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  Who says closed = portable? I use closed headphones sitting at my desk at work. Others use them at home so as not to disturb their spouse. There are plenty of uses for a high quality closed headphone beyond using them while on-the-go. Personally, I'm not going to wear a 1K headphone on the subway no matter how good it sounds.       Well said. While this is all very intriguing to those of us that enjoy the LCD-2/3, but lets wait and see what the final version...
I'm not surprised as Fostex has already shown they have no idea how to make a descent case. Should not be that hard, one would think.  
Does it have cutouts in the back ?  
The problem I'm referring to is a bit different. The Realizer only accepts PCM over HDMI. Most pre-pros and receivers will only pass multi-channel PCM over HDMI if it is the input format. So if you feed a pre-pro DD 5.1, most pre-pros will not be able to convert the signal to multi-channel PCM and output it over an HDMI connection. You can output it on the analog multi-channel connections, of course.
  I read your post to mean output from the processor over HDMI to the Realizer. Analog can easily be done, as you point out.  
  Have you or Lorr identified any processor that can do this? I looked around a few months ago and could not find any. Maybe the 5K+ ones, but I did not consider them.  
For what it is worth, I'm using the USB charger from an old BlackBerry without issue. I assumed that the power out of the mini-USB port would be the same no matter if the other end connects to a computer or wall wart as this is covered by the USB specification. Proceed at your own risk though.
  100m? You live in a warehouse? :-)
  Certainly possible. If so, its a bad design and could be addressed (by encrypting that bit of code or by other methods).
  I'd pay for new filters or possibly other new features. Properly charging the iDevice strikes me more as a bug fix than something really new and I would not pay for it. Further, I would think twice about future Fostex purchases, if they go in this direction. First thing they need to do, before introducing new models or firmware features, is to make it possible for users to do the updates themselves.  
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