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Yes. It was interesting comparing it to very similar products like the Pioneer XDP-300R.  Sound quality was similar as best as I could tell in a quick listen in a noisy room.  I'd need more time to compare the software, but had no issue navigating or playing with either device.  I prefer the look and form factor of the Pioneer.
I read it that way too. @makethemusic: Instead of blaming your customers for misreading a poorly worded update, how about taking the criticism and doing better? I specifically asked at Canjam in production was starting on the 10th and the ladies there assured me that was the case.
Mr. Speaker - Could you please explain the differences between the Aeon and the Ether-C Flow besides the ear cup shape? A table of features would be nice.
 I'm referring to the type of distortion that musicians purposefully create by over driving a tube amp or using an effects pedal. It does not sound like a chain saw. It is used in a lot of rock. It sounds like big buzzing reverberating guitars. On TOTL dynamic headphones with the album I was talking about, the entire song rests on the bed of guitar noise. On my STAX and the HE-1, the guitar becomes smaller and more precise. You hear each instrument clearly and spatially...
 Me too! I mostly demoed with high quality recording, but I had some time at the end and tried a few favorite tracks that I don't normally use for tests.
 I still need to post my (very positive) impressions, but I disagree with this. I played a track from The Ramones "Acid Eaters" and it was not listenable for me on the Orpheus. It should sound like distorted over-driven guitar amps, but it just sounded thin on the Orpheus. Too much clarity. Same is true on my STAX system though. 
 That would seem likely except for this rather bizarre statement on their Facebook: "We will be moving into full production on Feb 10 once our engineers come back from a much deserve break". Who has their engineers do production, if the product is really ready? And who says, "Hey we worked really hard and are just a few weeks from the finish line. Let's send home the entire department on vacation." !?!  I guess when you are this late, it must seem like another month will...
I'm wondering why I have not gotten the upgrade offer yet. I got an email from Mr. Speaker awhile back and I thought it said I would get another email in December, but I could be misremembering. I purchased direct from Mr. Speaker at Head-Fi meet. When can I get an upgrade? Thanks.
I bought my music on my iPhone and they had a lightning cable to provide a digital connection to the HE-1. 
Compared to the rent in that area, the costs of setting up the popup store were probably very low. The store is nicely done, but does not look like the spent a fortune on the interior. 
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