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No plans to make it Mac compatible? Wish I had know that before I ordered.
If buying unheard works for you, great. If I were in the market for a new 5-10K headphone system and I lived in upstate NY (for example), I'd have gotten my ass on an Amtrak train and gone to CanJam in NYC. Even with hotel, you would spend a small fraction of your headphone budget. Again, if you want to buy without listening, it is your money, go ahead. However, with CanJams and meets all over the US now, it is easier than ever to go and hear a ToTL system. For a guy who...
I've been playing with the PEQ in Roon 1.3 and finding a little bass boost improves the SR-009.
Good review. My impression was very similar. If the Orpheus 2 and the SR-009/BHSE were the same price and you could chose one or the other based on sound, which would it be? I love my SR-009/BHSE combo, but I'd get the Orpheus 2, no question.
Since the Echobox will start shipping soon, I think it is time for me to buy an SD card. Any recommendations? I want the largest it supports.
Quote:Both are good companies and I think that they both sell at list price. There are a couple of other US dealers too. Not sure if they all have the same prices.
I'm not sure if they carry the in-ears, but there are several STAX dealers in the USA including HeadAmp and Woo Audio. 
I think it is unwise to stretch yourself financially to buy more headphone than you can really afford. Expensive products=expensive repairs/upgrades. To then spend money you don't have on a system you have never heard... Well, it is not how I would do it, but to each their own. Kidneys are overrated.
Disappointing to not get some impressions from the first folks *anywhere* to get the hear these systems side by side.
Yes, they had a room. Woo Audio also had a room and had a few different brands headphones to try with their amps. However, what I'm talking about is a room that would have hopefully a large number of headphones and amps from different brands, allowing for comparative listening in a quiet environment. I think this would address the most common complaint about CanJam,
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