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 I see you trying to make the case that the 009 is bad by quoting various semi-famous people and the rest of us stating our personal preference which happens to disagree with you.  Really? Because it seems to me that we are all in agreement that one should hear both and then get the one you prefer.
That is not totally correct. They used a special version of the KGSS in the latest listening test. In previous reviews, Tyll had used the BHSE and called the combo the best he had ever heard. He can change his mind, but it bothered me that when he met with Bob Katz he did not use the same amp as his original review.The only comparison that *really* matters to me is my own. I compared the 007 and 009 side by side out of the BHSE at a Head-Fi meetup. I bought the 009. :-)...
 I agree. I keep thinking I must be missing something about the HEX, because it seems like a whole lot of marketing and very little meat. The HEK is claimed to be special because of its very thin diaphragm. The HEX does not have that diaphragm yet is claimed to be trickle-down technology. I don't see it.On the other-hand, a trickle-down SL would be pretty cool, if the sound and build quality competes with similarly priced electrostatics.
The price has not yet been announced.
 That is what I was afraid of, from the picture. I wonder how well they isolate, with the kind of fit? I'd still like to try them out though.
Yes, I am a secret agent. The Man from Audeze coming to take you away to the loony bin.
An amp is hardly fluff for an electrostatic headphone, but I believe it has already been posted that they plan to offer the headphone alone or as a package deal (like STAX does).
 Um, sweet for who? I think matching or beating the SR-009 price would be ideal. If they did that and also had similar build and sound quality, I would probably buy it as soon as it is released (just to have as a change of pace/flavor from my SR-009).
 The iPhone amp is actually pretty good, but not suitable for a lot of the headphones we enjoy around here. I don't think taking it out of the signal path is strictly necessary. You could you a lightening adapter that has analog out and feed that to your portable amp or you could buy a DAC/amp combo with a lightening input. As long as you are already caring an extra device, it would not represent a big change for you, if it happens. Most people can't tell DACs apart in...
 There are already lightning adapters that output analog. They are pretty small and have a DAC built-in. I have no idea about the quality though. A new opportunity for audiophile DAC companies, perhaps.I agree that the quality of the iPhone DAC is underrated by most audiophiles. I think the reasonis that although the amp section is quite good, it is under powered for a lot of the headphones used around here.
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