV (hopefully to be renamed the H-04 or something) may not be 580V, I did not ask.    Aside from one glowing review by a site that seems to love everything, I have not heard very much "hype" about this product. I am enjoying mine and I think it...
I'd like to hear that too!
BTW, I'm not claiming that the H-03 competes with the STAX 007 or other more expensive electrostatics. For the money, they are very good.
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