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Very interesting. Looking forward to auditioning and perhaps upgrading my office headphones (Oppo PM-3s). I wonder if I can trade-in my Alpha Dogs? :-)   Every company making planer magnetics now has a high-end closed-back model, except Hifiman. Will there be a closed-back HE-1000?
I really love the purple with purple tube sockets, like you have at shows. If that is not possible in this batch, my second choice is blue. Thank you!
I put down my deposit on July 4th. Does that mean that I got in on the batch you are now assembling? I have not been asked about color yet.
 I heard the prototype at that show. I believe it was very close to final. I don't have a really clear memory of the sound, but I do recall that they were quite good. Probably better than the KS-H3 (which I bought). I may be remembering incorrectly since the article does not mention it, but I thought it was an amp/DAC combo. Edit: I just took a look at the amp on Moon Audio. It looks a lot different than what I saw at the show. Smaller, perhaps no display (hard to tell...
>>No risks to using transformers they just sound bad I think it would be more accurate to say that they don't sound as good as the best electrostatic amps. How a transformer sounds would presumably be heavily dependent on the amp driving it.
I could not say why they made that choice, but I've never gotten any kind of shock from them.
I'd be happy to give the KS-3/STAX combo another listen and post in more detail, when I get a chance. However, I have been warned not to use STAX headphones with the M-10 due to the lack of a resistor. I think it was discussed earlier in this topic.
 I agree. I prefer the M-10 based on a brief comparison. The comfort is among the best headphones I've tried. I wear glasses and am very picky about headphone fit/comfort. Also, the silver/red is to my taste too.Someone asked earlier if the STAX 009 is 5x better. I can't answer that, but I have a STAX 009 in my main system, yet I still enjoy my KS-3/M-10 in my home office frequently. The STAX is much better (of course!), but the KS-3/M-10 combo has a tube-like sound that I...
 Ordered on Monday. Sounds like I might get my BHSE in 2015, which is much sooner than I expected. Can't wait!
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