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I have been wanting an A8 for several years, but the complexity of integrating it into my two channel TV setup kept me away. I don't have a pre-pro and various HDMI switches I've tried always have issues. I'm very excited for the A16! However, I do have some concerns:   - A wired remote and a web interface are mentioned, but nothing about a wireless remote or IR codes for programming a universal remote. (Edit: Found a reference to a IR remote.)   - The form factor is...
 Kingsound, Hifiman, and Mr. Speaker all are using STAX bias and connectors. Others might not.
 I have the King Sound. It is good and gives a nice taste of the electrostatic-type sound. However, it is not in the same league as the 007. Probably the STAX L700 is better (and maybe even the L500), but i have not heard it yet. I don't use my King Sound much anymore and would be happy to sell it, if anyone wants to try it out. It has a smooth tube-amp-like sound. Lacking at the extremes, but makes up for it with a transparent mid-range and fat bass (which does not go...
 It is not release yet. 10K is the "special" introductory price.  Without the amp. Makes the 009 a great value; especially since the 009 bests it in build quality (by ALL accounts) and has equal or better sound quality (by most accounts). I've seen a few reports that say the Hifiman is better than the 009, but most say it is not as good or just different. I'd still like to hear for myself.
I read it too. How could it have just disappeared? Weird. Edit: Never mind. I think WB is referring to a different long post which probably none of us read.
I would guess that your comment was deleted because you made yourself sound like a HiFiman dealer in your original post, apparently unintentionally. If you care, contact the mod who deleted it and ask why...
 I've always wanted a WA6 SE for my work setup, but it is not practical for me. Would you say the WA8 is a similar sound signature to the WA6 SE or closer to the WA7?
Maybe try setting your pre-amp to 0 db gain (unity gain) and using the BHSE volume control. if it resolves the issue, it will help you narrow down the source of the problem.  Re: grain - It makes me think of photographic film grain or wood grain. That is, the surface texture of the material. I'm not really clear on what it means in audio-babel, but probably one of the many words for distortion.  Audiophiles have as many words for distortion as Eskimos do for snow.
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