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  I'd pay for new filters or possibly other new features. Properly charging the iDevice strikes me more as a bug fix than something really new and I would not pay for it. Further, I would think twice about future Fostex purchases, if they go in this direction. First thing they need to do, before introducing new models or firmware features, is to make it possible for users to do the updates themselves.  
Unless you can be sure both setups drive your headphones at the same volume level, you will find it very difficult to compare accurately. I have not tried a blind test, but I hear much better controlled bass (and less in-your-face) and more detail in the mids when using the HP-P1 with my HD-25s. I'm looking to upgrade to a better closed phone. Without the HP-P1, I don't like the HD-25 at all.    
Quote:   I take your overall point, but the Realiser is correcting phase and frequency response. There is not much difference in frequency response between a well made $1,000 speaker and a $100,000 speaker except possibly at the low-end (there are, of course, other differences). I'm referring to people with normal hearing, so I'll leave out cheapo speakers and the head cold from your analogy. I suspect that two normal hearing people, hear very much the same and that the...
Quote:   Thank you for the explaination. Doesn't that imply that one shouldn't correct the sound for the ear, because the brain already does it?
I have no expertise in the subject, but I do wonder how different PRIRs should really be from one person to the next. Isn't human hearing very similar or wouldn't everyone hear sounds like music, speech, etc very differently? That seems contrary to the evolutionary purpose of hearing (presumably to hear, localize, and interpert sounds of dangers).   One loses high frequency hearing  with age and I suppose the Realizer might boost those frequencies to compensate....
  I'm still happy with mine. I do wish I could use it as a USB DAC on my laptop when on the road and that it would full charge my iPhone, but I'm otherwise very pleased with it.  
  Benchmark DAC-1 HDR and others have all analog volume at a lower price point.  
I used a power drill for the led hole and then cleaned it up with a razor. Worked pretty well. I did not have the case on the Fostex when I drilled the hole, of course!  
I spent some time looking for a pre-pro that would output multi-channel PCM. I could not find one in my price range that does this and I checked the manuals of half a dozen. I'm guessing it is a limit from the content providers who are concerned that if the encrypted input is converted to multi-channel PCM, it can easily be copied. (Total nonsense, ofcourse.) I'm unsure why the Oppo can output multi-channel PCM on HDMI, but pre-pros don't. Smyth's HDMI solution is very...
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