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Ok, I get the message. :-)
That is what I do right now with my STAX amp. I have it set to max gain and I feed it from my Auralic Vega DAC which has a great digital volume control and a remote.
That is my expectation, but I thought I'd ask just in case it is an option not listed on the HeadAmp web page....
Sure, but if it is available without volume control for less money, even better.
Can the BHSE be ordered without volume control?
I'm planning to attend.
 I understand that the math would be very complex. It might well require many hours of processing to generate a correction. I was not proposing this as something you should do, but rather as my thoughts on where this is all going eventually. I also agree that the scans as done today for CIEMs may well not cover all parts of the ear needed for this application. However, I disagree with your violin analogy. This is much closer to room correction or speaker placement. For...
I'd love to compare the HE1000 to my Stax 009s.
Now that we have scanners that can produce 3D models of your ear (for CIEMs), it would be amazing if they could be used to mathematically construct a correction curve for your ears.
I hope you have a better experience this time!
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