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Seems to me that HiFiMan does not have much confidence in the sound quality of the Shangri-La. How else to explain them demoing it against a bottom of the line STAX headphone (SR-207)? Not that the SR-207 is bad, but anyone considering the Shangri-La would obviously want to compare it to the STAX 007 or 009.09. Edit: I misunderstood. I thought HFiMan provided the STAX headphones for comparison. Actually, miceblue brought them. Sorry.
>>iCan Pro electrostatic module How did you like the ICan vs the other amps you tried?
Still available. 
Audio-Technica ATH-A900 closed-back headphones in excellent condition. Lightly used. Original box and 1/4 adapter included. I bought them new for $188 in 2012. I never used them much because I switched to IEMs for work listening.  I will cover PayPal fees and shipping within the continental USA. Pictured headphone stand not included, but available for $30 + shipping.
Glad Nomax posted in five topics to lets us know.... nothing at all.
I really doubt that HDR matters in the slightest to the vast majority of people. Maybe in a few years...
 There are literally thousands of models of dynamic headphones vs around a dozen electrostatic models in current production.  Once there are more companies making electrostatic headphones, we will likely see many more electrostatic amps. The list of amps posted above was actually incomplete. I can think of several off the top of my head that were no included such as Woo and King Sound. There are others. Also, in my limited experience, STAX amps are better than they are...
 You should know then. ;-) It does snow in NYC in February and *can* be bitter cold. I do agree with you that it is not really something to worry about. We get less snow than Boston. However, if you are worried, allow me to feed your fears: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/13/nyregion/a-record-snow-269-inches-fall-in-new-york-city.html
 No, most building are not connected. There are some, but most are not advertised, you have to be in the know. The hotel for the event is close to the subway though.
Expect cold. Snow is usually not a big issue in Manhattan. The streets and sidewalks are generally clear in most of Manhattan within about 48 hours after a big storm. However, giant lakes of slush can last a long while, so boots are a good idea if it has snowed.
New Posts  All Forums: