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 If you get a chance, go to the HeadAmp table at a meet. They usually have the 007 and 009 being driven by a BHSE. Great opportunity to hear them side by side. I think that the clarity/transparency I hear is the same quality that other hear as brightness, but that is just a guess. I don't personally hear any brightness except if it is from the source material. I do agree that the 007 has slightly better bass.  If you have the money, by all means get both. I'd rather spend...
For me, on the BHSE, the 007 sounds rather veiled compared to the 009. 
I don't see how the fact that you (and many others) can not afford a particular headphone is a "slam in the face" or any kind of insult at all. To be sure, I don't like the trend of rising prices. However, I've never heard a car enthusiast say they are giving up a particular brand because they can't afford the top model. 
Thanks for the BHSE placement advice guys.
I'm starting to think about where I'll put my BHSE. I'm wondering just how hot it will get above the unit? The placement I'm considering  would give the BHSE about three inches of clearance above. There would be a glass shelf 3" above it on which my TV rests. Good clearance on all other sides. I have other options, but that would be the most convenient as long as I don't end up frying the BHSE or baking my TV. Would this work ok?
If anyone is planning to drive from Brooklyn and would like to car pool, please PM me. I live in Prospect Heights area.
 *Some* might say just about any words you chose to put in their (imagined) mouths. I'd drop 10K on a vacation. *Some* might say that spending more than one weeks income on a vacation is too much.My point being that we can come up with an infinite number of relative measures for headphone affordability, but the only ones that matter are our own income and our own perception of value. We could argue the ethics of that spending decision, but that would be tilting at...
No, it does not override the DAC. If it did, you would get no output using the digital connection.
Very interesting. Looking forward to auditioning and perhaps upgrading my office headphones (Oppo PM-3s). I wonder if I can trade-in my Alpha Dogs? :-)   Every company making planer magnetics now has a high-end closed-back model, except Hifiman. Will there be a closed-back HE-1000?
I really love the purple with purple tube sockets, like you have at shows. If that is not possible in this batch, my second choice is blue. Thank you!
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