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Does it still support AirPlay? I don't see that on the Indiegogo page? Can Tidal albums be saved for off-line listening? If I already have a Tidal subscription, can I still use the free 3/6 months without canceling/starting a new subscription?
Oh, I missed that it is so early. I'm not going to make it as it is 2 hours travel time for me on public transit from Brooklyn. :-( Too bad as I'm considering an Ether-C and wanted to audition it. Guess I can find it somewhere else though.
If anyone is driving from Brooklyn and wouldn't mind an extra passenger, please msg me.
Having owned  and enjoyed the HD-600 for over 15 years, both the STAX 009 and the King Sound H-03 stats, and having heard the Orpheus on two occasions, I have to disagree with you on two points. For of all, it is very difficult for me to believe that more than a very small minority would prefer the HD-600 (or 650), even in the most optimal setup, over a properly working Orpheus. Just my opinion, of course. Secondly, I don't find the difference between dynamic and...
 Honest question, has anyone ever been electrocuted by an eletrostatic headphone in normal usage (i.e. not in the bathtub or in the rain)? I've never heard of it happening.
 I'm pretty sure that the only way being rich makes you deaf is if you stuff all your money in your ears.
I live in NYC where one bedroom apartments can cost well over a million. Cars/SUVs that sell for over 50K are very common, even in what locals consider middle class areas. The idea that the HE1060 is only for millionaires might be sensible, but it is not reality. I know many audiophiles with 50K+ two channel systems who are not millionaires. If you are making payments on a 50K SUV, you can probably afford to be making payments on the HE1060. It is a question of your...
 FYI - from July 7th
I ordered in July and was told mine would likely ship this year.
I'm guessing that everyone who is ok with non-detachable cables never had a Shure SE-500 fail on them and then had to deal with Shure's customer support. Cost me several hundred dollars to get mine replaced when it failed (they don't repair them, only replace). Twice.
New Posts  All Forums: